PTS Patch Notes v3.0.0

  • technohic
    Soo; are arenas CP enabled or not?

    Kind of disappointed that the base resource regen was hit more for the non-CP campaign players but I will give it a try once you enable Cyrodiil.
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  • Lauranae

    • Fixed an issue where the dye station UI would not correspond with the number of available dye tints on the Mazzatun Light, Medium, and Heavy armor sets.
    • The Mazzatun Light helm no longer clips through the ears, heads and adornments of male and female player characters.
    • Fixed an issue where textures could be cut off on the Mazzatun Heavy armor.

    what about the Mazzatun gloves as i posted in February ? ?

    Thank you

  • noonesfang13
    Soul Shriven
    Well i for one am glad to see the offset of resource return to allies into a skill everyone has access to, though im sure the templars will be upset.
  • Grashek
    Master Writ Merchant Update
    Rolis Hlaalu, the Master Mediator, has expanded his inventory. He now sells plans for two Target Centurions suitable for evaluating the DPS of an entire Trial group, as well as two separate tiers of Furnisher’s Documents.

    Very good feature. Looking forward to the guild-hall feature.
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  • wiff_wacer
    Increased the drop rate for the "Dunmer Chair, Angled" blueprint to align it with the drop rates compared to other green Dunmer blueprints.
    How about the famous blue Trestle? Does that even exist?

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  • ShadowHvo
    I'm really sad to see that you've made Leeching strike no longer be a toggled ability.

    I like the new addition to Siphoning Strike overall, and I believe that an increase in healing is much appreciated. However, I would greatly wish that Leeching Strike could still maintain its cool visual effect (The Black Smoke with Red particles) as well as its toggled status.
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  • dcam86b14_ESO
    Darkrift wrote: »
    They are trying to make the game more tactical than spammie (or is it spammy? not the stuff in the can, although just as bad). I for one appreciate the changes instead of mag <insert class> max your magicka and nothing else, etc and so forth. Makes for more complex decisions, builds and gameplay.

    I agree but I've only seen the problem in PVP with CP. I don't play pvp with CP so I'm always managing resources anyway. Now with some group and class nerfs that campaign is going to be much more challenging.
  • EmstCntRob
    Being really honest, im not sure i like this champion point nerf thing... i'm not quite sure what it will accomplish. But i'll check out the pts first before i fully Judge it :)
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  • potirondb16_ESO
    Ouch !
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