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PTS Update 21 - Feedback Thread for Racial Passive Changes

Community Manager
This is the official feedback thread for the racial passive changes. After you have a chance to try out different combat scenarios, let us know what you think of the current balance and changes.
Gina Bruno
Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • Ragnaroek93
    I really like the changes (especially Woodelf looks very appealing to me) it makes the racials unique and I think almost all races have a niche now in which they're the best, which can be considered as balance.

    My two concerns are Dunmer and Khajiit: Every race gets something unique but meanwhile you take away the thing which makes Dunmers unique.
    It would be quite fair to give them another boost to firedmg or something. They weren't even that strong before the changes, they were only slightly (by maybe 2%) ahead in endgame PvE, in PvP they were always behind other races except on Dk.
    Khajiit's get a nice boost to their stat density but sadly the health regen isn't very great. Also the crit chance is unique but not very appealing for PvP. Maybe replace it with some critical damage instead, which is good in both PvE (I think so at least, please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm a PvP player) and good in PvP as well.

    What I really like are the changes to Bretons, Wood Elves and High Elves, really looking forward to test them on PTS. Good job on these.
  • Zordrage
    for breton i would prefer if they would get some Spell penetration.....

    somewhere somehow....

    overall i love the changes.... i don't need to focus on regen stuff now that much ...
    Edited by Zordrage on January 21, 2019 10:38PM
  • Lord_Dexter
    Zordrage wrote: »
    for breton i would prefer if they would get some Spell penetration.....

    somewhere somehow....

    No need for spell penetration,

    Most end game pve contents, magcika easily reaches to penetration limit.
  • Yamenstein
    susmitds wrote: »
    Currently on live, we have a racial balance of magicka races as follows :-
    1. Dunmer - Slightly more damage than Altmer but zero sustain.
    2. Altmer - Damage + Sustain balanced
    3. Breton - Pure sustain

    However we see that with the new racial bonuses, this balance is badly affected, with Altmer being the best in most regards than other races, Dunmer being an inferior version of Altmer for magicka PvE DPS in all regards and Breton being in a very balanced but essentially unviable position as it is possible to sustain enough with an Altmer with the exact same gear.

    I believe, it is possible to bring the races closer to each other, without affecting the currently stable equivalence of the situation with just a few tweaks.

    • Increases Experience gain in Dual Wield Skill Line by 15%, reduces damage taken from Lava by 50% → No changes
    • Dynamic: 6% Max Stamina and Magicka → Increases your Max Magicka by 2000. (Instead of 1250M+1250S)
    • Resist Flame: 3% Max Magicka and 2079 Flame Resistance → Increases your Max Stamina by 600 and your Flame Resistance by 2310. You are immune to the Burning status effect. (Instead of Health)
    • Destructive Ancestry: 7% Flame damage and 2% Frost/Shock Damage → Ruination: Increases your Weapon and Spell Damage by 258.

    Reasoning - 2000 magicka will allow Dunmer to retain being the highest damage dealer for magicka races with lowest sustain, having more magicka than Altmer. However, for that reason, Stamina is dropped to 600 (650 less), which along with 254 weapon damage will still allow them to perform competitively for stamina builds, in fact with still great raw damage than Bosmer or Redguard but no longer the highest theoritically.

    • Increases Experience gain in Destruction Staff Skill Line by 15%, extra 1% Generic Experience gain → No changes
    • Spellcharge: 9% Magicka Recovery → Spell Recharge: Restore 600 Magicka or Stamina, based on whichever is higher, after activating a Class Ability. This effect can occur once every 6 seconds. Reduces damage taken by 5% while you are using an ability with a cast or channel time. (Slight increase in value)
    • Gift of Magnus: 10% Max Magicka → Syrabane’s Boon: Increases your Max Magicka by 1750. (Slight drop in resource values)
    • Elemental Talent: 4% Fire/Shock/Ice damage → Increases your Spell Damage by 258.

    Reasoning - Altmer is mathematical superior to every magicka oriented race for overall performance. This slight adjustment of -250 Magicka with slight increase in sustain values will bring them closer to the rest, meaning they are still the most balanced race from a magicka DPS perspective, just not superior to other races both in terms of raw damage potential and sustain.

