Improving On ESO S01E01) Player Housing,Guild Halls And PVP/PVE Options


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How important is it that player housing and guild halls enter ESO to you and to what extent?.
Make sure to explain why to your poll vote and if you feel that eso even needs this.

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☆ Gidorick's Repository Of brillant Ideas
Environmental Concepts:
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Game Systems:
Player Options & Items and Systems:
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A Few Points From Me If You Wish To Read Them

1. It gives you a connection to the game on a personal level
2. A place to go afk not surrounded by people if you so choose.
3. An area to craft and make items without been bothered (This will help reduce the lag around cities so a double bonus)
4. An area for guilds and friends to role play to set up for raids or trades.
5. Time killing ()for me i spent more time doing up my houses and adding additions than playing in skyrim().
6. Could add gardens , a mine, animals to harvest each day adding daily content to do.
7. Could go so far that partner and kids are in it like in skyrim and maybe even they generate small amounts of gold from a shop.
8. Could hire companions, guards and even a bard
9. Could have a trophy room to hang your trophies for bonuses i.e maybe 5 trophies means you gather 10 percent more resources and gold.
10. Could have armor sets hanged up i.e a good reason to craft each set.
11. Could have an addition to build an arena or duel area for 1v1 or in guild halls multiple players.
12. Pvp and pve options see below for full details
13. An area with pratice dummies with different amounts of health to test abilities.
14. The ability to slowly upgrade your house from a empty land to a fortress and for guild halls from an empty land to a small town all inside an instance of course.
15. You could let your pets run free on your lands if you so choose mainly for looks.
16. Your mounts could be stored inside your stable once built mainly for looks.
17. If you really wanted to make alot of money and i cant believe i am saying this. But you could bring in statues of various npcs and what not and sell em in the crown store and players can shelve them in their houses. This made millions for warframe and i dont like the idea buuuut if you are strapped for cash then id support it.
18. Alot of it can become daily repeatable content (time soaker)
19. You can have us earn ranks the more we upgrade our land and house
20. Each boss could have a trophy for our house and hard mode version for us to collect giving us more reason to seek that content.
21. Housing has been in the Elder Scrolls games since Daggerfall and is a crucial element to it.

☆ Repopulation Designer On Player Housing
Player Housing is becoming a popular feature in both themepark and sandbox MMOs offering players a little piece of virtual real estate to call their own. Though not a new concept, player housing started out as a staple in early MMOs like Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies. Currently player housing is making a return in modern themeparks after a few MMO's are starting to add player housing to their titles. Player Housing comes in many shapes and forms in today's MMOs. Some games implement player housing as an instanced areas or neighborhoods so everyone can enjoy the functionality. Some games offer a more limited quantity of in game non instanced locations or plots for housing that let players interact with each other's homes

Possible PVE Side

Start an event from your house that has you defending from groups of mobs that give rewards to you for your house/guild housing
The reward is based on level of difficulty.

Each group of mobs could come in waves with the last been a boss fight.
This would create alot of repeatable content that could have you earning resources and housing items and still be fun.

Possible PVP Side

You can set a chest in a location in or around your house and fill it with a gold amount of your choosing.
You then set the option to have it alerted that you have x amount of gold hidden (people from gta online know this system).
The person looking for these things simply go to a board in game near thieves guild when its in and click to accept the job but they have to match the money.
If they choose it the house player is alerted and must accept or decline and if they accept they are teleported to their house and the other attacker is teleported to the edge of the property.
They have 30 minutes to complete this pvp.
The attacker can sneak past the other without getting noticed and can take the gold and leave or simply killing the other player.
The defender must track down the attacker and stop him by killing him if successful he then claims the attackers gold that was set up before hand.

Just to clarify on this it is a toggle thing you do not have to do this. Pvpers would purchase these chests and fill them with x amount gold and once placed they can choose to send the message when they are ready. Anyone that wishes to do these can click on a pvp tab and type someone's name in or choose random. You will also have to put the gold amount you wish to bet so say 1500 - 1999 gold it will then show any games people have within that amount. So say a game is found and the bet is 1600. Then if you have the gold in your bags you can choose to accept and should the other player accept as well then your both teleported. This should help clarify things and sorry about that.

