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Upcoming Changes to Battleground Queues

  • Taggund
    Based on the number of people complaining about not getting objective BGs, I doubt the queue situation would be as bad as mentioned.

    Again, we need a ZOS statement, not other players conjecture.
  • alexlalas
    Magio_ wrote: »
    Aurahna wrote: »
    I would rather take a 20 minute queue then be stuck in a deathmatch loop
    Lol, 20 minutes is wishful thinking. Try "hours", which ZOS doesn't want to happen.
    I think those are excellent suggestions!
    They're not new suggestions. ZOS already shot it down saying there's not enough population to support that many different queues, specially the objective mode only ones now that there is Solo and Group versions for every queue.

    The problem (not tried by ZOS before) is the reward for random queue being given to the specific queues. This is not aligned with the original concept of giving special rewards to the ones who are open to anything to get the XP bonuses. This if properly done would reduce the queues to 20 min or less.

    So they make a poor testing and inform they got poor results... nothing changes and another player migrates to a different game. Good news, it'll soon be over, due to decresasing interested people.

    Edited by alexlalas on December 29, 2021 1:02PM
  • Ratharel
    I'm furious with this changes.
    For the last days I queued 20+ times in random solo and group queues and it was ALWAYS deathmatch, not a single game of other type! I don't like deathmatches, but that's fine for me if it's really random and once a few games I play one.
    This is not a random in any way, you just killed other modes apart from deathmatches! I don't care if I'm in the queue longer, I want to have a CHOICE, which was just taken from me cause the people playing the least popular mode were vocal on the forums.
    Thanks ZOS, you killed PvP for me. I want be playing BGs anymore.

  • Ratharel
    Hello all!
    One thing to keep in mind is the random queue will include all game modes (Flag Games, Land Grabs, and Deathmatch) so the likelihood of getting Deathmatch is going to be higher for those queueing into that game mode, specifically.

    We’ll continue to monitor the sentiment and participation rates with Battlegrounds once this rolls out next month, and we’ll let you know if we plan for any additional changes. Thanks again for posting all your thoughts during this time!

    No, it's not random at all. I went back to the game like 2 weeks ago and got 20+ deathmatches in a row. Please revert this changes, you killed all modes but deathmatches. I don't want to play deathmatches, don't care if I wait a little longer to play preffered type of game. I'm quitting battlegrounds because you have taken posiibility to make a choice and just bruteforce deathmatches.
  • the1andonlyskwex
    Every time I'm tempted to re-subscribe to ESO Plus, I come back to this thread and the temptation passes.

    (I also remind myself how much I hate it when a random vet dungeon queue results in a 90 minute slog through DLC, but that's off-topic for this thread, and I've been willing to overlook that annoyance in the past.)
    Edited by the1andonlyskwex on December 31, 2021 5:12PM
  • Kelinmiriel
    If the reason we're being given that we can't have an option for "random objective battleground" is that the queue would take too long, perhaps a possible solution would be to combine solo and group for objectives, similar to how it was originally, but simpler, not splitting into different types of objective games. Also, I like the idea of changing the order.

    1. Random objective game (no deathmatch)
    2. Solo deathmatch
    3. Group deathmatch (2-4)

    Also, any test involving random objectives without deathmatch would have to be fairly lengthy at this point, to be fair, because it's been so long since those who don't want to play deathmatch have had the opportunity to do so. It would take time for word to get around, for those players to find out things have changed, to get them to return to the battlegrounds again.
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  • CooltrainerLouis
    Soul Shriven
    I hate that the game doesn't remember your BGs preference and defaults to Solo Deathmatch every time you login.

    Would it be possible to change the default option to Solo Random Battleground? Therefore forcing the people who requested the deathmatch option to click through the menu and select Solo/Team Deathmatch Battleground.

