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PTS Patch Notes v3.0.0

  • Niaver
    A little bit worried about my main DK semistamina-tank.
    Though I support the direction in which we go - damage and healing increase from the same resource is horrible, we still need to fix it for all abilities.
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  • Rajajshka
    I'm really disappointed in this update and not looking forward to it. The orb/shard changes look horrible, and since a lot of endgame builds min/max on some they're most likely gonna run out of the stat that isn't their primary one more often than the one they actually want to restore. Dragonknight in general is going to always be out of stats which is going to kill it in both pvp & pve.

    Aaand now to choose a new main character for pvp again, considering my mag dk will probably be unplayable -_- anyone have any suggestions?
    Edited by Rajajshka on April 17, 2017 9:29PM
  • Minno
    Zakor wrote: »
    RIP DK, hello warden :/

    Guys srsly, first you reduce the buff time of igneous shield and reduce major mending also to 6 secs (which was somewhat fine after playing a while with it) and now you bind that buff to the shield (with no cost decrease which would be necessary), nerf battle roar and helping hands?
    @ZOS_GinaBruno could one of you please tell us your vision for the dk? Totally equal atributes spend maybe? I don't understand why the dk needed another nerfhammer....

    Tbh, aside from strict conditions/Ultimates no class should ever receive an easy major buff.

    For the templar, the change means your healing acts as an execute more than a spam heal, especially when stacked with resto staff.

    Hopefully this means less healing and more active ways to split damage across raids/less cheese heal spam in PvP unless strictly built for it (I.e pure healer without tank but dps or DPS with healing but no tanking).
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  • MyKillv2.0
    I am very curious about the healing class. Rep and shards has kept Templars with a monopoly on the healing roles at end game. I hope these changes open the door for other classes now that Rep is dead and you can use orbs or shards. So as DK,NB,or Sorc Healer, you can compete.
  • Eyesinthedrk
    Good job on limiting roots, and gank blade damage. Also hoping the changes are enough to break the heavy armor Templar meta in cyrodiil.
  • Cinbri
    Magblade's single good side - resource management nerfed. Twisting path still doesn't scale with Thaumaturge, promised Grim Focus still didn't changed, I'm out of this game.

    I think it is as previous PTS - more planned changes will be in next weeks pts builds.
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