Possible Resource And Gold Gains

these would give you much more resources than the current version the hirelings.

1. If allowed we could invest in a shop our partner wishes to setup that brings in money each day * you log in see my point zos ;)*
2. A mine site that you could buy workers to run for you that gives you enchating, housing and mining resources each day ( you log in)
3. Hire Gardners to farm your gardens for food,beverage and potion ingredients also wood cutters for housing supplies each day ( you log in)
4. Hire skinners to rear and skin animals for you each day as well as well as housing supplies.
5. A Bard to sing your herioc deeds slighty increasing your rep with guilds over time while logged in.

Possible Mini Games

1. Dueling area
2. Lock box pratice
3. Crafting stations
4. Fishing area
5. Pet play
6. Various types of bar games
7. Sleep in your bed
8. Book reading from your trophy book collection
9. Test dummies
10. And of course pvp and pve options like the ones i have suggested.
11. A guild Auction house linked to the rest.

Possible House Objects and upgrades

Possibilitys are endless so i will state things to help give devs some ideas of where to take them.
- Start by having a construction setup much like that of Hearthfire dlc in skyrim its a very easy way of setting this up.
- Then you will need to bring in different versions of materials and themes personally i would use the same system as your current crafting.
- Now unlike Hearthfire you need to make sure you can build everything as that was silly in skyrim due to land size.
- Upgrades will require materials and gold
- House items should increase in luxury as you upgrade your house tier as this is probably the best way for eso i.e your locker from a tier 1 house would be a vault by tier 5.
- Crafting stations should be kept in the same area for easy access.
- Hiring on staff to work for you should be done once each part is unlocked. For an example as you restore the mines you are automatically given a quest to seek out a mining guild to work your mine.

More to come later

Possible Quest Line Leading To Your Land

could start as a quest when you enter a town a courier hands you a flyer telling you about land for sale.
This could send you to an npc to start you on a path to getting your house. But the npc tells you they would love to sell you this land but its become over run.
By the undead but if your willing to help the npc they will sell it at a good price for you. This leads you on a quest to the instance where the land is and upon entry
You are told to leave. Once you progress through multiple undead you come across the mine and follow it down. Learning that this npc was the late partner of the npc selling the land. Turns out the npc had poisoned the partner and was now planning to flee so you then agree to bring the npc back here so justice can be served.

You head back to the npc and tell them you have cleared the area and your willing to buy the land and to meet you back there. Once you re enter the instance you see the npc has been trapped and you watch as justice is served. After it is done you speak to the dead partner who tells you where the deed to the land is and thanks you for your help.

Possible Housing And Guild Hall Ideas



Other MMOs That Do Player Housing
Starting with Swtor
Even the player ship was a player house without been able to change things


Age Of Conan



I will add more later

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Improving On ESO S01E01) Player Housing,Guild Halls And PVP/PVE Options 376 votes

If Player Housing Does Not Come To ESO I Will Die (Explain Below)
moneypandaDaenerysdarkspyro92_ESOLobharveyGidorickMoloch1514AeowynNixesEivardaryl.rasmusenb14_ESOGodofgames13b14_ESOkendellking_chaosb14_ESOgrimsfieldcavakthestampedeDrelkagDelithSavettixeoneexb14_ESOShadowHvogranty2008cyb16_ESO 73 votes
I Must Have Player Housing I Needs Ma Own Space (Explain Below)
KalfisKaynlorAureliebo_bootsniffer_ESOArgonianAssassinkeresh_ESOc.p.garrett1993_ESObosmern_ESONahzSlurgatwon23bloodenragedb14_ESOboilers61b14_ESOAstiendjnapstyb14_ESOglakSentinelKalmanMercyKillingStalwart385 155 votes
I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
Zazaajimanyrabidratsthesilverball_ESOKhargugJabberKhastleThymosDanielMaxwellMisterBigglesworthKelletonPKMN12NewBlacksmurfZhoyzudefcon.dealer1b14_ESOMirra_Halfelvenjenwa72ab14_ESOEsha76DrazekMercutioOsteos 126 votes
I Do Not Want This In ESO (Explain Below)
Psychobunnicoryevans_3b14_ESOcurlyqloub14_ESODiviniushaploeb14_ESOAngersRevengepechecklertordr86b16_ESOChillsSilvertailtengriHuggernautVisWeberdaUsaraRealRobDAuricletimidobserverEnemy-of-ColdharbourLord Xanhorn 19 votes
If Player Housing Comes Into ESO I Will leave (Explain Below)
j_labbeb16_ESOnothing2591MyNegation 3 votes
  • Heromofo
    If Player Housing Does Not Come To ESO I Will Die (Explain Below)
    Quite honestly, if ESO never gets player housing, I can't really see myself investing more than the time it takes to level a character up and do some of the end-game content once or twice.