    I imagine this could increase the odds of getting a game mode other than deathmatch just from all the people who can't be bothered to click through the menu.
    Also, coming from an other mmo with only one pvp game mode, it was really nice getting different flavours - so this sucks.
    Edited by CooltrainerLouis on January 5, 2022 7:24AM
  • M0ntie
    There is already a solo DM queue. Just make the random BG queue a forced even distribution of all the BG modes. ZoS have destroyed BGs for the significant number of players who want to do all modes. This forum is mostly complaints about this change and still NOThING from ZoS.
  • ob1ken0bi
    I don’t mind DM every once in a while in a random choice but like everyone else here, getting DM every time is annoying and now no longer play BG. Actually, a lot of people in my guilds quit BG a while ago.
    No idea what the test was but showing Random option and getting DM 100% of the time is very deceiving and frustrating as a player.
    If they really wanted to find out what people really like, do DM only and non DM option.
    I don’t mind waiting in queue longer for non DM, already wait long in dungeon queue so won’t be any different.
    Hope they really fix this and able yo get players to play BG again.
  • Erissime
    This is being mentioned in threads ever since the so called "choice" was given back - since deathmatch only was never an option. I have stopped playing bgs for the period the "deathmatch only" test was going on - returned right after the choices were supposed to be back - but alas - we just have two tabs with deathmatch only, and zero choice. I have said it and before - and will say it again - it is good that deathmatch has its own personal tab - now be fair to all the other ones and give everything else to it EXCEPT deathmatch on the other tab.
  • CyberOnEso
    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know we've been analyzing all the data from winter break and should have an update for you all on next steps regarding Battlegrounds soon. Thanks for your patience!

    Thank you very much for this Gina!
    The communication is really appreciated
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  • RedTalon
    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know we've been analyzing all the data from winter break and should have an update for you all on next steps regarding Battlegrounds soon. Thanks for your patience!

    Good to hear cause things have gotten odd to say the least, look forward to hearing the news thank you for the heads up.
    Edited by RedTalon on January 7, 2022 8:50AM
  • thesarahandcompany
    Thank you, Gina! So many people have enjoyed being able to play deathmatch this patch and we are looking forward to seeing what insights you have.
  • alexlalas
    Poor testign design, poor data, poor decisons. They could at least be minimally respectful to players and remove the objective-related achievements from the game, since they are not achievable any more.
  • KKolly
    Well it makes sense that if the "Random" BG mode is essentially Deathmatch-only, you might as well merge the nominal Deathmatch-only queue back in. At least queue times will decrease. That's only logical, even if its not what a lot of the community is asking for.

    Thanks for the update Gina, and congrats on the promotion. But I, for one, will continue to stay away from Battleground queues for the foreseeable future.
  • lordskrub
    Soul Shriven
    i think alot of people was just ignoring the drop down and making only dm pop chaning it to random at the top is a great step and the DM only players can easily just select it if thats all they like
  • Alucu
    First off, thanks to everyone for participating in all the Battlegrounds queue tests over the past few months, including the most recent addition of Deathmatch-only queues over winter break. We were able to gather a lot of data from these tests regarding Battlegrounds participation and ultimately found it did not significantly affect the participation and population, and also took into account the feedback received about the majority of Battleground games being Deathmatch. We did see the suggestions for adding additional queue options and considered those as well, but doing so would splinter the Battlegrounds population too much and would lead to much longer queue times; we want to ensure the healthiest population and player experience. As such, we are making the call to remove the Deathmatch-only queue option.

    Starting in Update 33, the default option for Battleground queues will be “Solo Random” and the dropdown selection will have “Group Random”. Remember, the group queue will take solo, duo, trio and full groups of players, but the solo queue will only include players that queued solo. All games modes will be in both of these queues.

    This will be the last change we make to Battleground queues for the foreseeable future. Thanks again for partaking in these tests and aiding us in gathering very valuable feedback.

    So, the conclusion is that the people who didn't like Deathmatch were a minority even before the tests?

    Also, this decision feels very discouraging, looks like we are back where we started. I for one, think the issue with the population and participation should not start with that we already have. (Game modes, queues and whatnot.)

    It should start by making BGs and PvP overall more enticing for the majority of the playerbase. Perhaps better rewards, better tutorials. The curve of learning is really really tough in PvP, that causes the PvP playerbase to be low in the big scheme of things in ESO, and the people who are proficient in PvP even lower.
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  • nightstrike
    lordskrub wrote: »
    i think alot of people was just ignoring the drop down and making only dm pop chaning it to random at the top is a great step and the DM only players can easily just select it if thats all they like

    The DM only choice is being removed
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