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[Class Reps] Meeting Notes - September 25

  • Bevik
    ManicDee wrote: »
    How about scaling all shields based on HP, rather than some on HP and others on Magicka? This will help address the issue of ignoring mechanics by boosting DPS since tradeoffs will have to be made between max magicka (to scale DPS) and max health (to scale survivability). Then Bastion still has a purpose in existence.

    The CP system unfortunately means that DPS are wondering around with the same resistances as tanks used to have. Cloudrest and Sload's addressed this by using oblivion damage which completely ignores resistances. I wonder if the CP system needs to introduce negatives for each perk to ensure balance? For example, each resistance boost is a net negative to DPS and sustain. Improving "Hardy" might reduce spell damage and weapon damage by a similar percentage to the reduction to incoming damage.

    Agree. All shields should scale of HP. Block damage mitigation should scale of stamina and resistances. Shields are going to have resistances from the next patch so. Tanks with huge HP will be viable more, with huge stamina also and with mixed also. Resistance will be more useful on tank as running 2x as any other chars.
  • LordSlif
    hp shields are weak
  • killmove
    All those cry babies sorcs won against ZOS. So pitiful how ZOS lowered their pants...
    As if those class representative never faced shield stacking sorcs in pvp.
  • bardx86
    After adding crits to shields, shield should be increased around 20% not nerfed. Still not getting my money back ZOS.
    Edited by bardx86 on September 27, 2018 10:47PM
  • Juhasow
    ZOS feels that shields are quite a potent defense mechanic in that they are both excellent reactive and can be used proactively (something Breath of Life cannot)

    I love how ZoS feels we're idiots that thinks spamming BoL while blocking is non existant while at the same time spamming shields while blocking is draining stamina and not reducing dmg that shields recive at all.

  • DorianDragonRaze
    @ZOS_RobGarrett let just weapon skills will be enabled on the overload 3rd bar, and just copy the 1st or 2nd bar where the overload is to empty slots of the 3rd bar to avoid confusion of those who don't know about 3rd bar.
    Don't remove it please.
    Edited by DorianDragonRaze on September 28, 2018 7:06PM
    I used to be an adventurer like you, then I got the ESO on my hard drive...
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  • Joy_Division
    Joy's Feedback for Templars can be found here :)
    Edited by Joy_Division on September 27, 2018 11:22PM

  • Freddycruz89
    @Quantum_V Thank you for the clarifications on the StamDk pain points. I refuse to re roll my main to Mag or play a different toon, so I hope the class will be more useful soon. <3
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  • LittlePinkDot
    Phage wrote: »
    Instant cast is required in this fast paced combat.

    40% of max hp is pretty freaking low considering most DPS only run ~17k.

    A 7k shield isn't worth anything, even my DK Tank's Igneous shield is more than that.

    Simple solution. Put attribute points into health and roll dodge more. Want more DPS? Bring a Stam character to the Dungeon\Trail. That was the whole point.
  • Witar
    40% is way too low for pve. And ok for pvp. You kinda can't shieldstack anymore with that. Maybe keep shields the same on pve but make them 50% hp in pvp zones? And remove resistances and crits on them. Resists on shields are kinda wanky idea anyway, will result in already op stamina builds in heavy with capped resistances taking advantage adding undaunted stamina shield to permablock, for example.
    Edited by Witar on September 28, 2018 1:48AM
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  • StopDropAndBear
    I appreciate you, Class Reps o:)
  • C3N50R3D
    What a plan! Add a gigantic nerf to mag shields, then reduce it to a huge nerf with no other changes to offense or heals per hit to offset and suddenly everyone is happy about that? If PvP is the problem, why couldn't they make it so you can't stack harness mag with ward, or would that be too logical? Shield cap of 40% of health is ridiculous for endgame trials, even with resistances. Unless there are changes to add a fluid heal per hit like magblades have, not a burst like surge, that can be added to magsorc rotation, the nerf affects magsorc more than any other mag class, even with the NB heals per hit nerf.

  • Pevey
    40% cap, wow. ZOS might have managed to come up with the one nerf worse than cast times.

    I play at least one character of each class. 13 toons, approximately half magicka, half stamina.

    I just don't see how they think shields need to be nerfed, with the sole exception of perhaps not allowing conjured ward and annulment to stack.
  • shaielzafine
    How. The. Actual. ***. Does. Wrobel. Still. Work. Here?

  • ruikkarikun
    Joy's Feedback for Templars can be found here :)

    Hey, what do you think about 40% Hp shields? Isn't it more bad even then cast time?
  • Toc de Malsvi
    Toc de Malsvi
    code65536 wrote: »
    Hey @ZOS_Wrobel - Tell me how shields that are 40% of max health will help when your content has damage that looks like this?

    This, BTW, is Veteran Blackrose Prison on the PTS. The damage in this death recap came from mobs--not bosses. And these hits are standard attacks, not special abilities or mechanics. Three hits, each over 8K, in the span of 1.1s. Are you still going to claim that shields are OP in PvE?

    We get it, you died. Perhaps try not to let them hit you in the future. I'm certain that those hits were not all unavoidable.

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  • Lord_Ninka
    I hope the 40% hp shield cap would only affect Annulment and Conjured Ward. At least I'm concerned about the Bone Shield Synergy, hope you don't accidentally nerf that to 40%.
  • Mannix1958
    Lord_Ninka wrote: »
    I hope the 40% hp shield cap would only affect Annulment and Conjured Ward. At least I'm concerned about the Bone Shield Synergy, hope you don't accidentally nerf that to 40%.

    What? Wait...this whole cap is good unless it affects you?
  • Shokasegambit1
    This is so cringe to read that I can't even comment about something, without being ridiculed or attacked instantly.

    It's like fighting for something that will never end. And the no lifers won...
  • Turelus
    Thanks for the clarifications Rob, will be interesting to see how this plays once it hits PTS.
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  • Izaki
    Morgul667 wrote: »
    From a stamsorc point of view : I am looking forward to some love but not sure about an ultimate air atronach.
    It does not seem so great to me ^^ Nor does it seem to fit quick/mobile playstyle. Hope we dont get something static.

    Regarding swift, I do believe there is a trade-off to losing stats and bloodthirsty jewelries. It is true speed has increased but I personally like it. It it was taken away, I hope stamsorc would still have that little something that allows them to stay ahead in terms of speed

    Like Minor Expedition (which you can only get from sets or crappy poisons) or like Streak? ^^
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