    Which I've already accomplished, and which is why I left the first time.

    But if it gets player housing, it's entirely possible I'll be playing this game like I did Star Wars Galaxies ... years and years after all the content has been run through at least ten times, for no better reason than to keep improving my house and collecting.

    It's amazing what a little thing like this can do to help players stick around.

    Wow that's pretty heavy man but i understand in MMOs. I like to have my own house to store stuff and hang trophies. Then it comes to guild halls used to trade and then head out together on raids and a place to go afk.

    Im with ya i cant see my self investing time into eso much without it.
    Edited by Heromofo on April 27, 2015 9:38PM
  • Heromofo
    If Player Housing Does Not Come To ESO I Will Die (Explain Below)
    Anyone disagree with my above comment?
  • UrQuan
    I Must Have Player Housing I Needs Ma Own Space (Explain Below)
    I'm willing to be patient and give ZOS the time to do player housing (hopefully guild halls too) right, but player housing is very important to me. I like to have a place to call my own. My favorite DLC for Skyrim was Hearthfire, and I downloaded 5 different player housing mods.

    In the long run, player housing could keep me playing this game for many years.
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    Isabeau Runeseer Breton Sorc (DC)
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    Manut Redguard Temp (AD)
    Tylera the Summoner Altmer Sorc (EP)
    Svari Snake-Blood Nord DK (AD)
    Ashlyn D'Elyse Breton NB (EP)
    Filindria Bosmer Temp (DC)
    Vigbjorn the Wanderer Nord Warden (EP)
    Hrokki Winterborn Breton Warden (DC)
    Basks-in-the-Sunshine Argonian Temp
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  • Heromofo
    If Player Housing Does Not Come To ESO I Will Die (Explain Below)
    UrQuan wrote: »
    I'm willing to be patient and give ZOS the time to do player housing (hopefully guild halls too) right, but player housing is very important to me. I like to have a place to call my own. My favorite DLC for Skyrim was Hearthfire, and I downloaded 5 different player housing mods.

    In the long run, player housing could keep me playing this game for many years.

    Agree i really liked the partner setting up shop and bringing in gold each time loved it.
  • Deheart
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    I like the concept of player housing, but if it doesn't come I won't miss it. I would rather have a reputation and player enforcement for the justice system and spell crafting which I am looking forward too.
    As a casual player I was satisfied that at one point I had a char max level and near max crafting with almost all motifs and I pretty much lost interest. Then ESO discovered DLC's and now my main is just a wanabe and I am happily pulled back into the game.
  • Kelleton
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    I have yet to see player housing in an MMO that was meaningful outside of early UO
  • Heromofo
    If Player Housing Does Not Come To ESO I Will Die (Explain Below)
    Kelleton wrote: »
    I have yet to see player housing in an MMO that was meaningful outside of early UO

