The Markarth DLC and Update 28 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Read the full patch notes here:

PTS Patch Notes v2.7.4

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v2.7.4 is our last incremental patch on the PTS, and continues to fix issues surrounding the player housing system. In this patch, we’re switching over to copy all PC North American megaserver characters. The size of this patch is approximately 126MB.

  • Housing

  • Art & Animation
  • Combat & Gameplay
  • Crafting & Economy
  • Crown Store
  • Housing
  • Itemization & Exploration
  • UI
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • The furnishing category shown on plans and in the crafting UI does not always match the category of the resulting item in the Housing Editor.
    • The Alliance Hero Shield achievement furnishings are currently sold only in Cyrodiil for Alliance Points, and are limited to members of the associated alliance. In a future update, these shields will also be available at the Global Achievement Furnisher in each Alliance’s capital city for gold to anyone who has completed the associated Alliance Hero achievements.
      • Pact Hero Shield
      • Covenant Hero Shield
      • Dominion Hero Shield
    Gina Bruno
    ESO Community Manager
    Dev Tracker | Service Alerts | ESO Twitter | My Twitter
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    Art & Animation 
    • The proper animations will now be displayed when you move after switching weapon types.

    Combat & Gameplay
    • Draconic Power
      • Coagulating Blood (Dragon Blood morph): Fixed an issue where Rank II and IV of this morph were not correctly scaling the heal based on your missing Health.

    • Dawn’s Wrath
      • Backlash:
        • The final damage dealt by this ability and its morphs can no longer critically strike, and is no longer reduced from Battle Spirit (note that the initial damage and maximum damage limit are both still reduced by 50% from Battle Spirit).
        • Fixed an issue where the copied damage from this ability and its morphs was significantly higher than intended against other player characters.
        • The copied damage from this ability and its morphs is now increased by 50% against other player characters, reduced from 100%.
    Developer Comments
    After evaluating the most recent changes of Backlash on the PTS, we have made further changes and bug fixes to ensure the damage from this ability is more fairly balanced in PvP. Hitting the maximum damage limit against another player now requires a significant amount of uninhibited damage from the Templar, and enemies will have more counterplay in reducing Backlash’s burst damage if they actively mitigate or avoid damage. Changing Backlash’s final damage to no longer critically strike prevents the Templar from reaching the damage cap too easily with a high critical strike rating.  This is due to the fact that the damage copied could critical strike, and the last the final damage also critically strike on top of that.
    • Restoring Light
      • Honor the Dead (Rushed Ceremony morph): Fixed an issue where this morph’s refund bonus was not occurring if you healed the target to above 75% Health.

    • One Hand and Shield
      • Shield Wall: Fixed an issue where this ability and its morphs were not blocking all the secondary effects from blockable monster attacks.

    Alliance War
    • Support
      • Stalwart Guard (Guard morph): Fixed an issue where the permanent Minor Force buff from this morph was removing other, temporary sources of Minor Force.

    Crafting & Economy
    • Updated Alchemy Survey Reports to no longer provide Alchemical Resin. This brings them in line with other Survey Reports.
    • Renamed all Motif Books to a new, more compact naming schema. This prevents motif names from being truncated on the item, and standardizes all of their nomenclature. No longer shall some books say "Ch.", while others say "Chapter".
      • For example, “Crafting Motifs 15: Dwemer” will now be “Crafting Motif 15: Dwemer Style”, and “Crafting Motifs 15, Chapter 1: Dwemer Axes” will now be “Crafting Motif 15: Dwemer Axes”.

    Furnishing Crafting
    • Several thrones are now available as rare crafting plans.
    • Fixed an issue that slightly reduced the chance to find some furnishing plans.
    • The “Cabinet, Poisonmaker’s” furnishing now correctly requires Rosin instead of Mastic to produce.
    • The “Rough Stretcher, Military” furnishing is now a Tailoring Pattern instead of a Woodworking Blueprint.

    Master Writs
    • Fixed an issue where the quest tracker for consumable Writs could reset if an item it was tracking was consumed.
    • Removed the "Coffer, Gem" praxis from Rolis Hlaalu's stock, as it was visually identical to the "Enchanting Gem" that is unlocked for purchase by completing the “Ruby Potency” achievement.

    • Adjusted the Health bonuses for Witches Festival food and drink to ensure they give 10% more Health and Health Recovery than they do the equivalent Stamina or Magicka bonuses.

    Crown Store
    • Item names from large bundles are now colored to match their quality.

    • Fixed an issue that caused the Major Intellect buff from the Crown Spellcaster's Elixir to incorrectly overwrite Major Fortitude buffs (and stack with other sources of Major Intellect.)

    • Added tutorial alerts for the Housing system to introduce you to the Housing Editor and the new Housing tab of the Collections menu.

    • Corrected several outliers in the pricing of furnishings from Home Goods Furnishers.

