PTS Patch Notes v3.0.0

  • Blacksmoke
    Templar healers running Worm are not going to be happy
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  • jcasini222ub17_ESO
    I'd be able to stomach all this better if there was anything related to easing the rng madness. A topic of concern for an extremely long time.

    Playing a mag temp orc (not too optimal race wise) just finished soloing city of ash 2, normal, today. It was a blast. Seriously good fun considering I depend on sweeps so melee range for everything. It'll take alot of thinking to do that again once this goes live. If your wondering 5h/2L Rattlecage+soulshine and actually... Wait for it... Cost reduction jewelry. Go figure.

    I still will be able to healbot in PvP.

    Just be honest and say you want wardens to have major mending uptime and you are taking it away from mag temps. It's ok to admit it.

    Mag sorc, jeez, guess that's the only class performing correctly? I say that with heavy sarcasm.

  • melloni_aleb16_ESO
    Facepalm ...

    Nerf stam again ?'re serious?
    the change to the heavy is ok, the rest no...balance the magicka build...and quit your WOW raid Zos
    Another bost the zerg and nerf to soler o small party...

    @ZOS Balance ulti destro staff no ? -.-
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  • Ocelot9x
    Ahahahahah that's ridiculous like really nerf stamina dk ahahahahahahah
  • SublimeSparo
    Kilandros wrote: »
    Xsorus wrote: »

    Dragon Knight just got gutted.


    In fact the only class that somehow didn't get nerfed is the one that's super insanely powerful right now (Sorc)

    Beyond gutted. Battle Roar, Helping Hands, and Major Mending were literally the only things the class had going for it. ZOS basically killed off all 3 with this patch.

    I'm used to tanking nerfs, but i'm wondering if it'll even be possible to tank the axes in vAA after this calamity
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  • Splattercat_83
    Sydria wrote: »
    Changes are looking good so far to me.

    Of cause everyone will be complaining about being "nerfed" because their numbers will be dropping, but I think it will be healthy for the game in the long run.

    Will log onto the PTS tomorrow to test and give a more detailed feedback.

    Have a good night everyone o:)

    How is it going to be healthy for the game?
  • Flattedfifth
    Rittings wrote: »
    Ah yes... this is stroking the PVP players and dismissing out of hand the PVE content people. GREAT job... those PVP guys never seem to get anything changed for them - this makes a refreshing change.

    Confirms for me that this household will be cancelling subscription, definitely NOT purchasing Morrowind - and moving to a different game. What is the release date for Kingdom Come: Deliverance again???

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