The High Isle Chapter and Update 34 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Play a hand of Tales of Tribute, explore the new High Isle areas, dive into the new Trial, and more. Read the full patch notes here:
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PTS Patch Notes v3.1.0

Community Manager
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v3.1.0 and the Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack!

This update comes in two parts–the DLC Game Pack and the base game patch. The base game patch will be available to everyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online and the DLC Game Pack will automatically download with it, allowing you instant access to the new content when you purchase it or activate an ESO Plus membership.

Anyone who owns ESO and has an active ESO Plus membership will also automatically have access to the Horns of the Reach DLC Game Pack. If your ESO Plus membership ends or lapses, you will no longer have access to the DLC Game Pack content and areas, but you will still have any items you earned while you had access.

In this update, you’ll be able to explore and conquer two all-new 4 player dungeons – Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold. These dungeons offer new item sets, Monster Masks, achievements and unique rewards!

We’ve also added a new Battlegrounds map – Arcane University – and a new game mode for Battlegrounds: Chaosball. Both of these are available to anyone who owns The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. You’ll also find that we’ve added several new Medals to support Chaosball.

The base game patch features a number of new features including updates to the Master Writ Merchant, new housing furnishings, and numerous quality of life improvements. These include customizable combat cues, new guild features, research cancelling, bankable Writ Vouchers and Alliance Points, and more. And as always, we’ve made several fixes and improvements to existing content as well.

You’ll also note that we’ve added a new, separate Combat & Gameplay section to the patch notes so it’s clear which changes were done in an effort to improve balance, and which changes are bug fixes or minor improvements. We welcome any feedback you have about the structure of the patch notes.

We hope you enjoy this new update, which is approximately 2.3GB in size, and look forward to reading your feedback. Remember, there’s no NDA for this testing cycle so you’re welcome to discuss, stream, or post screenshots as much as you’d like. Enjoy!

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
    • DLC Game Pack
    • Morrowind Chapter
    • Base Game Patch
  • Known Issues
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Morrowind
    • Dark Brotherhood DLC Game Pack
    • Imperial City DLC Game Pack
    • Orsinium DLC Game Pack
    • Shadows of the Hist DLC Game Pack
    • Thieves Guild DLC Game Pack
  • Combat & Gameplay
    • Combat Balance
    • Combat Fixes & Improvements
    • Itemization Balance
    • Itemization Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixes & Improvements, Base Game Patch
    • Alliance War
    • Art & Animation
    • Audio
    • Crafting & Economy
    • Crown Store & Crown Crates
    • Dungeons & Group Content
    • Exploration & Itemization
    • Housing
    • Justice System
    • Miscellaneous
    • Quests & Zones
    • UI
Gina Bruno
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Renamed the battleground game mode “Capture the Flag” to “Capture the Relic”.
    • Fixed a UI-related issue where the rewards earned at the end of a Battleground would overlap with elements on the Battleground scoreboard.

    • Corrected several minor issues with sitting in chairs across Vvardenfell.
    • Fixed an issue where Vvardenfell rugs could prevent NPCs from walking into houses.

    • Fixed some missing textures on the Dwarven Colossus.
    • Vivec’s underwear is now the same color as his loin cloth, for those of you who previously checked.
    • Fixed numerous gaps, clipping and distorting that would occur when wearing Bouyant Arminger armor.
    • You will no longer see error messages relating to visual effects when using the Ashlander Ruby Ash Staff.
    • Fixed an issue where the Redoran Heavy Armor would contain floating pieces on the left gauntlet when equipped by female characters.

    • Ciirillie is no longer carrying an invisible platter.
    • Constable Dorvayn will no longer wield a sword strangely.
    • The Ashlanders have discovered how to use bowls!
    • Fixed an issue where Veya Releth’s weapons would clip or float.
    • Elfbetta the Shy’s eye is now properly centered on her face.
    • Foreman Lathdar no longer walks off in the middle of the conversation during the quest “A Town Without Purpose”.
    • Milvonu Athram now appears with props.

    • Numerous NPCs in Vvardenfell will now respond properly when attacked from a distance.
    • Fixed an issue preventing some citizens in Vivec City from being able to properly fight some creatures.

