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PTS Patch Notes v2.7.4

  • Cinbri
    Fixed an issue where the copied damage from this ability and its morphs was significantly higher than intended against other player characters.

    Can you replace this line with specifics of what was wrong and what you did to fix it.

    Well, before instead of copy 2x more damage (ignore battle spirt) it multiplied 2x more damage on each next hit. 2x, 4x, 6x.. Just mess with storing damage code.
  • Liam12548
    @ZOS_GinaBruno @Wrobel @ZOS_RichLambert

    Is the final hit from POTL or backlash unblockable? I recall seeing this in a previous PTS, although I am unsure if the skill still functions this way since you did not list it in these notes. Please reply, this is a vital piece of info!
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  • Rex-Umbra
    Sad.... tomorrow better make up for this.
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  • Sandman929
    souravami wrote: »
    Underwhelming, to say the least.
    Now I'm really skeptical about tomorrow's announcement.Hopefully they don't [snip] that up as well.

    I'm imagining a stream of @ZOS_RichLambert giggling excitedly while building his up his destro ultimate followed by laughing wildly when he activates it. This will lead immediately to him mumbling "Oh wow...that was awesome you guys. Did you see that? That was awesome".
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  • Mix
    The "Argonian Canopy, Frilled" now looks like a canopy, instead of accidentally appearing as a boat.

    Nooooo. I love that boat. Is it craftable on its own now? I need my reed raft to go out fishing!
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  • Incognitius
    No mention of the lighting bug, and the furniture dissapearing bug. :/ :(
    Or the colovian furnature...
    Edited by Incognitius on January 30, 2017 9:37PM
  • silvereyes
    Sure would have been nice to be told not to hoard surveys the way we were told not to hoard writ boxes. I was really looking forward to the gold from selling all those beautiful housing mats.
  • Dark_Aether
    souravami wrote: »
    Underwhelming, to say the least.
    Now I'm really skeptical about tomorrow's announcement.Hopefully they don't [snip] that up as well.

    I have no idea what you guys were expecting with one week before release. There is not enough time for any additional major changes to be tested properly, and if they introduce new bugs, GG.
  • Akrasjel
    The Doomsayers
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  • deadlychaos1991
    Tyrobag wrote: »
    "we have made further changes and bug fixes to ensure the damage from this ability is more fairly balanced in PvP"

    Because who cares about PvE right? We can totally just throw all PvE dps under the bus, as long as the portion of players who only PvP are happy, what do the devs care?

    Are you *** kidding me? pvp community has gotten no love since imperial city. Almost a year and a half ago. And you wanna cry about your pve dps in your delves and public dungeons? Hell even vet dungeons are a joke.

    [edited to remove insult]
    Edited by ZOS_CoriJ on January 30, 2017 10:03PM
  • kookster
    I welcome any bug fixes, but I was really hoping for some more balance changes. But I also understand it's very risky to do changes so close to release.
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  • Enodoc
    Community Ambassador
    david19979 wrote: »
    Enodoc wrote: »
    Oh great, there goes another source of furnishing mats. You guys should have fixed this bug the other way around, so that every survey report node gave a guaranteed furnishing material.
    That wouldn't encourage people to buy furniture from the crown store haha :smile:
    Mmmm.... *grumble grumble* :/
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  • Fudly_budly
    I wonder if half the player base just running around for the next month farming mats will fix the lag issues?
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  • MLGProPlayer
    The lighting in some of the houses is still bugged. Please fix this before launch or no one is going to buy those houses.
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