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PTS Patch Notes v1.6

  • thesongoftimeb14_ESO
    My print preview says 94 pages
  • theroyalestpythonnub18_ESO
    • Ultra settings will now require a video card with 2GB of VRAM.

    nuu muh ultra :open_mouth:
  • Yandros
    Holy Moly ..... where do I find the summarized version :-)
  • Castielle
    Game manuals are smaller than these notes lol. Some great changes though!

  • Shader_Shibes
    Garbrac wrote: »

    Hahah awesome!

  • Razzak
    "Grouping Tools
    Fixed an issue if you selected a role at the same time a group search started, the icon to toggle roles could not be used."

    I am hoping this will fix grouping tool not making any groups.
  • Teiji
    Teiji wrote: »


    I just got finished scrolling down to read the spiked armor change.
    Spiked Armor
    All ranks of this ability now also grant the buffs Major Resolve and Major Ward.
    Razor Armor (morph): Renamed this ability to Hardened Armor, which now provides a damage shield equal to 10% of your maximum health. The duration of this shield lasts 3.5 seconds at Rank IV.
    Volatile Armor (morph): This ability now deals increased damage over 10 seconds. The amount of damage dealt increases with each rank.

    Zeni you almost fooled me! <3
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    Nerf one grind, two more take its place; hail Gryndra!

    I am a dank memer and satire enthusiast
  • Iduyenn
    A piece of Medium Armor grants 3/4th of the mitigation of Heavy Armor.
    Much too much… should be around 2/3 or 3/5 but not 75%

    Spell Resistance: Instead of having a base amount of Spell Resistance that grows as you level, Spell Resistance is now provided by Armor on a 1 to 1 basis.
    o For example, if a piece of gear gives you 2000 Armor, it also gives 2000 Spell Resistance.
    o Passive skills in both the Light Armor and Heavy Armor skill lines will modify this ratio.
    Very Cool!
    Synergy abilities/Ultimates now scale off your highest stats that are either stamina or magicka based.
    I am a balanced person… (Tank). So no advantages for me?

    Using this passive will now increase the amount of time you are transformed as a werewolf by 3 seconds every time you take damage.

    Werewolf Tank? Jihaaaaaa :D But is there a limit?
  • tplink3r1
    "Puncturing Strikes
    Increased the single target bonus damage on this ability by 60%.
    Reduced the cost of this ability by 25%." <3
    Edited by tplink3r1 on January 27, 2015 5:28PM
    VR16 Templar
    VR3 Sorcerer
  • Rosveen
    Oh god this will take forever to read. Btw, you missed Minor Empower on the buff list.
    Note: This does not include disguises at this time.
    :\ Disguises are the only costumes I have, I'm not going to buy anything from the crown store... Well, maybe a wedding dress for my Nord. Please include disguises as soon as possible. :) Also quest trophies. They take more inventory space than my pets.
    You will now start with a two handed sword.
    Oh for ***'s sake... Okay, I can live with that, but I still think it's pointless.
  • Equinox
    ********************~For the Queen!~********************
  • LonePirate
    Can notes or descriptions of the new Alliance War skills be added? Or did I miss them?
  • Rammi
    @zos_ginaBruno For example, if you are Veteran Rank 12 and have 800,000XP progress towards Veteran Rank 13, you will receive 59 Champion Points after the system goes live.

    In the above example based on what you described should the amount of champion points that is given be 64 and not 59.

    Rank 12 earns you 5 X 12 which is 60

    plus 4 for 800K progression? or does rank1 not count
    Edited by Rammi on January 27, 2015 6:02PM
    The Champion System should have rewarded Champion Points based off of achievements and feats earned through excelling at end game content not grinding your life away vs mobs in order to stay competitive. This system is uncreative and is a great example of extremely lazy system design. Yes, you should be embarrassed
  • Eucken
    Now what is that "berserk" buff they keep mentioning in the NB changes?

    There is no berserk in the buff list.

    Same for "maim" buff, there is no such buff in the list.

    You also get it for useing the syngery of the storm atronach but no mention of what that is....
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