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[Class Rep] Sorcerer Feedback Thread

  • SorataArisugawa
    Mag sorc needs a class spamable (preferred in the lightning tree, because this should be be logic the direct hitting dmg tree, what it absolutly isn't sadly)

    possible solution: combine the finisher effect (instant explostion maybe with more DMG below 25%) of magrage into curse and make the slot of mage rage free for an interesting sorc spamable (if for mag and stam sorc, then with unique flawor for each and not just all the same for both versions)
    [benefit of that: sorc is not that bursty in pvp any more so the others can stop to complain and curse is more usefull and will always be slotted and not just in PVP]

    2 connecting resource return to overload is very usless, because the Ulty is mostly not used. in all cases of not using overload we don't get resources back. Thats have to be changed somehow.
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  • bardx86
    1. PVP damage is pretty low and the rotation is very slow compared to other classes. Frags damage should be much higher for a skill that is so easily countered,
    2. Streak/BOL are almost worthless now, anyone with a speed pot or gap closers can out run these skills leaving a sorc OOM,. Its definitely not deserving of a cost increase as the game is now. Get rid of the hesitation on casting them as well.
    3. Need a PVP defense that scales better 1vX.
  • Camb0Sl1ce
    1. Sustain in pve is horrible for a no pet mag sorc.
    2. Damage returned to frags.
  • RedRook
    Magsorc here.

    1. Pet AI is not awesome and I'd like them to automatically disappear when I'm out of combat for a while - five minutes should be plenty of time. If I'm in combat and they're not taking or dealing damage (stuck on a high ledge for no reason for example) they should teleport to me so they can get back into the fight. All that bar space is a big sacrifice, when it gets me zero damage or heals that's not ok.

    2. Snares, I need something to remove or prevent the constant snaring. I can't run a 2H, you nerfed immovability, give me some options here.

    Bonus pain point for all magicka specs: the AvA purge is too damn expensive. For that much magicka it should give me a lot more than half a second's reprieve from a couple of DOTs chosen at random. Or make it cheaper, a lot cheaper.
  • Tremors
    1. PVE sustain is bad, a proc'd frag could return magic or actually be FREE cast, same as the spectral bow or power lash.
    2. Overload is wayyyy outdated for what it offers
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  • s7732425ub17_ESO
    1. Sorcerer cannot sustain a light attack build. Even with orbs + ele drain + witchmothers, it's very, very difficult to not run out of magicka. Compare this to a magblade. They basically have infinite sustain with orbs + ele drain + witchmothers.
    Edited by s7732425ub17_ESO on May 31, 2018 10:54PM
  • BlackLabel
    Stamina sorcerer is lacking a class spam dps skill
  • Koolio
    Spell damage contributes nothing to Shields meaning 50k Max magic build gets great defenses while keeping great damage. Spell damage build gets slightly higher damage and severely hurt their survival. I used to go with Spell Damage anyway because light and heavy attacks scaled better with Spell Damage. This is no longer the case.

    Shields are completely immune to status effects from glyphs
  • Morgul667
    1) Stamsorc is by design the mobility class in the game, yet it gets snared, cc all the time in PVP/BG and cannot move to do its biddings. This is a pain point for me

    2) MagSorc Pet are not able to be used in all type of PVE fights, annoying to completely change gameplay for this or that boss.

    Paintpoint 1 is much more important to me ^^
  • Bobby_V_Rockit
  • phaneub17_ESO
    1. Crystal Blast turned into a Stamina Morph, make it similar to the new Psijic Order Imbue Weapon ability that causes your next Light or Heavy Attack within 5 seconds to deal an extra X amount of Physical Damage and Splashes lesser damage to other enemies nearby your target; Heavy Attacks gain the 2 second stun. This allows Stamina builds to gain something useful from this Skill tree and effectively benefit from the Blood Magic passive.

    2. Unstable Clannfear needs some changes to be more group friendly especially in Dungeon settings. First remove its auto-aggro taunt mechanics like you did with the Storm Atronach. The Activate ability seems unnecessary when you have the Twilight pet around, instead of healing you and the Clannfear I would like it to do that Leap Attack that NPC Clannfear mobs do at your target which also causes the Clannfear to Taunt that target. This way the Clannfear can be an active Tank for the Sorcerer when they want it to be and avoid unwanted aggro by dictating its activation ability. It also gives it more damage with a controlled additional AOE attack.
  • rileynotzb14_ESO
    MagSorc PvP

    1] Class spammable (higher consistent dps instead of all telegraphed burst damage)

    2] Better 1vX capability (example: conjured ward is 10% stronger for each additional enemy that has damaged you within 10 seconds. Max 30%)
    Edited by rileynotzb14_ESO on June 1, 2018 9:25AM
  • Biro123
    I honestly can't see a class-spammable appearing. Look what they did to Magblade? Many now run force pulse/crushing shock instead of strife anyway..

    There is also now the Psyjic ability to use as a spammable. Although it's still tied to staves since you have to land a light attack with it..

    But it would be nice, though if we were able to use a ranged magica spammable from, say, a DW or SnB bar.. This goes into the crux of the problem that is shields-only for magsorc defence.. If you try to use block instead, you cannot block-cast any heals while using a weapon made for blocking (s+b/frost staff). So you need to switch to the resto bar to heal(not ideal from a defence perspective).. which means having to attack from your 'block bar'.. which rules s+b out as there is no ranged mag spammable - and going burst only isn't enough damage with that kind of build..

    Oh yeah, also decoupling the destro passive (ancient knowledge) from having to slot a destro ability would *really* help with skill choice - and maybe promote the new psijic spammable a bit more..
    Edited by Biro123 on June 1, 2018 10:15AM
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  • Thraben
    1.) Christal Shards should have a magicka and a stamina morph, each working like the old Chrystal Fragments (chance of being instant, having a stun, and being more powerful when triggered by the use of magicka/ stamina skills before).

    Reason: With the change of the skill, sorcs lost their class identity. The need it back.

    2.) I want a Dremora Lord! Change the "Rebate" passive so that there is a small chance that when you or your pets are being hit, a Dremora Lord is being conjured for 15 seconds.

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  • gepe87
    Magsorc here.
    1.LL bug
    2.Lack of diversity besides HA and buggy pets (and indirectly sustain issues)

    1. Huge problems on noCP camp, mainly because of snares and stam poisons. CP campaign no problems at all.
    2. We are ranged. With all those gap closers+stun we need a higher range when streaking or reduce to 25% streak penalty to keep our playstyle. Still, streak didn't change due to morrowind sustain nerfs.
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  • Aznox

    1 - Still love my stamsorc as much as the first day.

    2 - Bound armament active ability may be a bit too costly.
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  • ximelolagnia
    Stamsorc Sotha Sil Perspective:

    1. seems like mag classes this patch have just as much or even more damage/burst than stamsorc which is ridiculous since they fight at range and the skill cap isn't as hard for hitting skills like dizzying swing so we are at a severe disadvantage.
    2. buffing every weapon hit and then only nerfing 2h/bow even though 2h is probably the hardest to hit with a fully charged heavy attack? mages can literally constantly weave in light attacks into skills whilst light attacking with 2h is also nerfed quite a bit.

    IDK what it is like with cp but in no-cp stamsorc seems like one of the weaker classes now as the 2 piece effect on weapons barely changed anything as there were current builds just as good without the extra piece sets.
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