    Warden, Balance Changes
    • Animal Companions
      • Cutting Dive (Dive morph): This morph can now be cast while you are silenced.
      • Subterranean Assault (Scorch morph): This morph can now be cast while you are silenced.
    • Green Balance
      • Budding Seeds (Healing Seed morph): This morph can now be cast even if you have an enemy targeted in your reticle.
      • Nature’s Gift: Updated this passive ability’s tooltip to indicate its cooldown.
    • Winter’s Embrace
      • Crystallized Shield: Updated this ability and its morphs’ tooltips to indicate the maximum damage they can absorb from a single projectile.

    Warden, Bug Fixes
    • Green Balance
      • Healing Seed: Fixed a grammatical error from the tooltip of this ability and its morphs.
      • Nature’s Grasp: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs could be cast on certain critters.
    • Winter’s Embrace
      • Frozen Gate: Fixed a grammatical error in this ability’s tooltip.

    • Fetcherfly Nests are now easier to target, and no longer disappear before moving out of your viewable area.
    • Fetcherfly Nests now leash faster if they can’t affect you.
    • Nix-Ox feet now stay planted on the ground during combat.
    • Silt Strider shadows no longer disappear when viewed at certain angles.

    Monster Abilities
    • Cliff Strider
      • Slash now produces audio.
    • Iron Atronach
      • Lavawave will now visibly impact you when damage is dealt.
      • Iron Atronachs are no longer vulnerable to fire.

    World Bosses
    • Dubdil Alar’s nameplate no longer becomes detached from his model.
    • Kimbrudhil and Nilthog the Unbroken now properly reset after they are defeated.

    • Fixed a number of minor camera issues that could occur when interacting with crafting stations in Vvardenfell.

    • Fixed an issue where certain types of mudcrabs in Morrowind would never drop Mudcrab Chitin when slain.

    Crafting Motifs
    • Updated the title of the Buoyant Armiger Motif to include the previously missing word “Buoyant”.

    Crafting Writs
    • Unified the behavior of crafting Writ delivery sites in Vivec City. These sites are now consistently used for rank one Writs instead of a mix of rank one and maximum rank Writs.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the crafting certification quests to appear earlier than intended. They now appear at level 6 in all cases.

    Public Dungeons
    • Forgotten Wastes
      • Fixed an issue where you could be knocked back through doors.
      • You can no longer mount in this public dungeon.
    • Nchuleftingth
      • Fixed an issue where you could be knocked back through doors.

    • The Incomprehensible Artifact found in the Halls of Fabrication now has appropriate flavor text for its incomprehensibility.
    • Standardized the amount of treasure chest spawns in Halls of Fabrication to be consistent with previous Trials.

    • Fixed an issue where the Sixth House Robe would hide your facial hair when equipped, even though your face would be visible.
    • The Waterlogged Strong Box and “Good Travels!” note are now both Bind On Pickup.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the killing of Nix-Ox livestock to advance the Poultry Assassin achievement instead of the Ground Beef achievement (but it still tastes like chicken).

    • The “Tapestry, Morag Tong” furnishing now has an appropriate icon.
    • Renamed the “Hlaalu Lamp, Portable” to “Dres Lamp, Portable”.
    • Renamed “Hlaalu Lantern, Stationary” to “Dres Lantern, Stationary”.
    • Fixed an issue that could occur when standing up from the “Telvanni Chair, Organic” furnishing.

    • Fixed an issue where you could see through part of the second story in the Ald Velothi Harbor House from the first floor.
    • Fixed an issue where Amaya Lake Lodge was incorrectly called “Amaya Lake Manor” in some UI menus.
    • Removed an extra “Common Washtub, Empty” furnishing from the Tel Galen home.
    • Once you acquire the Saint Delyn Penthouse, it will now correctly appear in your list of collected houses in the map UI.
    • You can now manually retrieve the blue floral banner found at the Tel Galen home.

