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The Stonethorn DLC and Update 27 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Read the full patch notes here:

PTS Patch Notes v2.5.0

  • Vinther

    Orc is bad
    Dark Elf Vampires are dommed, Imperials 1% gold gain? bretons and High Elf are further improved along with Khajit and Nords, Argonians are now called healers..

    Why even bothered Orc and Wood Elf?

    Redguard buff is funny indeed, who wants Consumed Food duration buff?

    Orc is badass strong as certain builds anyway and now the 5% healing received will make it even stronger in pvp
    Wood elf is already the best pvp ganker.
  • Contraptions
    Is that all? Quite underwhelming honestly.
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  • Elsonso

    • Fixed an issue where the weapon charge depletion sound was playing upon exiting a conversation.

    So that is what that sound was...
    • Bards may no longer be killed.

    Anhedonie wrote: »
    I must admit, that went better than I expected.

    I am not seeing a lot to complain about after the first read.

    Also, I suspect that they are going to stage in additional changes not listed here over the next few weeks. These are not the final patch notes.
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  • Oompuh
    Love the Khajiit and Argoninan change :smile:
    Great Work!
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  • cpuScientist
    Shuichi wrote: »
    @ZOS_JessicaFolsom is this the full notes. Really no SORC changes. No DK changes. Just a visual change and call it George. LOL get ready for a second round of forums. I just know now not to waste my time contributing to them...

    You've wasted your time posting in this thread 3-4 times already, the reason no sorc changes were made is because the vast majority of players aren't seeing the issues you are, since they've taken time to learn and adapt. L2P issue

    Yes yes yes L2P and all that uh huh good job kid :wink:
  • Ilsabet
    Oh hey, I was smart to make my templar healer an Argonian.

    My Breton isn't quite sure she likes being put into a pvp corner, though...
    Edited by Ilsabet on June 27, 2016 7:11PM
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  • Benawaw89
    Trenia wrote: »
    You buffed the strongest stamina class in the game, in Khajits. Why did you think this was a good idea? The only reason behind this buff is to force people to change to khajit and make money. Give us another option for stamina. What the hell?

    hell right man, because we know most of all are imperial and redguard, so we buff khajit so all buy clown store race change
  • Izaki
    I'm liking what I see ! Except that the increase in CPs is kinda ridiculous... Its done in less than a day.

    I'd love to see the new Monster Helm sets !

    By the way, when is this patch coming out exactly ?...
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  • Papa_Hunt
    I know this is going into testing, but when is this patch supposed to hit the live servers?
  • Miszou
    Oompuh wrote: »
    Love the Khajiit and Argoninan change :smile:
    Great Work!

    I'm guessing you have (or will have) an Argonian Healer. Because no-one in their right mind will want Agonians for anything else now.

    At least before, there was some utility in boosting healing received (for both DPS and Tanks), but what use is healing done for anything other than a healer?

    There's no diversity here at all. Absolutely none.
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  • Flaminir
    Dracane wrote: »
    [*]Necropotence: This item set’s Max Magicka bonus has been changed to a flat value instead of a percentage.

    Oh I knew it. How was I naive to believe, that ZoS would just buff something for a change instead of buffing and nerfing at the same time.

    Now I wish it would just stay V12 instead. What's the point when the V16 version is much worse than as the V12 version is right now.

    Can't have them buffing pets in any way now can we! ;)
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  • sentientomega
    At what point would the appearance change token be consumed?

    When you entered the appearance changer screen to take a note of your character appearance bar details and the like and then exit, or only when you make changes, confirm them and then exit?
  • DHale
    There were no magic updates or ability changes inferred or promised. So much qq. At least they didn't break the racial passives.
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    #SORCLIVESMATTER actually they don’t or they wouldn’t keep getting nerfed constantly.
  • pema
    racial changes ain't a win... very dissapointed. Especialy with no removal of the skill line passives...
    The "play the way you want" sort off gets more and more negated with these updates...
    I hope we better get free racial changes... they change the passives... I don't like it at all...
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  • Shuichi
    At what point would the appearance change token be consumed?

    When you entered the appearance changer screen to take a note of your character appearance bar details and the like and then exit, or only when you make changes, confirm them and then exit?

    The token is consumed when the changes are finalized. Mess around all you want at no cost :)
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  • Mayrael
    Badum tsss... Balance by ZoS... at least I will be able to switch my races on my magica chars to make them stamina (smart move, and in the next DLC magica classes get buffed so everyone who wants to stay competetive will switch again) and goood bye all magica toons :)
    I am doing my best, but I am not a native speaker, sorry.

    Mael Nightshadow - that's all you need to know.
  • cote-bmsb16_ESO
    That woodelf fall damage tho.. Wow. Probably re-roll a khahit. Thanks.
  • exiledtyrant
    Are the new sets coming with jewelry and weapons? I like the red mountain set a lot but it would ruin my out setups if I had to wear 5 medium. I'm also glad the werewolf sets are getting some love.
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  • Valorin
    Thank you for patching. :)
  • Docmandu
    Bah AP and Gold passive... do not like that direction one bit!!
  • Niaver
    Well... the update is about Dungeons.
    You are trying to sell two dungeons for 15$ and you didn't even bother to add vet modes to old dungeons. Yeah ZOS, dyes for crowns.
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  • Moglijuana
    ✭✭✭✭✭ dragonknight changes?..I guess Magicka DK's will always be shafted. Thanks <3.
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  • Aerius_Sygale
    ButtersEP wrote: »
    You seriously raised the cap by 30? only 30? I hate you so so so so so much Zenimax I really really do. You are lucky your riding the coat tails of Bethesda and the series they have made awesome.

    EXACTLY. Inreasing it by 30, after aaaaaall these months is just adding insult to injury, not "giving us a break"...
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  • Lokov
    Hi ZOS, time to recognize a mistake has come. Just remove champion system from game. All will tell you thanks and it will be simpler to you to balance game. Less balance problems, less lags at Cyrodiil etc.
    Edited by Lokov on June 27, 2016 7:33PM
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  • Clerics1985
    Please just get rid of the Dunmer, you've killed any reason to EVER use him. Frost and shock damage from a Dunmer? wtf is that logic?
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