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Hey there! As most of you probably know by now, the Class Representative Program has started officially and we created several discords that we use to gather Feedback on classes and different playstyles in general. Here is a list of the class reps once again:

@FeaR Turbo

I've been working on a comprehensive Feedback document for the past week and I've come up with a form that functions as a concentrated feedback collection form. I want to quickly go through how it works and then list the discords (where I'll post the link to the Form) as well as the Form itself so you can access it directly.

What does it do?

It lets everyone who wants to provide Feedback fill out a simple questionnaire, where you can choose whether your feedback concerns PvE, PvP or both. Afterwards, you can choose the class, role, skillline and skill, indictae whether it is a bug report and then provide your feedback in the form of text. All this data will be complied into an excel sheet, which we will use to analyse and read the feedback. This way it is very easy for us to categorise and handle the mass of data that we received since the program started. So even if you already said something in the discord, piut it in there! We want representative data!

What does this mean for you?

So if you want to make it easy for us to handle your feedback, please use the form. The discords will also be there so you know that we see what you post, and I will also post regular (I'm thinking monthly) statistics on the feedback we received in the respective discord channels so everyone knows what the problems are.

I cannot emphasize enough that we need constructive feedback. This only works if players participate in a reasonable manner and don't use the form to promote their own opinion without any proof or objective reasoning behind their claim. So please, please do not spam answers, do not give us things like "nerf incap" or "buff sorcs". This is NOT helpful, becasue it does not provide anything constructive.

Here's the link to the Form:

Discord links:

The Warden Discussion:

The Sorcerer Discussion:

The Tank Discussion:

The Nightblade Discussion:

The DragonKnight Discussion:

The Healer Discussion

The Templar Discussion:



We're looking forward to your feedback!
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  • Beardimus
    Very cool. As alot of console players aren't used to discord etc anyway so having this in a central place easy for all to use is a great idea.

    One question, the skills list, would be epic of it was sorted / ordered. Alphabetically perhaps
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    Hey guys, just going to lock this thread since this is more informational than anything else. Thanks!
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