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Update 14 (3.0.4) is now available to test. ALL CONTENT ON THE PTS IS CURRENTLY UNDER AN NDA. Please note that Morrowind and its contents are accessible only if you have received an invitation via email. You can find the latest patch notes here:

PTS Patch Notes v3.0.0

  • Lum1on
    Lum1on wrote: »
    I think this will probably come next Year with the Big Summerset Island Addon because there will be no new class (except they starting to create a necromancer)

    Oh boy, how I would absolutely love to see the source on this one. Because, well... there are no sources!

    its the only possible option for a new class

    You really can't say "it's the only possible option for a new class". First of all, just because you may not be able to think of anything else, doesn't make it true. And second, you have no reliable source to back your story. So it's a lose-lose situation.

    EDIT: Auto-correct ruined too many words..
    Edited by Lum1on on May 15, 2017 3:45PM
  • Pdl123
    Soul Shriven
    My question is why even have a hundred point cap in nodes then if it makes no sense to put that many points in a node
  • Uriel_Nocturne
    Pdl123 wrote: »
    My question is why even have a hundred point cap in nodes then if it makes no sense to put that many points in a node

    If (as ZOS made it in the patch notes) you are already getting 75% of the possible benefit once you've put 50 points into a node, what's the point of putting more than 50 points in any single node?

    Why they would do this... it makes no sense.

    Then again; none of these changes makes ANY sense in regard to the health of the game.

    The Forums are going to ignite into an inferno once these changes go live...

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