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Upcoming Changes to Battleground Queues

  • Darkmage1337

    "The Whitestrake’s Mayhem in-game event begins Thursday, February 17 at 10AM EST and runs until Tuesday, March 1 at 10AM EST."

    Please reschedule The Whitestrake’s Mayhem event after the Update 33 (March 14th) Battleground queue changes.

    I think the event will also encourage many PvE players to try their hand at battlegrounds.
    It would be a shame to miss this chance to consistently attract new players

    Agreed; but, the only thing that they would be missing out on is a better player experience.
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  • S0Z0H
    Well your allowed to kill in each mode so idk who is surprised by it all being a death match to some degree, cuz the only way to foul up or stop the other team is to kill them. Unless you limit or penalize certain actions depending on the mode. Like capture the flag , u get points decreased for killing someone. But u can't stop them really without killing them so ya. You all may have to really redesign battlegrounds. Maybe have spawned items and perhaps a limit on uses of those items/ weapons. Idk. Lol

    This all makes for some very interesting discussion.
    Further more I think you should add into BGs an arena , that's for 1 v 1 duels. Perhaps make it No Champ Points. And maybe limit it to preset builds that are just for battle grounds use. Again. I think a randomized spawning of weapons would make it more balanced and fun. No more cheese builds.

    Ya maybe make it so everyone is empty handed , and also there could be cool downs on all class abilities in this mode. It's a lot of redoing everything so I know someone is reading this right now and thinking I've lost my ever loving mind for daring to even to suggest some of these crazy ideas. I know. And perhaps they are all terrible ideas. Maybe some are good. Not sure.

    I just think we need to remake all this and start fresh.
  • gariondavey
    @ZOS_GregoryV I can't find the poll in this thread. Please reopen @SkaraMinoc 's thread.
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  • Jpk0012
    So why was this removed? Players having too much fun?

    Forcing us to play the other boring mode isn't the answer. If they were fun we would have played them.
    Edited by Jpk0012 on April 19, 2022 10:13PM
  • Alvedolin
    Soul Shriven
    Why would they ever remove this queue
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