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[Class Rep] Nightblade Feedback Thread

Community Manager
The purpose of this thread is to give you a place to post your current top two pain points with the Nightblade. Our new Class Representatives will be keeping a close eye on this thread, and will utilize it to gather additional feedback for the notes they’re currently compiling for their first meeting with the Dev Team next week. Please be sure and keep your post clear and succinct, and focus more on what is currently frustrating you rather than potential solutions. Thanks!
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  • Koolio
    DW MNB has been gutted. Between the Spell Damage DW change constant buffs to destro staffs and now staffs count for two slots has pretty much made it mandatory to use staff.

    Swallow souls heal being tied directly to damage done.
  • Avran_Sylt
    • Outside of Solo Play (PvE), Mark Target doesn't have many use cases. (Can't proc Executioner)
    • Cloaking does not break the Bow Ultimate Channel or cause the attacks to Miss. (It is unclear if this should be the case)
    Edited by Avran_Sylt on May 31, 2018 6:41PM
  • cjhhickman39
    Radiant magelight the hard counter to nightblades,
    Would like to see one for all other classes
  • VaxtinTheWolf
    No suggestions and only pain points huh..

    Alright.. One thing I am annoyed about is that as a Nightblade Tank I do not have a group friendly AOE CC ability. I could use Manifestation of Terror but the Fear effect causes those affected to move out of position. It would be much more reliable if they were simply frozen in place cowering, too afraid to move. But that isn't the case.

    Another thing that still bothers me is the rework of Siphoning Strikes and morph as a tank. Trying to light attack for the tiny resource returns doesn't seem worth the occasional risks depending on the game content you are in. And to get the most benefit in resource return you have to wait out those 20 seconds. That is a long time to try to predict if you'll need those resources. Sometimes it triggers when I need them, and other times my resource pool is already full because I connected a Heavy attack or two, which means I now have to restart that 20 second timer.
    Edited by VaxtinTheWolf on May 31, 2018 10:44PM
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  • ssewallb14_ESO
    (mNB PvP perspective)
    1. Strife needs cost reduced or a buff to accommodate the recent cost increase.
    2. Soul Harvest needs to be better balanced with Incap. When magicka builds take the stamina morph, there's probably something wrong. The potential to stun into a damage buffed merciless resolve is usually a better deal than the extra damage.
  • Sedrethi
    My pain points will probably be less interesting to most, but I honestly feel like Nightblades are mostly in a good spot at the time of submitting this post.

    So, having been a Magicka Nightblade since day one, I think I know what I'm talking about regarding my first point:

    1. How many instances of Major Expedition do we need from just our class abilities alone?! Cripple. Path of Darkness. Double Take (Blur morph). It feels overdone and I think some of this could be switched up a little. I'd say Major Expedition still be tied to Cripple (and morphs) since it's a "powerful" effect that should be concentrated on a single target. Perhaps change Path of Darkness (and morphs) to offer Minor Expedition and allow it to affect groupmates who also step into the path for group utility/convenience. Double Take can be left as is, seeing as that is more of a personal choice when morphing and it also doesn't break stealth when cast, which gives it some niche use.

    2. More synergies would be welcome. We have all of two in Consuming Darkness and Soul Shred. While Nightblades do have other team-play options, I feel like a lot of them are lackluster. Damage with built-in passive healing (Funnel Health, Refreshing Path, Sap Essence) is—again—overdone. For example, Mark Target could offer a Synergy that allows a specified amount of teammate(s) to share the "reward" of healing (or some other bonus) received upon killing a target. Path of Darkness could offer a synergy that grants Minor Evasion to allies in the path. That way they play better with groupmates who use Undaunted passives and sets that activate by triggering synergies, such as Roar of Alkosh and Moondancer.

    EDIT: Follow-up response. Path of Darkness suggestion altered.
    TL;DR: Path of Darkness would ultimately give Minor Expedition (instead of Major Expedition) to the caster and allies within it, and cleanses and/or grants immunity to roots and snares on the caster, while giving allies the option to do the same with a synergy prompt.
    Edited by Sedrethi on June 8, 2018 8:30PM
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  • ninjaguyman
    I'd like a more compelling reason to choose soul harvest over incap in pvp. And by that I don't mean just nerf incap. If incap is nerfed and soul harvest is left as is, I'd just end up using soul tether again.
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  • nekura
    Be like DAoC. 10seconds outside of combat = guaranteed stealth. My eye has been taking upwards of 90seconds to close when I'm 100+meters away from any player or NPC. It's been really bad since Summerset.
  • bardx86
    1. Cloak in pvp is to strong, not really much risk in playing the class.
    2. Incap has to low of a cost and to many effects. It would be nice if we had a bit longer rotation as spamming2 skills in pvp gets old.
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