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PTS Patch Notes v3.0.0

  • potirondb16_ESO
    This will be arsh on all ressource management, which will lead to issue toward raids... I can't really see as quick raid burn as their use to be now that damage and ressource are reduce...

    I hate when they stop adding end-game and just put it harder. It really look like this Moondance 5 pc is now interesting !
  • potirondb16_ESO
    I really think you should have killed your cp system and start a new one instead of focusing on adjusting it though. Man it feels as an awfull nerf.. Which class is gonna complain the most is what to look foward ! Good Thing warden can buff now they will be mandatory Inside end-game setup in order to keep going
  • jedtb16_ESO
    hmmmm..... lots of stuff to digest.

    looking forward to playing.
  • Saturn
    What a significiant amount of nerfs, holy crap. I'm looking forward to testing it out, but just reading it, it seems quite grim right now. I mean 10% reduction to CP damage passives, and nerfs to recovery across the board. There are some good changes in there, but overall it just seems like more nerfs than anything to be honest.
    "Madness is a bitter mercy, perhaps, but a mercy nonetheless."

    Fire and Ice
  • Enodoc
    Skill Line Unlocking
    Newly-created characters will now have all skill lines hidden except for the 3 from their class, the goal being to improve a new player’s experience by reducing the initial number of skill line choices to a more manageable number.
    • Skill lines will now unlock when your character takes specific actions.
      • Your racial skill line unlocks at level 5.
    @ZOS_GinaBruno So this means the inherent racial affinity that you get for free (Amphibian, Ashlander, Highborn, Diplomat, etc), will now not unlock until Level 5?

    Adjusted Experience (XP) for Levels 1 – 50
    The experience needed to level from 1 to 50 has been adjusted. Earlier levels now require less experience to obtain, while later levels will require more.
    • The total time to level from 1 to 50 should generally remain unchanged, and anyone currently leveling should not see any decrease to their current level progress – in some cases you may see an increase in level depending on progress.
    • Additionally, all quests now provide more experience to help even the leveling time between those that complete quests versus simply killing monsters.
    Good greef! My table is ruined. :(

    • Synergy prompts will now display the icon of the ability that granted the synergy.
    Does this mean Synergies no longer have their own icons?
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  • Saturn
    bubbygink wrote: »
    This ability and its morphs now last for 3.5 seconds, down from 6 seconds, but can no longer be removed with Break Free. After the effect ends, enemies will gain CC-immunity.
    This is a significant reduction to the Magicka and Stamina restored by these abilities [siphoning strikes].

    I feel like somehow ZoS has manged to nerf Magblade significantly even though everyone pokes fun at how bad we already are. There are now two classes that have very strong hard counters to us - DKs with wings and Templars with Eclipse and the one thing we had going for us (great sustain with siphoning attacks) is significantly nerfed. Is there any reason what so ever to play Magblade over Sorc in any content in the game, PVE or PVP?

    To be honest, depending on how severe the nerf to recovery is, it may be a buff actually, since both morphs now heal. So it could become the Nightblade's version of Surge. Obviously it depends on the numbers, but it was one of the things I was least worried about in terms of nerfs. I think overall the 10% reduction in Mighty and Elemental Expert will hit everyone the hardest.
    "Madness is a bitter mercy, perhaps, but a mercy nonetheless."

    Fire and Ice
  • Oakmontowls_ESO
    I feel like this kind of change needed to come way earlier in the life of this game.
  • Cinbri
    • Sixth House Robe: Officially, there is no Sixth House, and these robes do not exist. Unofficially, Sixth House cultists in the Forgotten Wastes have been identified with fragments of these ancient robes in their possession. If one were to acquire all seven pieces, they might be able to reform them into an intact garment. What would such a relic be worth, to the right person?    

  • Rajajshka
    Firerock2 wrote: »
    So nerfs for DK, nerfs for Templar and no nerfs for Sorc. Good thing I didn't pre order Morrowind yet.

    Those are for the base game...
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