    • Increases Experience gain in Light Armor Skill Line by 15%, extra 1% Alliance Point gain → No changes
    • Gift of Magnus: 10% Max Magicka → Increases your Max Magicka by 2000.
    • Spell Resistance: 3960 Spell Resistance → Gain 2310 Spell Resistance and 100 Magicka Recovery.
    • Magicka Mastery: 3% Magicka Cost Reduction → Reduces the Magicka cost of your abilities by 7%.

    Reasoning - No change for them as they are the most balanced magicka oriented race from a theorycrafting standpoint. The other racial changes will essentially bring Breton closer to the rest.

    With these changes, we have a more balanced racial stability scenario, as demonstrated below.

    It will keep a reasonable approach to the DPS meta, where none of the race is better than the other, simply different. Also it solves the issue of the Dunmer being very similar to the Khajiit bonus-wise while retaining their hybrid essence intact.
    @ZOS_Gilliam @ZOS_BrianWheeler @ZOS_RobGarrett

    Didn't touch make a post or thread with this same exact message before PTS went live ? I'm curious if you tested out the changes or if you just posted this :P
  • saganblackblade
    I like A LOT of these changes. Looks to me like there's a few that need raised or lowered. Only actual area of concern is on Dunmer, but I won't go into that because we've heard enough about it already.
  • John_Falstaff
    I can only agree with @susmitds - khajiits have been made jacks of all trade, masters of none. I do like the concept of being symmetric between magicka and stamina, but flexibility does not amount to combat power (which was supposed to be made equal between classes).
  • weedgenius
    Re. Imperial, is there a reason why their 12% health boost went to 2k but other classes 10% health boost also went to 2k? why not make Imperial 2.5k?
    Hey @Izanagi.Xiiib16_ESO just an FYI, I think Gilliam addressed what you're asking in a comment earlier this evening.
    PS4 NA
  • Brrrofski
    Latios wrote: »
    Brrrofski wrote: »
    I think Orc is in a fairly decent place. I still feel like the flat value health and stamina should be increased to 1k. 500 is almost nothing and feels like a real waste of a whole racial passive.

    Also the 380 heal from Unflinching is super underwhelming. I rather just see that removed and the Stamina return increased to something like 500-700 Stamina. A 190 heal every 4 seconds in Cyrodiil is only useful if you stub your toe and need relief.

    It really needs to increase from 500 each to 1k each.

    Orc lost 12% overall stats and gained 1k overall stats

    Other races like altmer, redguard and Breton lost 10% overall stats and gained 2k stats overall

    Basically this. Give Orcs a little more in flat stats and they'll be pretty nice!

    Especially when you compare it to a dark elf.

    They get more Stam and health plus magica. They get some flame resistance and resistant to burning effect.

    They both get the same weapon damage.

    Instead orc has a kind of crappy sustain (if you continuously stay offensive which you can't in pvp) and healing tool (which will be terrible in PvP) and Sprint speed/reduced cost. That last passive is kinda meh and situational as you're usually snared 90% of the time in pvp these days. It also goes against the resource return passive as you're mainly going to use it as an escape or position adjustment tool.

    I know which one I'd choose.
    Edited by Brrrofski on January 22, 2019 12:21AM
  • Azyle1
    I cannot get onto the PTS until tomorrow, but how are Khajiits (stam) when compared to the other races?
  • Matthros
    I compared the fully buffed stats of my Dark Elf Stam DK on Live and on the new PTS.

    Running blue max/stamina food I lost 707 stamina but gained 395 weapon damage.

    He is using golded out Relequin non-perfected, Briarheart, Selenes, and an infused VMA bow with weapon dmg enchant.

    I am overall pleased with the change to his race so far stam wise.

    I would have to re-roll him back to a Mag DK to test that out to see how much the 7% fire damage loss affects him.
  • Azyle1
    ezio45 wrote: »
    Only issue i have with the new racials are darkelf and khajiit

    Darkelf is just highelf or redguard with less sustain and resources. I feel like upping darkelfs resources pools would make it a good trade off for stam builds that need more mag or mag builds that need more stam. As of right now though i dont think the trade off is worth it.

    Khajiit, I like it. It is a good option for high crit playstyles, both mag or stam. really need to up the regen tho


    Khajiit still seem strong for stam dps?
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