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PTS Patch Notes v1.6

  • Lava_Croft
    Blobsky wrote: »
    That's the end of nightblade then
    If it means the end of NB light armor tanks, then yay! It's looking good for my coveted Dual Resto setup though! \o/
  • Rydik
    Gravord wrote: »
    And dk Whip Gina? Will it get stamnia morph option?
    Hopes not, already get one for Unstable flame (no thx id say, you can take it back) =\

  • Gandogal
    So, whats the beserk bonus anyways?
  • Taonnor
    Ahdora wrote: »
    Did the aforementioned new Alliance War abilities not make it into this patch, or did I miss them in all that text?

    Yeah, whats with the suggested magicka bomb?!

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  • Cinbri
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Zos promised magica return passive for Templar, but nothing about it in patchnotes.
  • heystreethawk
    Apologies if I missed this in the notes! But I remember, in Q&As leading up to this patch, some talk of staff attacks being scaled to spell damage rather than weapon damage -- would you be able to verify if that's the case as of PTS publication? And if so, does the change to spell damage apply to light & heavy weapon attacks for destro and resto staves, or just the abilities?

    P.S. THANK YOU -- the whole team deserves like a day at the spa and 16 hours of uninterrupted sleep once this thing goes live. And ideally, the community managers' insurance plans cover the extensive therapy necessitated by a life of nonstop exposure to the furious, entitled demands of a gaming community. I assume you're all plagued by night terrors.
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  • Phazius
    Lookin pretty good... I love the new buff system, wont get a chance to play around with it till tomorrow (or maybe like 4am o.O)
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  • xMovingTarget
    Haha, I smell Stamina DK new FOTM! Will test it later. When servers are up, also gonna start streaming.
    Edited by xMovingTarget on January 27, 2015 6:21PM
  • Razzak
    RunAway wrote: »
    No LFG fixes?

    Apparently there was no need for fixing the tool itself as all it needed was a fix for a rare occurance:

    "Grouping Tools
    Fixed an issue if you selected a role at the same time a group search started, the icon to toggle roles could not be used.".

    If it still isn't working, we'll probably have to wait for console release when they will jump through hoops to fix Sage's inability to use it.
  • Pausekey
    Armor: The amount of mitigation provided by Armor has changed.
    • A piece of Light Armor grants 1/4th of the mitigation of an equivalent piece of Heavy Armor.

    So is this the beginning of the end of the "Light Armor/Sword and Board DK Uber-Tanks" we see everywhere like roaches in PvP?
    I hope so.

    Just to be clear I have no issue with this, as I have always found the classic MMO roles work fine (tanks in heavy, casters using staves etc.). I jut think its funny that an initial "you can play any way you like" has steadily evolved towards the traditional roles of classes as they have found certain builds to be vastly superior to others.
  • meistermeuchler1b16_ESO
    i´m a little disappointed that Rushed Ceremony and Healing Ritual (Templar heals) have no changes at all. Honor the Dead is still bad compared to the other morph Breath of Life and the ability Healing Ritual is still as bad as ever. I thought this patch should buff underused abilities and morphs.
  • Kuro1n
    ShadowHvo wrote: »
    Noo! Why isn't Concealed Weapon and Killers Blade now stamina based!? Those two would be the most ideal abilities for stamina thieves and assassins! )=

    Killer's Blade does cost stamina; looks like we missed it in the patch notes. We're adding it now.

    For the Veiled Strike ability, we made Surprise Attack cost stamina instead of Concealed Weapon because Surprise Attack also reduces armor and made sense to us for a physical damage dealer.
    Very happy to hear this! Also shame on me for not saying this earlier but...

    Good job!

  • lumithelock
    thx for finally getting us the patch notes now can we get the pts :smiley:
  • Thejollygreenone
    Rylana wrote: »
    ... So basically everything changed to something else, nothing is the same, but somehow, in some crazy way, you forgot the heal component of GDB

    >_> Dat better still heal me, yo, or we gonna have some issues considering how much you just nerfed my class for the ninth... or is it tenth time.

    I don't...I don't really get what you're asking... ._.

    GDB didn't seem to have any changes to the heal component, should work exactly the same, if that was the question.
  • Blackclouud
    Is green dragon blood having its heal for 30% removed and just replaced with the 30% increase? Or is that in addition?
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  • Detector
    Where is info for Minor Berserk buff"?
  • WhiskeyJac
    so what does the damage from ultimate abilities scale? magicka right ?
  • WebBull

    No change to Bat swarm? It is already completely overpowered and now coupled with 10% less damage to vamps, it will be a required ultimate in PvP.\

    Also, why did you nerf Caltrops to only 6 players? It useless now. Before it at least help slightly against zerg balls.

  • SantieClaws
    Just please tell me that the quest To Walk on Far Shores in Bangkorai no longer crashes the game. The patch notes mention something about timing issues but don't mention if the crashes are sorted.
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