Player House with Rain

hello does anybody know an ingame house with a lot of rain?

the bigger the better obviously ;)
  • redlink1979
    You may have to think in which zone it rains the most.

    I know that I see rain at my primary residence: Serenity Falls State.

    I can even see it indoors, when I'm inside the stables because it rains indoors... LOL

    PS - I reported this bug to support but no answer until now...
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  • Futerko
    Generally shadowfen is rainy place so maybe check :
    Stay-Moist Mansion or The Ample Domicile
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  • Chryseia
    I've been working in Stay-Moist mansion for the past few weeks. I feel like it is raining more often then not in there. And you get decent thunderstorms if you wanted lightning as well.
  • Watchdog
    hello does anybody know an ingame house with a lot of rain?

    the bigger the better obviously ;)

    Any of the existing ones, with the use of Essential Housing Tools add-on.
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  • Shadow_Akula
    Not really a large house, in fact very small, but I believe the witches festival house located in the Hag Fen region of Glenumbra is always raining... that or at least always looks like it’s about to rain.
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  • LeHarrt91
    Linchal Grand Manor even rains inside the Barn.
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  • R_K
  • Olauron
    hello does anybody know an ingame house with a lot of rain?
    Malabal Tor is quite rainy.
  • Minyassa
    Essential Housing Tools add-on can add rain to your house, but of course that's only if you are on PC. Otherwise...I am constantly getting rained on in my Bangkorai houses.
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  • Sylvermynx
    I don't know if it's only my game, but it's ALWAYS raining in Vvardenfell. The couple of times I was in Ald Velothi, it was raining in there. I hope it's going to rain in the Meadow Elsweyr sandbox, that would be perfect!
  • Sporvan
    Cyrodilic Jungle House gets a ton of rain
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