    Did you get to play SWG?
  • dawnhawk
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    I think it would be cool. I definitely enjoy housing in Skyrim. As far as "keeping me playing an mmo" - not that important though. I play mmos because I enjoy playing the game with the people I play with, not because of a single money/time sink aspect of the game. So take it or leave it for me (and for the record none of the people I play with would stay or go due to even indirectly still a take it or leave it).
  • pecheckler
    I Do Not Want This In ESO (Explain Below)
    Player housing: No
    Guild housing: Yes
    End the tedious inventory management game.
  • Tigger62077
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    I would love to have player housing, but it's not a deal breaker. Would be an awesome place to put all the damn green trophies taking up bag/bank spaces. So much stuff to display and make and whatnot - I would absolutely love it. But...I've been here since just before launch, and I've done fine without it so far, so I think I'll survive if it never happens. I'd hate to have it happen and the server to bog down even more than it already sometimes does.
  • lancastert33ub17_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I Must Have Player Housing I Needs Ma Own Space (Explain Below)
    it would be nice to have a home for overflow and parties and a Guild Hall for meaning for guilds and guild activities and group events.
    but I understand that it's a lot of work so maybe Just a inn room where I can lay my head and not get played with while I'm afk by other people.
    I could go on for hours but I'm going to keep it short ESO is a beautiful world and I wouldn't mind getting trapped here but the more I play the more I feel like some hobo that is warning you of anchors and other Daedric things that could be coming for you and less and less like a hero.
    and I think a home would invest me as a citizen of Tamriel and not just that one guy who saved us from the Daedric threat who doesn't live here any thing but you know you just hem walking around
  • MornaBaine
    I Must Have Player Housing I Needs Ma Own Space (Explain Below)
    Since there is no troll-free spaces in this game for roleplaying and ZOS has not given us tools to turn off the visuals of other players via /ignore I feel guild housing and player housing are absolute musts.
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  • lihentian
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    Well, it would be great if we have this.. but am ok without it~~ =)
  • asdf0716
    I Must Have Player Housing I Needs Ma Own Space (Explain Below)
    Not only "if" it comes, but, how it's implemented. To be honest, I will hate it if it's instanced housing. Vanguard: Saga of Heroes- to me- did housing the absolute best of any MMO ever.
  • Chuggernaut
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    Aside from SWG, no other game I've played have I cared about my house or gh setup. If ESO goes generic like LOTRO, I wont buy into the gold sink player housing is. I'm also not enthused if they go SWG style and allow player cities everywhere. My preference, if its ever added, is to just allow renting of rooms in NPC towns.
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  • Huggernaut
    I Do Not Want This In ESO (Explain Below)
    Player housing and Guild halls are a waste of time and resources.

    Time and resources that could be far better spent giving us actual real content in the game and not something silly that the majority of people are never going to do anything with.

    I mean lets look at it like this:

    - You have a house/ guild hall, now what? are you going to sit in it and chat all day? You could do that from anywhere and why are you turning a MMO into a chat room? why not actually go out and do something, like maybe ... play the game?

    The only way I could even remotely see a house being useful is if it had an unlimited storage bank in it and you could just throw stuff in there all day long AND it was free to teleport to it from anywhere in the world AND you had a teleport spot so you could get back to where you roughly where without it costing as well.

    Other than that, it's a pointless gimmick and even then ... all of that could be solved with a better banker. Tired of having 6 mules to hold mats, etc.

    Want to play house? go buy a copy of one of the SIMs games.
  • Psychobunni
    I Do Not Want This In ESO (Explain Below)
    I wanted it until they mentioned it in the same sentence as crown store systems on Live

    I refuse to pay for what other f2p games offer completely free
    If options weren't necessary, and everyone played the same way, no one would use addons. Fix the UI!

  • Bloodfang
    UrQuan wrote: »
    I'm willing to be patient and give ZOS the time to do player housing (hopefully guild halls too) right, but player housing is very important to me. I like to have a place to call my own. My favorite DLC for Skyrim was Hearthfire, and I downloaded 5 different player housing mods.

    In the long run, player housing could keep me playing this game for many years.

    Housing is probably the only thing that I really liked about Skyrim, other things got repetitive pretty fast. Though I'm pretty sure ZOS will do more than just a Basic Housing System we had in Skyrim (even with mods). If anything ZOS really knows how to design a great system, as shown by justice and champion system.
    Edited by Bloodfang on April 28, 2015 1:08AM
  • olemanwinter
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    I don't care at all unless it serves some ADDITIONAL PURPOSE.

    If player housing delivers some way of achieving better inventory management.....great!

    If guild halls come with some small-scale guild vs guild PvP (as in Guild Wars 1).....great!

    But if it's just some pointless "thing" that serves no purpose except perhaps to roleplayers, and some thing that is probably designed to sell "welcome home" rugs in the Crown Store.....then I'd rather they don't.

    So, unless they deliver something extra special with these additions, I'd rather then spend the time and resources on additional content.
  • MercyKilling
    I Must Have Player Housing I Needs Ma Own Space (Explain Below)
    As in my signature, player housing(PROPERLY IMPLEMENTED) is one of the things that would get me spending again on the game, perhaps even subbing.