    • Several NPCs in Vvardenfell will now no longer speak to you when you're, ahem, notorious. Some will comment on how shady you are, while others will have more extreme reactions when witnessing criminal activity.
    • Slaves are now easier to steal from. You monster.
    • Nobles are now slightly more difficult to steal from.
    • Many mages in the zone are now on the alert for thieves. Pickpocket at your own peril!
    • Vos Storehouse is now a trespassing location.
    • Fixed an issue resulting in you occasionally being witnessed while opening illicit goods within Vvardenfell's Outlaw Refuge.
    • Corrected several minor issues with safebox placement.

    • Polished the timing and voiceover for many quest-related theater scenes.
    • Fixed numerous issues relating to quest pins.
    • Fixed various issues surrounding quest voiceover and text mismatches.
    • Fixed several missing quest item icons.
    • Fixed several books that broke stealth when you interacted with them.
    • Fixed many typos found in quest text.
    • Fixed an issue where the Invitation to Morrowind would appear at the level of the character that first received the mail, which would prevent your lower level characters from reading it.
    • Random encounters where two members of the same House meet each other will no longer grant experience.
    • Due to some rather unfortunate events, Tolendir Gals has been sacked from his position as Magister of the Vivec City Mage’s Guild.
    • Assistant Maren has returned to work at the Library of Vivec. Don’t ask about her vacation, because she’s not talking about it.
    • You can no longer be knocked back through doors in Shulk Ore Mine.

    • Ashalmawia
      • Fixed an issue where you could attack monsters without being attacked back.
    • Matus-Akin Egg Mine
      • You can no longer mount in this delve.
    • Pulk
      • Bralsa Inlador will now spawn faster for those who do not have the Pulk achievement.
      • Impassable areas of the delve are now correctly marked on the map.
      • Nix Hounds in this delve will now animate properly when attacking.
    • Zainsipilu
      • Falling into the magma now hurts, as it should!
      • You can no longer mount inside this delve.

    • A Creeping Hunger: Fixed an issue where Wuyuvus could become stuck behind a wall when using their Spring ability.
    • A Hireling of House Telvanni: You will no longer receive text displaying “Completed: Reach Zaintiraris” when you are not at Zaintiraris.
    • A Town Without Purpose: Foreman Lathdar no longer walks away during conversation with you.
    • Ancestral Adversity:
      • Narsis Dren will now recognize you if you previously met in Wrothgar.
      • Narsis no longer complains about being trapped when he isn’t trapped at all.
      • The skull associated with this quest no longer vanishes before Narsis Dren grabs it.
      • Fixed an issue where you could enter the Tomb of the Matriarch before talking to Narsis Dren.
    • At Any Cost: Improved the spawn rate for some of the bosses associated with this quest.
    • Breaking Through the Fog: You can now only steal the helmet associated with this quest if you are actively on the quest.
    • Broken Bonds:
      • Fixed an issue where your quest progress could become blocked if you attacked Naryu with a Restoration Staff equipped.
      • You can no longer share this quest.
    • Culling the Swarm: Dinor Salvi has stopped confusing the Matus-Akin and Missir-Dadalit mines by not mentioning either.
    • Family Reunion:
      • The key to Hlormaren Stronghold can now be shared with group members.
      • It is no longer possible to unintentionally kill Veya.
      • The final battle scene is now shared among group members properly.
    • Haunted Grounds: The fight with Galgalah will now reset properly if he unexpectedly despawns.
    • Planting Misinformation: The Misleading Notes are now only visible to those on the quest.
    • Rising to Retainer: The Twilight Matriarch now spawns properly.
    • The Ancestral Tombs: Librarian Bradyn will no longer praise you for finding rubbings until after you have completed the quest.
    • The Heart of a Telvanni:
      • Ropefish NPCs will despawn properly if quest is abandoned.
      • You can no longer talk to Sun-in-Shadow after the final boss is defeated if you aren’t on this quest.
    • The Heart’s Desire: Searing Steam now displays its proper visual effects and animations to show when you are taking damage.
    • The Magister Makes a Move: The Dwarven Coffer in Zalkin-Sul can now only be interacted with while on the proper quest step.
    • The Scarlet Judge:
      • You can no longer stand on destroyed crates in the mercenary camp.
      • Fixed an issue that would prevent Marshal Hlaren from spawning in certain situations.

