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[Class Rep] Sorcerer Feedback Thread

Community Manager
The purpose of this thread is to give you a place to post your current top two pain points with the Sorcerer. Our new Class Representatives will be keeping a close eye on this thread, and will utilize it to gather additional feedback for the notes they’re currently compiling for their first meeting with the Dev Team next week. Please be sure and keep your post clear and succinct, and focus more on what is currently frustrating you rather than potential solutions. Thanks!
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  • Rebiludo
    The problematic pets that although offer a huge dmg burst, are excluded from end game content like trials.

    +1! It is THE top one pain point for me.

  • Qwazz
    Changing overload:
    The skill paired with it's 3rd bar capability has been a deterrent and cry for imbalance from many.

    I purpose reworking this ultimate to an AoE repulse/knock-back. The end result would be similar to soul tether in size. One morph could be a further knock-back, while the other concusses all enemies in the area.

    The sorcerer archetype is designed around ranged damage. Having a back off ultimate would allow the player to create their own space and reassess, instead of streaking multiple times while shield stacking.

    This post was made from a PvP perspective, where gap-closers, snares, and, immovable pots are near enough negating a ranged play style.

    If anyone would like to elaborate on this idea feel free.
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  • jaws343
    1) Magicka Sorcs greatly need a class spammable. Maybe rework Crystal Shard Morphs again. Make the base ability instant and buff the damage and lower the cost to reflect Force Pulse or Strife. Reapply the stun to the Fragments proc but lower the damage from the base ability for the proc only. Remove the stun from crystal blast morph and and buff the damage from the base ability. Since Blast is an AOE morph right now, maybe increase the damage per enemy hit by the splash. This would continue to play into a sorc's propensity for good AOE damage.

    This would make Fragments more useful in PVP, with in instant, but dodgeable and blockable stun. And it would make Crystal Blast more useful all around and provide sorcs an option outside of Force Pulse for a spammable.
  • gabriebe
    Adjust the cost of the Unstable Clannfear so that it matches DK tanking equivalent, Greenblood. Currently, it is like 8k magica per squeeze which is insane when you are doing end game content as a sorc tank.
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  • Ankael07
    My first pain point is the lack of gameplay variety for magicka players. Doesnt even have to be offensive variety but tanky, healer or buff/debuff.

    For example, sorc healers cannot utilize the Twilight pet in Cyrodiil because casting Hardened ward removes Retreating Maneuver from yourself for whatever reason.

    We dont have nearly enough supportive skills/passives and the ones we have like Empowered Ward's minor intelligence is useless because (again) casting the skill removes Retreating Maneuver. We had a group support with Encase snare but that was removed. We could protect our allies from projectiles with Ball of Lightning but casting that skill removes Retreating Maneuver as well.

    My second pain point is an alternative to shield stacking. Something like making the blood magic passive trigger with damage dealt (every 0.5 seconds) and giving Shattering Prison morph of Encase a DOT and vitality would go a long way.
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  • f047ys3v3n
    I recently switched to msorc from mNB after that mega nerf. I am liking it with just a few problems.

    1) The double cast on LL. Zos fix for this did not make is a single cast but just added a macro internal to the game that hits the button twice when you hit it once. This still does not weave right and has this odd hanging delay.

    2) The persistent pet as DOT. He seems to respond poorly to commands, sometimes triggers ally killing mechanics, can gain agro impeding proper mob movement, and also not only can die but also dies sometimes, like in ROM pillar time, when he is not even damaged, he just buggs out. Of course I also don't like double baring it. I would much prefer the pets to be like most Warden pets and really be just animations that summon and dispel with the cast. That was a much nicer arrangement. You could also do a morph that stays around for the non-dps morph as maybe people like that.

    3) Somebody mentioned snares. This is a game wide magica issue as stam toons have a skill that does major expedition, snare removal, and snare immunity. Our only snare immunity is a pure defense vamp skill that prevents attacking and becomes more expensive with multi uses. This is a big imbalance and is a large part of the reason stam 1vX's mag so much in PVP. Mag toons spend most of their time in a fight at 70% or more snare and sitting in ground snares so that even purge is immediately negated.
    Yes I am deeply embarrassed to still be playing this game. I know better.
  • Merlin13KAGL
    • Liquid Lightning doesn't cast properly on the first attempt, esp after bar swap. Sometimes doesn't fire at all.
    • Command Pet keybind should trump heavy attack aggro (Same way Block trumps Skill trumps LA/HA), possible exception only if the Commanded target dies.
      • Or make the Heavy attack aggro a checkbox option in settings - some of us liked the old Command option to set Familiars after one target while personally attacking a different one. Enabled simplifies pet aggro, disabled allows for advanced skilled use of Pets Familiars. (Wizards have familiars. Paris Hilton has pets.)

    Edited by Merlin13KAGL on May 31, 2018 8:41PM
    Just because you don't like the way something is doesn't necessarily make it wrong...

    Earn it.

    IRL'ing for a while for assorted reasons, in forum, and in game.
    I am neither warm, nor fuzzy...
    Probably has checkbox on Customer Service profile that say High Aggro, 99% immunity to BS
  • OdinForge
    My perspective on the class as someone who picked it up in homestead to pvp, and fell in love with it.

    The rune cage change can be really strong depending on the situation, but still feels clunky when outnumbered and managing both shields and damage against your targets. It works really well in 1v1s and Xv1 but feels lackluster when dealing with multiple opponents.

    Speaking entirely from an outnumbered perspective here, crystal fragments worked better as you could more effectively weave it with your rotation. Adding rune cage on top of what the magsorc has to already micromanage breaks the rotation. The rune cage animation and delay just does not feel right when you're being outnumbered, and it just feels too strong when you outnumber your target.

    My top 2 items however.
    • Return the bonus damage and stun to procced crystal frag. I understand the idea behind high damaging skills not also cc'ing, but considering that frag operates on a proc basis, is a projectile with a travel time that can be blocked, dodged or even reflected back at the sorc. I think it's fair that frag gets its cc back.
    • Streak should not be as punishing to use repeatedly if it will not remove or prevent snares.
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  • oxygen_thief
    1 magsorc needs a class spammable ability.
    2 for all magicka classes it would be great to have an ability similar to Forward Momentum in mages guild tree
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