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[MEGATHREAD] Feedback Threads for Class Reps

Community Manager
Below are links to some feedback threads our Class Representatives will be keeping a close eye on, and will utilize them to gather additional feedback for the notes they’re currently compiling for their first meeting with the Dev Team next week. The purpose of these threads is to give you a place to post your current top two pain points for the Class Reps. Thanks!

Links to threads:
There are also additional avenues for providing feedback to the Class Reps, if you wish, which you can read more about in this thread.
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  • Dragonnord
    Congratulations for what you are doing and will do (ZOS and Class Representatives).

    I'm positive this will help improve / adjust / balance classes and skills in benefit of the game.

    Thank you!
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    HM = Hard Mode / SR = Speed Run / ND = No Death / TFC = The Flawless Conqueror / BMM = Black Market Mogul
    good job!
  • JobooAGS
    Give ranged stam (bow/bow) group utility in pve
  • DoonerSeraph
    My current 2 pain points on templar:

    1.Stamina sustain sucks especially at tanking
    2.Gameplay is based on clunky channels
    Edited by DoonerSeraph on May 31, 2018 7:51PM
  • Merlin13KAGL
    There need to be a "General" thread, as well, as some things affect all classes equally and should not affect the 2-pain-point limit for the individual categories.

    For example: Targeting in this game is atrocious, requiring tab target half the time or blatantly ignoring what is directly in your crosshairs the other half of the time (This results in targeting something chosen by the game behind or off sides of the desired target, or not targeting anything at all, as if the monster the size of a house is completely invisible, though 2 feet in front of you.)
    Just because you don't like the way something is doesn't necessarily make it wrong...

    Earn it.

    IRL'ing for a while for assorted reasons, in forum, and in game.
    I am neither warm, nor fuzzy...
    Probably has checkbox on Customer Service profile that say High Aggro, 99% immunity to BS
  • DuskMarine
    the one thing that is gonna make this fail entirely to the point that youll revert every change anyway. is the factor that yall are basing this purely on 13 people to speak for in gods name do you think thats a good idea??? there are tons of different playstyles and your only gonna hold 13 people to be the word of that high number. no this is a bad idea your doing what blizzard did jumping into something thats more than likely gonna backfire and make you revert months of work because it was done wrong. yall need to litterally have us post on something for your eyes only(not your little reps) for the millions that play your game and then go from there. this is only going to fail hard and probly hurt the game and do to it what happened to wow and cause the playerbase to die to the lowest itll ever see till you revert the changes.
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