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Wood Elf/ Bosmer losing stealth passive, An open letter.

  • Zephiran23
    I've started playing in Elsweyr and so far, on a non-Bosmer character, I haven't seen any content where stealth detection would be an advantage. Anyone else seen a situation where it would have helped?
  • hmsdragonfly
    Jaraal wrote: »
    I've started playing in Elsweyr and so far, on a non-Bosmer character, I haven't seen any content where stealth detection would be an advantage. Anyone else seen a situation where it would have helped?

    Yes, when you spend 90% of your game time (like me) stealing for a living.

    I've made tens of millions of gold from being stealthy, and all that money goes into purchasing blueprints and materials to create furnishings for all my homes. But ZoS is not concerned with players like me, they are only concerned with chasing a constantly moving target of mythical PvP balance, at the expense of the majority of PvE players. It hardly makes financial sense to make parts of the game unattractive to the most players, but what do I know. I assume they have marketing gurus..... but it seems strange to make your game most appealing to a smaller segment of your customers at the expense of everyone else. And yet, with that said, I don't think I've seen an increase in the number of "Wow ZOS you've really made PvP fair for everyone!" threads. Seems like more of the same "Nerf Sorcs", "NB gankers still out of control", "Wardens still overlooked" and so forth threads filling up the PvP and test server forums. So whatever balance they are chasing doesn't seem to have been achieved with the 'new and improved' racial passives.

    (edit) Sorry, I thought you meant player detection in stealth. Active Stealth Detection is only functional in PvP, and has been shown to have only negative effects (giving your presence away to hidden enemies before those without Stealth Detection). My personal experience in Cyrodiil wth Rank III of Hunter's Eye was that I was unable to see crouched enemy players six feet away from me, and could only detect their presence after casting Evil Hunter. So I can't even say that it has actual benefits in PvP, either.

    Dude don't blame PvP for this, no one in PvP asks for a stealth nerf on Bosmer.
    Aldmeri Dominion Loyalist. For the Queen!
  • Cundu_Ertur
    If they do.

    Taking stealth away from the Bosmer is like taking magic away from the Altmer, making Nords allergic to mead, or making Orcs pretty.
  • Left4Daud
    Honestly they probably put this thread on ignore back in February and haven’t looked since.
  • Left4Daud
    “In addition to their increased sprint speed, we’ve decided to give Orcs a 2 meter reduction to stealth detection. We want players to be able to fulfill the Wood Orc racial identity.”

    Oh, Wood Elves live in the Valenwood too? Who knew!

    -ZOS, probably
  • Kadoin
    This thread makes me :D to know people are still crying about this change. It really does.
  • Ratzkifal
    KMarble wrote: »
    Alaya wrote: »

    On a scale of 1 to broken, how broken is this? User is wearing 5 for Night Mother's Embrace, 4 for Vesture of Darloc Brae, and 3 for Night Terror. It's not the sets that are broken, it's the fact that only Khajiit can get away with this.
    What a surprise! Not. It's even worse than what I predicted some time ago.

    This is really bad news, no matter how they "fix" it.
    Assuming that what has been said in the forum is true, the devs have no intention of messing with racial skill lines any time soon,, so they'd have to lower the radius given by the new set to maybe 1m, which is basically useless to any race other than Khajiit, and even so, the gain is so small it might not be worth using the set.

    The other option they have is to take 2m out of the Khajiit racial, meaning that they too will have a mostly useless racial skill.

    There is a third less likely scenario, where they'd rework that set and give it completely different bonuses. Or just take it off the game all together. I don't see this happening.

    Bottom line is, unless they revert the stealth on wood elves, people playing them will never get the same radius as we had before.

    Sorry to keep on bothering you, @ZOS_GinaBruno , but could you please let the devs know about the video above?
    Left4Daud wrote: »
    I mean it’s kind of broken in my opinion, but they proved they were aware of this “issue” during the Wrathstone PTS when they addressed the initial Khajiit racial change (which allowed the same level of stealth tomfoolery).

    Based on that I’d have to imagine it’s “working as intended.”

    But that was fixed. They lowered their max stealth from 5m to 3m.

    I disagree with it being "kind of broken". When the char can stand up and wave on the face of a guard with a bounty, it's completely broken.

    I mean, there is also the option of introducing a cap to stealth radius so that you can only ever get a maximum bonus of 7m. That wouldn't require any changes to racials or sets. Or they could turn those radii into named buffs so only major and minor whatever-it's-called stack.
    This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.
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