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Wood Elf/ Bosmer losing stealth passive, An open letter.

Wood Elves have always been a stealth based race and the main reason to choose these tiny characters is their innate stealth. PVE enemies in this game do not hide, so changing these characters to detect hidden enemies removes an enjoyable and realistic game mechanic and provides no benefit.

I have given feedback regarding the proposed change to this passive here: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/453572/bosmer-racial-change-that-is-illogical-and-unnecessary/p1
And I have polled the forum with the conclusion that no one uses stealth detection in pve here: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/458818/do-you-use-stealth-detect-in-pve/p1

Firstly, Wood Elves have always had a head-start bonus to the stealth attribute for the past 5 Elder Scrolls titles. In 3 of those titles, they had a greater bonus to sneaking than any other race. For 5 years in TESO we have used this passive to great effect in all game modes. It is a valuable passive as evidenced by: the continuation (and even improvement) of stealth for Khajiits; two zone DLCs that benefit from this passive; trial and dungeon mechanics that take advantage of being in stealth; and the number of dismayed replies on your official forums.

In the developer notes it states that “many enemies in Tamriel can’t be bothered sneaking about!” The conclusion to replace it with 3 meter stealth detection is a contradiction because if enemies can’t be bothered to stealth, then we don’t need to detect stealth enemies. There isn’t any pve content available in the game that uses stealth detection. In pvp, 3 meters is actually a negligible amount of stealth detection because of how pvp is currently played. Stealth is used from a distance in order to stack bonuses from the Bow skill line. Stealth in melee range, at the pace of the current pvp climate, requires a skill (Vampire or Nightblade) or a potion. Being able to detect within 3 meters is not enough time to even block before a blow from stealth. “Gankers” will not disappear with the removal of this Wood Elf passive, they will just switch to Khajiit for the crits.

The identity of this race, from the first game, have been stealthy archers and thieves. It needs to remain an innate ability of the smallest race in the game to hide better than the largest. Moving this out of the racial passive and into another skill line is not a solution because a large character, such as a Nord, is realistically not as sneaky as the smallest characters. This change goes against the original vision, the established precedent, in-universe realism, and the lore within the game itself. The point of choosing the smallest character model in the game is that it’s better at hiding.

Regarding your dev note, “Previously this passive was shared between Khajiit and Wood Elf, and didn’t help them feel distinct enough from each other.“ Players expect that the smallest characters are the sneakiest, and the effort to make this minor distinction is not worth the cost of removing the main appeal of choosing Wood Elf. Khajiit and Wood Elf are already distinct enough from each other, in physical design and fighting style.

Please, reconsider this change. Stealthiness is THE identifying attribute to this race. The proposed change to this passive is disruptive and counterintuitive. Wood Elf hiding ability has been an established precedent for all 5 TES games and the past 5 years in this game.
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  • MartiniDaniels
    Thanks for the post, I sent feedback with links to forum threads too.
  • Narvuntien
    I am almost certainly swaping to Khajit with the current racial on the PTS as they best support my stealth gameplay.

    The character I am swaping is my first character and I didn't spend a lot of time on character creation or naming because I just wanted to jump into the game to see if I liked it, I wasn't sure I was going to like it having not played an MMO before.

    So while I am attached to the playstyle I am not particularly attached to role-playing aspect of this character as I am to others I have.
  • joseayalac
    not every passive has to be pve oriented, the other races are getting passives that are useless in some areas of the game as well
  • NyassaV
    I mean it's basically a useless passive. If it gave you sneak speed or means when you crouched you went into stealth faster it'd be more useful. It's literally only good for stealing and the like and barely serves any purpose in the combat of the game. It's actually a really good change and yall shouldn't complain as much. Wrobel is gone so have some faith the changes are stupid or weird
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  • idk
    max_only wrote: »

    I am not arguing one way or another over what the OP has said. However poll above they provided in their second post does not support their argument. It is poorly written and extremely biased from the first word in the OP to the poll itself.
  • MrGarlic
    Ignore. Read the wrong thing and replied to it here.
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  • ruikkarikun
    It is good, but man we need last passive works also in PVE. So new one with dodge also bad for PVE, but previous same. Which needs to be changed more.
  • bpmachete
    They should change the hunter passive and split it between reduction in detection radius and detect stealthing enemies at the higher range.

    They should be able to detect sneaking enemies maybe 2 meters farther than anyone else and be detected maybe 2 meters closer.

    They should be balanced so they have less detection reduction than Khajiits, but to compensate more detection ability. But they should not be more stealthy than Khajiits, I mean Khajiits are cats, just because the moon was flying over someplace some of them look humanoid but, no man or mer can be stealthier than a cat.
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  • xenowarrior92eb17_ESO
    so many complains about elves...feels good to be khajiit.
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