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Wood Elf/ Bosmer losing stealth passive, An open letter.

  • Zoltan_117
    I am personally very happy that dunmer are now more viable archer or assassin race, but leaving the stealth bonus on any race seems to still be unfair to wood elves. On the other hand, having more then one race with the stealth bonus makes it unfair to everyone else who would want an assassin or stealth archer (when its just Khajit its more understandable). This is a hard situation and I would personally just remove the bonus from all races.
  • ProbablePaul
    Bosmer Melee Magicka Nightblade
  • Heady
    Don’t touch my Bosmer insane sustain pls keep how it is k thnx ❤️
  • Heady
    Jaraal wrote: »
    Heady wrote: »
    Don’t touch my Bosmer insane sustain pls keep how it is k thnx ❤️

    We aren't really talking about those two Bosmer passives, they are fine. And we don't really care about the roly-poly portion of Hunter's Eye, either. Just the loss of the Bosmer core identity skill: being stealthy.

    Okay all is good then, will go back to lurking like a pre nerfed bosmer
  • Eiron77
    Jaraal wrote: »
    Eiron77 wrote: »
    All that aside though, these updates are getting more comical each patch.

    Agreed. Most gameplay changes in the past had some sort of logic, even if they were slightly biased one way or another. But ever since they started taking our speed away because unskilled or minimum system/connection folks were unable to target in PvP due to server lag, everything has been snowballing downhill. It's like a chain of nerfs to make up for other nerfs, and add the puzzling disregard for long established lore and racial and class identity.... and it certainly gives one pause.

    I have noticed this trend as well.
  • FrancisCrawford
    Mechanically he's fine, but even so I stopped enjoying my thief after changing him to Khajit.
  • rfennell_ESO
    max_only wrote: »
    The whole debate misses the real problem imo.

    ZOS never uses a chisel, it's always the sledgehammer.

    Truer words have never been written.

    Also dissenters act like we are asking to trash the whole thing. A little goes a long way when it comes to fans.

    It's been ZOS' modus operandi on dealing with issues (particularly pvp issues) since they started.

    First victim was magicka dragonknights.

    It's like the only recourse they are willing to take when "a problem" shows up on their radar is the elimination of it entirely.
  • Zathras
    Sylvermynx wrote: »
    I actually never expected the devs to comment on this. Initially I was shocked after 50 or so pages that they hadn't acknowledged this thread
    To be fair, it is a small handful of people repeating the same message, and bumping a thread. What is there to say? Everyone else has moved on. The only reason why this thread is still alive is to keep the people that want to talk about it in one place, otherwise another thread will pop up and it will begin again, but with added salt due to the thread lock.

    I mean, I get it. I still hate the last major Warden nerf, and left the game for a couple months because of that. Currently, I'm subbed to another game as well, but will pop back in to check out the Necro class to see if that draws me back for a while. For myself, the milk has been soured, as I've (like you guys) seen that there are a lot of changes that get rolled out that simply don't make sense.

    They listen to $$$, not threads like this. If this was on anyone's radar, like the Warden nerf, it would have been mentioned somewhere, by anyone, but it hasn't. They've simply moved on.

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    For a moment, nothing happened. Then, after a second or so, nothing continued to happen. - Douglas Adams

    It is a rare mind indeed that can render the hitherto non-existent blindingly obvious. The cry 'I could have thought of that' is a very popular and misleading one, for the fact is that they didn't, and a very significant and revealing fact it is too. - Douglas Adams
  • Uryel
    Ratzkifal wrote: »
    @Uryel Can we please stop throwing around wrong numbers? It's making us look like idiots who have no idea of balance and what is actually going on ingame. Dunmer DO NOT GET 600 HEALTH! Their passive just reads "Increases your Flame Resistance by 2310. Gain immunity to the burning status effect."

    Sorry mate, didn't check ingame. My source was the wiki, and it is apparently as "accurate" as ever... I've spotted the mistake where it still says Altmers regenerate their higher ressource pool with spell recharge, while they do restore the lower one, but that one about Dunmers eluded me.


    Ratzkifal wrote: »
    You also have to view these passives as a whole.

    Well, maybe we should, but copy-pasting the same racial skill to several races while merely shifting the element doesn't help taking things as a whole. And personnaly, I don't think we should anyway. It's easier to balance a whole if each building block is balanced by itself. Not doing it is a flaw of concept to start with.

    But as it happens that the very concept is flawed anyway, to the point that removing stealth from Bosmers apparently "fits the lore", then you're probably right.

    I'll check the numbers in game later on and edit accordingly. Can't for anything about Orcs, I don't have one, but Nords, Dunmers and Imperial, I will. Or if someone want to verify the values and correct me, I'm fine with that too :)

    Ratzkifal wrote: »
    And no, if you have to get rid of one resistance, it doesn't matter which one you remove from Argonians because the lore clearly states that they are immune to both and you will always be in conflict with it one way or another. Skyrim set a precedent for the poison resistance removal, so that's what ZOS went with. In general they seem to get most of their racial balance ideas from Skyrim.

    Well, using Skyrim as the main source of lore is yet another flaw of concept, but hey... Can't blame them for using their best seller as an inspiration. Still, if you MUST remove one resist, disease it should be. There are lots of dialogues in which argonians mention eating poisonous things, especially in Murkmire, but I can also think of Green-Venom-Tongue in dark Brotherhood. I don't remember so much for illness. On the other hand, there is a questline in Grahtwood where (spoilers !) Bosmers poison themselves so that when their enemies kill them and eat their corpses, they will die of poisoning. So, they are not immune to poison at all. Giving them immunity to disease wouldn't contradict that.
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