    • Argonian Target Skeletons are now available for purchase in the Housing Editor.
    • Fixed several mismatched interact prompts on furnishings.
    • Corrected several cases where icons were swapped or otherwise incorrect for various furnishings.
    • Added animations to several wells that were not previously animated.
    • Improved the names of several furnishings to better match their appearance, and to rename items that were using the same name as another furnishing.
    • Lamps and other furnishings that have glowing textures will no longer glow when turned down.
      • Known Issue: Lit lamps will not appear to glow when initially placed.
    • Removed the “Hammer, Forge” furnishing from the Housing Editor. It was not quite ready, but may return in a future update.
    • Removed two furnishings that appeared visually similar to Provisioning Stations, but were not actually Provisioning Stations.
    • Removed four furnishings that were visually identical to other furnishings. The affected items include:
      • Plants, Verdant Swamp
      • Boulder, Heavy Craggy
      • Tree, Squat Weeping Willow
      • Tree, Murky Weeping Willow
      • Coffer, Gem
    • The “Harvester's Garden” achievement furnishing now periodically emits butterflies when placed in a home.
    • The "Argonian Canopy, Frilled" now looks like a canopy, instead of accidentally appearing as a boat.
    • The "Dark Elf Bed of Coals" furnishing no longer appears transparent from below, and no longer appears to be strangely offset from your cursor.

    • When purchasing a home for gold, only the requirements you still need to complete will be displayed. Any requirements that you’ve already met will not be shown.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented several furnishings from showing up in pre-furnished homes.
    • Adjusted pre-furnished homes to remove duplicate or out-of-bounds furnishings, and to ensure that everything from the unfurnished version is represented in the furnished version.
    • Updated the exit doors for all homes to read “Leave Home”.
    • Fixed the name of Hammerdeath Bungalow in several places that still referenced the old name.
      • NOTE: The description that appears when you enter the home is out of date, and will be updated to match the description in the collections menu in a future update.
    • Removed a non-furnishing pillar from the center of the Cyrodilic Jungle House courtyard.
    • Adjusted the collision of Gardner House and Captain Margaux’s Place to make it so you can more easily retrieve items placed on walls, without needing to use the Retrieve tab of the editor.
    • Fixed a minor visual issue with the skybox for the Grand Topal Hideaway.

    Housing Editor
    • Made significant adjustments to the categorization of furnishings in the Housing Editor.
      • Not all furnishings have been put into their final category yet – expect to see this improve in the near future.
      • Breads and Desserts currently appear as “Uncategorized” instead of in a subsection of the Hearth category.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause recently placed furnishings to disappear from your home.
    • Fixed an issue that caused certain furnishings to appear sunken into the ground when previewed in the Housing Editor.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent chairs and other interactive furnishings from being used immediately after adjusting their position.
    • Moving an Assistant to where you are standing will no longer push you out of the way.
    • Placing an Assistant inside a Crafting Station will now prevent that station from being used, the same way other objects prevent Crafting Stations from being used.
    • Placing objects in your home no longer hides your equipped weapons.

    Itemization & Exploration
    • Fixed an issue where minibosses in Arx Corinium were dropping the Legs of the Medusa set rather than the Feet. This made the Feet items rarer than intended.
    • Increased the chance to receive furnishing-related rewards from criminal activities like pickpocketing and murder.
    • Increased the chance to receive Provisioning Recipes from criminal activities like pickpocketing and murder.

    • Fixed an issue where the preview of your guild tabard would not appear while editing your guild heraldry if you were wearing a costume or polymorph.
    • Improved the reliability of Guild Trader filters, particularly for furnishings.
    • Fixed an issue where grammar markup could appear in collectible tooltips in the French game client.

    • Made several improvements to UI elements, the camera, and the environment when previewing furniture.
    • Interactive furnishings (crafting stations, chairs, target skeletons, etc.) will now have a green glow during placement if they are positioned in a usable orientation.
    • Furniture purchased for crowns will no longer display a gold sell value in their tooltips.
    • The "Apply to All Houses" checkbox in the housing permissions screens will now remember if you unchecked it.
    • A confirmation dialog will now display when using gold to purchase a home.

    Razer Chroma
    • Fixed an issue where the Ultimate key would occasionally not light up after swapping weapons.
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    Gina Bruno
    ESO Community Manager
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    sick natch potes
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  • Elara_Northwind
    Lighting still not fixed then? :neutral:
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  • Pangnirtung
    I didnt see anything about fixes for the Mac client.

    Are Mac users still fubarred?
  • Vynn
  • manavortex
    SadieJoan wrote: »
    Lighting still not fixed then? :neutral:

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  • OrphanHelgen
    Was about to say my opinion here, but the comments are already nailing it ^
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  • Mojmir
    Like I said a week or two ago,consider PTS to be live
    Raising floors and lower ceilings by zos standards has created an iron maiden.
    No matter how well you played,when the game is over,the king and pawn go back in the same box.
    Be careful what you ask for from zo$, you always get punished.
    Call me toxic,your the one being slowly poisoned by greed.
  • Bowser
    • Removed a non-furnishing pillar from the center of the Cyrodilic Jungle House courtyard.

    You guys really do read the feedback! :)
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  • Liam12548
    Now we will finally be able to test backlash. Please, for the love of stamplar, let it be useful. Very excited for this skill and crescent sweep in tandem. Stamplar might ACTUALLY become valid again.

    As for overall balance, I think it's safe to say that each class is about where it was prior to this. DK's got a few nice changes, stamplars got some buffs that were LONGGGG overdue and might be playable, sorcs got stronger pets and a multi-functional curse, magblades got some great buffs, and stamblades are stamblades.

    I think the only class that was actually hurt by this update is magplar with the removal of the stun on blazing spear. HOWEVER. Literally everyone played magplar, and for a good reason. The class as a whole was insanely good for PVP in every regard, and could pull top tier DPS in PvE. I'm not saying I agree with the stun removal, however I do think we might see a bit of change to the PvP magplar meta.

    Decent job ZOS.
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  • Emasculate
    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_RichLambert Why the removal of Critical damage from Power of the light? If you did that you should make the skill unblock able at least
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