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PTS Patch Notes v3.3.2

  • DDuke
    As for the Major Expedition tied to Chains for a DK:

    Yeah, it doesn't make much sense. You're gap closing... so it's kind of wasted. I love using Chains- but I feel like a major expedition buff on that skill line is pointless.

    It would be more beneficial if ZoS put Major Expedition on a skill like Wings, Stone Fist, or Molten Weapons. It would actually make more sense on Stone Fist (since you'd be able to stun a target and then run up to them) or Molten Weapons (since this applies to StamDKs and MagDKs)

    It's not pointless... When you gap close someone, chances are you're still snared, get rooted at the destination or the target just has major expedition up... the Major Expedition from Chains helps you keep up with this player that is trying to kite you or escape so that you don't need to cast Chains again right away and can focus on dealing damage.
  • Duck
    RIP magDK. And I had just made up a character to try it again. Glad I didn't waste much time on her, now I won't feel so bad deleting her to make room for a new character to get those leveling awards that won't be retroactively awarded.
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  • TheMystid
    maboleth wrote: »
    TheMystid wrote: »
    maboleth wrote: »
    ManDraKE wrote: »
    what about using an snare or a CC before your ultimate? The soul assult snare was brutal and removed counterplay

    That means wasting another slot for a cc ability, as a mag sorc. Frags no longer stun, SA will no longer stun. Besides, stamina people easily break CC in pvp. SA snare effectively countered those fast, erratic NBs.

    SA was brutal mostly to those who didn't know how to counter it. It was effective most of the time, as all ultis should. (though use it wrong - near obstacle and you will be out of any ulti points with zero damage!) Reducing the snare is one thing but going from 70% to 0% is just nonsense.

    Plus it was a nice rewarded ultimate, unlocked to those who actually played the game and finished the main quest.
    xaraan wrote: »
    Nifty2g wrote: »
    So for PvE doesn't off balance last 4 seconds and power lash cooldown is 3 seconds, so now dragonknights get to have 2 free casts every 15-20 seconds or you can choose if you want to heavy attack

    oh boi i'm gonna go grind one up right now, it's way too powerful.

    Amazing what such a terrible patch Morrowind turned out to be and ruined the game in many aspects that has taken up to almost a year now to correct, and one class is still unplayable in PvE so it's not even fixed yet. It's going to take over a damn year.

    Well said, whoever came up with some of the major morrowind changes should be removed from making anymore balance decisions. Game is dropping like a rock in how fun it is to play now patch after patch. Glad they are doing the outfit system because decorating homes and characters is the most enjoyable part of the game anymore.

    Agree 100%. Post Morrowind this game is collapsing. Every single good change comes always with 10 bad ones.

    Actually no. No matter how I oppose the Soul Assault change, the game is so much more balanced since Morrowind patch.

    Better spread of CPs, better usage of traits, better usage of mundus stones, better armour balancing, better behaving of certain abused monster sets - to name a few. Some people fail to see that or are opposed to any change unless it's benefiting THEM, but that's their problem.

    I am not saying nothing is "better" after Morrowind. Fine things have occurred. But you got to be blind if you don't see that ZOS has been sooo lazy in adjusting the game after the huge changes that came with that patch.
    Instead of re-balancing the game by looking at details, ZOS just chose the blanket nerf road, not to say the lets-add-op-stuff--to-force-ppl-to-buy-DLC road.
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  • LordSlif
    Blockcasting is op
  • HaruKamui
    What changed with the Telvanni Master Wizard Costume?
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  • preedb16_ESO2
    MagDK are apparently OP in cyrodiil, so they have to nerf them with no regard to consequences for PVE... Nothing new, PVP "balance" changes always mess up PVE..
  • ak_pvp
    LordSlif wrote: »
    Blockcasting is op

    Snare, no regen, massive cost and the ever growing number of abilities that go through it make block too OP, pls nerf.

    Shields are OP.
    MagDK are apparently OP in cyrodiil, so they have to nerf them with no regard to consequences for PVE... Nothing new, PVP "balance" changes always mess up PVE..

    MagDK is underpowered in everything outside of duels. PvE got all this offbalance stuff changed against bosses. There is no change to offbalance on the PvP end.

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  • Shinkhan

    • Ardent Flame
      • Flame Lash (Lava Whip morph): The Power Lash attack from this morph now has a 3 second cooldown.
      • Lava Whip: This ability and its morphs no longer have a cooldown when they can set the enemy target Off Balance. Striking a stunned or immobile enemy will always set them Off Balance.

    This is a very bad attempt to balance things out.

    1ST and as always : You are nerfing pve because of pve, not to mention that you made magDK useless in trials already.
    2ND : You are adressing only one "Problem" (wich i thing is a L2P issue from ppl who are crying about it) wich is the combo Fossilize + Power lash and that is not a balance.

    3RD : The so called balance that you made for off balance by drasticly reducing the uptime and having the argument that off balance is more usefull (heavy attack and power lash doesnt consume the off balance) isnt the case here cause you will be able to cast only one power lash every 15sec maybe ? WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ??????

  • Darknightmare641
    Soul Shriven
    This is insane when is zenimax going to stop rewarding players that dont know how to play
  • SquareSausage
    Could we get relentless focus to refresh when you shoot the bow? why are nightblades forced into such a clunky play when using this skill by having to double cast when coming to the end of its duration and a bow is available.
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  • Wrubius_Coronaria

    Aedric Spear
    Puncturing Strikes: Increased the width of the damage area of this ability and its morphs by 1 meter. It now hits targets in an 8x6 rectangle in front of you (8 meters long, 6 meters wide), previously 8x5.

    I hope this change will be reverted before it goes live, the damages area is already really huge, and when you are fighting a templar you are premanantly snared an can't move at all. (the 0.5 snare immunity from shuffle is not helping). The worst is, this skill is already undodgeable It's a total disaster while snared for escaping to it, and it's even worse when fighting as medium armor build.

    I rather prefer, seeing the stun back than adding larger aoe and snares to a class who don't need it.
    Edited by Wrubius_Coronaria on February 3, 2018 3:26PM
  • Anethum
    Caitsith wrote: »
    (the 0.5 snare immunity from shuffle is not helping).

    0.5 sec for every part of medium weared - with 5 parts weared its 2,5 seconds immunity.
    @Anethum from .ua
  • Lokov
    Another one lame patch notes from devs who not playing their game XD
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