    • Stalkun has decided advertising might help his business in Vivec City and has put his shop name on his banner.
    • Updated the Shulk Ore Mine loadscreen to better reflect the mine.

    • Fixed an issue that was causing several wayshrines in Vvardenfell to be displayed incorrectly on the map.
    • The Library of Andule map now displays properly when at the entrance.
    • St. Delyn’s Apartment is now properly listed on the Houses tab of the map.
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    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed a texture seam that would appear on the ears of the Lynx.

    Monster Abilities
    • Bounty Hunter
      • Basilisk Powder no longer switches between the melee to the ranged versions (and vice versa) as you react to its telegraph.
      • Lunge will no longer cast while the Bounty Hunter is immobilized.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Elbow pads are now fully attached to the forearm on the Xivkyn Tormentor armor.

    • Imperial City Prison
      • Reduced the amount of monsters the Overfiend calls for assistance.
      • Reduced the health of Lord Warden Dusk’s clones.
    • White-Gold Tower
      • Two players can now receive the Moth Priest's vision instead of just one throughout the encounter. 
      • Plane Meld Rifts are now easier to target.
      • Plane Meld Rifts now have less health in Veteran mode.

    • The Tel Var Jewelry Lockbox Merchants now sell rings and necklaces directly with no intervening box.
      • These items are always Champion 160, with Legendary (Gold) quality.
      • Their cost remains the same: 100,000 Tel Var stones apiece.
      • As a result of these changes, these vendors (Tumande, Kharzolga, and Hears-the-Stone) are now known as Tel Var Jewelry Merchants.

    • Speaking for the Dead: Fixed an issue that prevented grouped players from completing the quest step “Place Auricular Geodes in Skeletons.”
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Cradle of Shadows
      • Reduced the damage from Dranos' Orb of Spite and Wrath of Mephala abilities.
      • Velidreth
        • Increased the cast time of Corpulence and Gout of Bile.
        • Gout of Bile now places a visual effect on the player character Velidreth is targeting.
        • Decreased how much stamina and magicka is drained by Diseased Spores.
        • Marrow Fiends no longer cast Searing Bond.
        • Shadow Spine now does less damage in Normal and Veteran (damage with Hard Mode enabled is unchanged).
    • Ruins of Mazzatun
      • Xit-Xaht Sludge-Slinger will no longer clear any taunt debuffs after completing their Feral Blitz ability.
      • Xal-Nur the Slaver
        • Increased the cast time of Brutal Bellow. 
        • Increased the visual intensity of Swamp Spice while it's on the ground.
        • Xal-Nur will no longer become immune to taunt while casting Monstrous Blitz. He will still charge his selected target, but will respect an active taunt debuff once the charge completes. 
        • Xal-Nur will now cast Monstrous Blitz less often.

    • Fixed an issue where you could walk through the horn of the “Bust: The Mighty Chudan” collectible furnishing.
    Gina Bruno
    Senior Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where the Abah’s Watch heavy armor could clip or distort itself.

    • Adjusted the description for the Dro-m’Athra Skin to no longer reference Champion 160.

    • Certain Servants in Hew’s Bane were carrying items associated with Addicts. They’ve kicked the habit, and no longer carry these items.

    • Prison Break: Wearing the Servant disguise, obtained from The Long Game quest, no longer counts as being disguised for this quest.
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    Gina Bruno
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  • code65536
    Four New Motifs

    The Hlaalu, Redoran, and Telvanni Motifs are now available in Vvardenfell! These three styles and their associated style items can be found by stealing from citizens of Vvardenfell - picking their pockets, stealing from their safe boxes, and looting Thieves Troves left behind by fellow members of the Thieves Guild.

    I count three. Where's the fourth?
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  • WuffyCerulei
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Is the Domihaus monster set scale to max stamina/magicka, or is it just random?
    Khajiit were only a meta DPS race for 2 patches, compared to the other races that have been meta for many years. Give us crit rate over crit damage/heals.

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  • argouru
    "•Fixed an issue that caused the killing of Nix-Ox livestock to advance the Poultry Assassin achievement instead of the Ground Beef achievement (but it still tastes like chicken)."

    Funny, I made a post along these lines earlier today...
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