    IF they don't tie it to anything at all, other than having the resources (gold and materials) to construct housing/purchase furnishing.

    Oh, it would be IDEAL to let us construct our own interiors. Sure, give me a random access point in the world to my private home instance... but let ME furnish/decorate it.


    Because I sure would like to be able to create things like this bar and water garden again:



    Edited by MercyKilling on April 28, 2015 3:02AM
    I am not spending a single penny on the game until changes are made to the game that I want to see.
    1) Remove having to be in a guild to sell items to other players at a kiosk.
    2) Cosmetic modding for armor and clothing.
    3) Difficulty slider.
    4) Fully customizable player housing that isn't tied to anything in the game other than having the correct resources and enough gold to build. Don't tie it to PvP, guild membership, or anything at all. Oh, make it instanced so as not to take up world map space, too. Zeni screwed this one up already.
    Any /one/ of these things implemented would get me spending again, maybe even subbing.
  • Audigy
    I Must Have Player Housing I Needs Ma Own Space (Explain Below)
    Its needed more than anything else right now. My chars all don't have a home, its not very comfortable sleeping under bridges all the time.

    A house we have forever, gear and stats will come and go. ESO needs a feature that is forever, something that we can work towards to. Even Blizzard realized this after 10 years! To not have housing for players, is a huge issue and the road to failure.
    Edited by Audigy on April 28, 2015 3:02AM
  • PKMN12
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    Daenerys wrote: »
    This game will never feel like a true Elder Scrolls game without player housing.

    except morrowind did not have ANY player housing, not really, but it is considered to be the most beloved of the elder scrolls games........
  • Usara
    I Do Not Want This In ESO (Explain Below)
    I loved housing in the TES.
    Spending hours to decorate/furnish my home was so much fun ! I was so happy to walk around the house admiring my library and all the books I collected and took hours to place accuretly... My armory where I gathered all the pieces/sets of armour and weaponry I could find... My kitchen and laboratory, where I dispatched cheese, mushrooms and others plants for the decor and ambience...
    But it was fun because I had nothing else to do but to please myself and my eyes !
    If I want housing, I'll just load my Morrowind or Skyrim save, thank you.
    I'm not playing a MMO for this. I know it exist in other MMO - that doesn't mean it should be implemented in ESO.

    In a game where we're already so far from an MMO in terms of group experience (seriously, no need to group while leveling from 1 to veteran 14 ? Where most raids can be done by PUGing without need to create bonds with other players ?) I don't want a feature that would imply more "soloing".

    On the other hand I would love guild housing yes, to show us that guilds still have some importance and give them more identity.
    Edited by Usara on April 28, 2015 4:09AM
    What? Lead? Me? No, no, no. No leading. Bad things happen when I lead. We get lost, people die, and the next thing you know I’m stranded somewhere without any pants.

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  • Jeddite_Eso
    I Must Have Player Housing I Needs Ma Own Space (Explain Below)
    It will make the game better for sure, but as i said in the other post old players seems rly need to have some new content before that.
  • Oolou
    I dont Mind If it Does Or Not (Explain Below)
    It wouldn't be something I'm interested in, although a guild hall could be nice. But just because I'm not interested in this, doesn't mean I'd want to deny those who are. As long as it doesn't impact my gameplay.
  • drschplatt
    My first response was that housing is very important, but then again I thought about it and I'm not so sure it's a game breaker. When I played other games with housing, it ended up being a bit like Minecraft. I start off with this great idea and design for what I want to build and make. I spend hours grinding resources and what not to create the perfect house. Then once I've achieved my goal, I leave it there to show off on occasion but I don't really mess with it any more.

    Lord of the Rings Online was like that for me. I put in a huge amount of time and money for about 4 months grinding out special housing items for my guild house and for my personal house, but after I got the stuff I just stopped.

    The one HUGE advantage to guild housing was the freaking awesome trophies you should be able to earn by doing things as a guild. Then you should be able to display them for all to see with pride. That would be fun.
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  • golfer.dub17_ESO
    I want player housing, regardless if it "does anything" or not.

    I wouldn't really consider it any more important than anything else though.
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