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[Class Rep] Warden Feedback Thread

Community Manager
The purpose of this thread is to give you a place to post your current top two pain points with the Warden. Our new Class Representatives will be keeping a close eye on this thread, and will utilize it to gather additional feedback for the notes they’re currently compiling for their first meeting with the Dev Team next week. Please be sure and keep your post clear and succinct, and focus more on what is currently frustrating you rather than potential solutions. Thanks!
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  • Bfish22090
    Nerf pvp warden buff pve warden

  • Avran_Sylt
    • The Damage Over Time of Arctic Blast (total) is slightly under the base damage of the class spammable for MagDen.
    • Healing Seed offers no immediate benefit for a Group on Cast.
    Edited by Avran_Sylt on May 31, 2018 7:24PM
  • Starlight_Knight
    Hello. sorry 2 just isnt enough as i think its across the board that the problem lies - read or delete as you chose but as @Tryxus said most people put their input on the warden feedback thread for class balancing

    Im going to give my views purely from a PVP perspective on the Mag Warden as i don't do trials or much more than vet dungeons and i think Magden is ok for me for PVE apart from the clunky weird timing rotation.
    I have been playing Magden solo and in small groups in PVP since its early release and im not far from rank 50 now and im not alone in thinking this class has certain short comings that punish you for choosing Magden as a solo pvp class.

    The cliff racer is still way to slow for it to be a reliable spam-able and its to fast now to line up with timed burst combos ie - Fissure - cliffracer - force pulse. and the deals more damage based on how far away you are isnt great either as you're using deep fissure.
    Fetcher isn't a great dot for pvp and its another skill with no secondary status effects and having to cast it twice you soon get confused and have no idea if your casting the 50% stronger one or not. i know your hands glow but that's not a very good indication in a high octane fight.
    Betty netch is a good skill but it removing one negative status effect is a bit of a gimmick with everyone and their grandma running sloads and defile you have to spam betty netch 20 times in a row which you just cant do in a small scale or solo or 1vx fight. i would prefer this skill to have a charge and actually have a usable purge attached to it.
    Fungal growth - its to dam hard to target people, needs a bigger effective area or a circle around you instead of a cone.

    Passives are good apart from there is nothing that benefits being a werewolf and nothing that deals damage, as the warden lacks a lot of damage on tap skills it would be nice to have some damaging passives like implosion - only that adds the chilled status effect.

    My summery is Magden in PVP has to much utility and not enough combat skills, some of the utility could be bunched together.
    I would like to see the class be given a usable execute or a CC attached to cliff racer or fetcher (similar to javelin or cripple) or make fetcher like poison injection so its actually a decent dot that dose damage.
    The class has a lot of recovery and some cheep skills so i wouldn't mind if some skills got more expensive if they got some decent secondary effects.
    The animations need ironing out, there is some hidden cast times on most skills that put me at a disadvantage.
    A few side notes - i know that cliff racer in pvp when undogable was over performing but the second that was taken away and with the very high dodge chance in this game this skill has been broken ever since and its just a wasted space on the bar as now i run a CC from the destro tree.
    Why are other classes aloud undodgable skills ?? (Rhetorical question)
    Its confusing how the warden is a support class - but doesn't offer the best support.
    If we magdens are doomed to be support forever then at leased make us the best at healing ect.
    ( breath of life im looking at you )

    Edited by Starlight_Knight on June 1, 2018 10:56AM
    Warden Lives Matter!
  • zTrok
    This is coming from a PvE perspective*

    My main pain point when dealing with magicka Warden has been the issue of the class ground AoE (Winter's Revenge) being ice based and therefore causing the chilled status effect. If this skill was to somehow deal fire damage and apply the burning status effect, the overall skill would be much more effective, especially when compared to other class AoEs

    For the stamina Warden, Cutting Dive simply does not allow Stamina Warden to truely compete with other classes when it comes to DPS. Adding possibly a bleed effect might add some more potential to the skill however.
  • Kitty_Quietly
    Pain point 1. Not enough passives outside of slotted abilities. This would help with build choices a bit. There are some really awesome passives on other classes. Seems to be miissing something. No idea what that something is.

    Pain point 2. I’m a scatterbrain and having Falcon's Swiftness (both morphs) last longer would be very appreciated. I would gladly spend twice or more the magicka to have that. Would line up better with Netch. Greedy on my part, but yeah keeping the buffs lined up is tough.
  • dannymcgr81b14_ESO
    I agree with the "too many buffs" crowd. And the bear taking up two slots.
  • Slack
    In my opinion this class really lacks class damage skills and CCs. Both my suggestions refer to the Green Balance skill tree as I think it has the most potential out of all 3

    1) corrupting pollen
    -Make it an AoE HoT for the duration of 6 seconds,
    -add a 30% snare to the area
    -and leave defile as it is.

    2) Leeching Vines
    -Remove the heal effect and make it only buff the caster
    -leave the duration of 10 seconds as it is.
    -Add a Lifeleech effect. Up to 4 players who damage the caster receive [x] damage every 2 seconds and 25% of the inflicted damage is applied to you as health

    PC EU
    Betty Breeze - Magwarden
    Hunts S'hitblades - Stamplar
    Aschavi - Magplar
  • Blobsky
    1. Bear needs way more survivability, at the moment it dies in literally one second. Making bear viable would actually give the class burst.
    2. Class CC please.
    3. Magicka mushroom burst heal is underwhelming at best.
    4. Far too much base survivability from skills, passives, hots on stamina
    Yt Channell: Blobsky

    DC EU Nightblade
    Owner of 'The Travelling Merchant' - Craglorn trade guild since near release!
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