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The Deadlands DLC and Update 32 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Read the full patch notes here:

PTS Patch Notes v3.3.2

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v3.3.2 is an incremental patch that includes several combat and itemization balance adjustments and bug fixes, in addition to some improvements for long loading screens (including in Cyrodiil) and a number of bug fixes spanning several systems and zones. We’ve copied all European megaserver characters for this patch, which is approximately 149MB in size. Thanks for all your continued feedback!

  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Clockwork City
    • Dark Brotherhood
    • Dragon Bones
    • Morrowind
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat Balance
      • Combat Fixes & Improvements
      • Itemization Balance
      • Itemization Fixes & Improvements
    • Base Game
      • Alliance War & PvP
      • Art & Animation
      • Combat & Gameplay
      • Crown Store & Crown Crates
      • Crafting & Economy
      • Exploration & Itemization
      • Housing
      • Miscellaneous
      • Quests & Zones
      • UI
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where the Guild Heraldry Tabard would clip through the Fang Lair Homespun, Rawhide armor.
    • The Fang Lair Rawhide chest no longer distorts when female characters raise their arms.
    • Fixed an issue where arms would bend unnaturally in combat while wearing Fang Lair Homespun armor.
    • Fixed an issue with the Scalecaller Homespun armor relating to how the helmet appears on Khajiit and Argonian females when crouched.

    • Fixed an issue where the Worm Wizard Personality awarded from the "Fang Lair Challenger" achievement listed that it was purchased from the Crown Store, and would not appear in the list of Personalities until you acquired it.
    • Headpieces in the Thorvukan and Zaan sets are now Bind on Pickup Tradeable, as intended.

    • Fungi Free: This achievement is now awarded for defeating the Cadaverous Menagerie without anyone in your group taking damage from Volatile Fungi in Veteran Fang Lair.
    • Watch Your Step: This achievement now requires you to defeat Matriarch Aldis without any member of your group taking damage from the water that surrounds her during the fight in Veteran Scalecaller Peak.
    Gina Bruno
    ESO Community Manager
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Slightly increased the Forward Camp deployment radius to prevent placement on inner Keep structures.
    • Slightly increased the Forward Camp deployment angle checks to allow for more forgiving placement on terrain.

    • Consolidated the armor rewards for winning a 30-day campaign into a single “Champion’s Cache” container. This also resolves the issue where you would sometimes see a question mark as the 7th reward item in your mail.

    • Kneepads no longer float when female characters equip the Silken Ring boots.
    • The Emperor’s Regalia Costume has been reverted to its original state.

    • Master Writ Vendor Faustina Curio now holds the scroll in her hands correctly.

    Monster Abilities
    • NPC Dragonknights have renewed their contract with the guild of flags and standards. NPC Dragonknights across Tamriel once again unfurl standards upon their foes.

    • Fixed an issue that caused certain recipes to not appear on the PTS.

    • Adjusted the duration for all Immovable potions. The base duration has been reduced from a cap of 12.5 seconds to 8 seconds, leading to a Medicinal Use maximum of 10.4 seconds.

    Outfit System
    • Reduced the price of the Outfit Station furnishing to 500 Writ Vouchers from 1500.
    • You can now complete the “Fully Styled” achievement across multiple transactions, instead of having to change all eight slots at once.
    • Changing any of your Outfit Styles no longer replays the unsheathe effect for your weapon enchantment.
    • The Help Menu entry for the Outfit System now includes an image showcasing the Outfit Station.

    Outfit Styles
    • Acquiring the “Convert to Morag Tong” or “Convert to Imperial” upgrades now correctly grants you the associated Outfit Styles.
    • The Ancient Elf Staff 3 Outfit Style is now available once you have learned the Ancient Elf crafting Motif.
    • Learning the Dark Brotherhood style now correctly grants knowledge of the Dark Brotherhood Jerkin Armor Style.

    • Added an additional purchasable character slot.
    • The look of the Telvanni Master Wizard Costume now matches what’s advertised in the Crown Store image.

    • Fixed an issue where some Daedric chests had a chance to contain Crackling Lodestones (the monster trophy rarely found when defeating Storm Atronachs).

    • Fixed an issue that caused Target Dummies to have incorrect names when viewed in a home.

    • Made a number of improvements to the maps for The Erstwhile Sanctuary and Princely Dawnlight Palace.
    • Exiting the preview of the Coldharbour Surreal Estate now correctly returns you to your previous location, instead of putting you outside the front door.

    Storage Furnishings
    • The “Storage Coffer, Fortified” collectible can now only be obtained from the Level Up Advisor at level 18.
    • Adjusted text on collectible storage furnishings for improved clarity and consistency.
    • Fixed an issue where the gold in your personal bank or guild bank could appear when viewing the contents of a storage furnishing.

    • Implemented some fixes and improvements to ensure more consistent load times, and reduce the frequency of long load screens. Please let us know if you’re continuing to run into long loading screens while on the PTS.
      • Note: There may still be some remaining load screen issues related to grouping, and are still investigating those.

    • Dawn of the Exalted Viper: Regnet Cassipia will no longer be hanging around outside of Serpent's Nest after the events of this quest.

    • Items that are bound to your current character are now referred to as "Character Bound" in the tooltip. All functionality remains the same.
    • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck in the conversation window when attempting to open another UI window after beginning a conversation.
    • Fixed an issue where the camera would jerk when navigating to the Skills menu from any other menu.
    • Updated a number of temporary icons and images with their final images.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed an issue in the Crown Store where switching between screens could cause parts of one screen to appear on top of another.
    • Navigating through the Skills Advisor will now bring you back to the advised skills list when appropriate.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur when using the text search for Outfit Styles.

    • Guild reputation gains will now appear in the Loot History UI.
    • Fixed an issue where the rank of your morphs could appear incorrect in the Skills Advisor.
    • Adjusted the messaging in the Skills Advisor when the learned morph isn't the recommended morph.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur when learning an ability.

    • Removed references to gold on the Home Storage UI as you cannot actually store gold in them.
    • Updated the error messaging when attempting to store character bound items in a storage furnishing.

    Outfit System
    • Updated the iconography for Outfit Change Tokens.
    • Fixed an issue where using "Dye All" would cost more gold than intended.
    • You will no longer lose any changes when going back into an Outfit Station after choosing to Buy Outfit Tokens from it.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent you from exiting the Outfit Station.
    • Fixed an issue where Dye All and Randomize dyes would not dye shields on your other weapon bar.
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    Gina Bruno
    ESO Community Manager
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  • Minno
    Didgerion wrote: »
    • The “Resurrect Ally” ability can now always be interrupted, even if the enemy player has crowd-control immunity.

    Here you go- the first exception to the new Interrupt mechanic - how many more to come?

    Do you want people to rez with extra 15% dmg mitigation after popping a immovable pot?
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