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ESO Live - Ask Us Anything!

  • Darlgon
    Zaldan wrote: »
    lyliandee wrote: »
    I noticed a bug with the Elite Vendor Store in Cyrodiil. The items have no prices on them - I am tempted to buy an item to see if it is free, but I'm also reluctant because I know I'm gonna be really angry if I end up wasting about 200k AP. I dunno if this affects everyone, but thought I would mention it in case.

    reported sept 6th in forums and /bug, no they're not free :( something that could probably be hotfixed or sorted via patch by now but as usual hasn't.

    They noted something about the guy on Haderus. Is this another campaign?
    Power level to CP160 in a week:
    Where is the end game? You just played it.
    Why don't I have 300+ skill points? Because you skipped content along the way.
    Where is new content? Sigh.
  • Oxkill
    Are you planning to boost Argonians' racials?
  • silky_soft
    Why does Ambush interact differently to other gap closers? They cannot be interrupted yet Ambush can.
    Haha block, ha rip.
    Here $15, goat mount please. Not paying 45 : lol :
    Netch is free with a cleanse and free magika. You nerf siphon into the ground. Nice balance team.
  • Chieve
    What are your priorities for the game now that IC has been released?

    And by priority list I mean, does it look something like

    1) Fix bugs for both pc and consoles
    2)add to crown store--Halloween theme
    3)new feature for pc
    4)new features for consoles

    How does your priority list work, for example I'm aware you are adding controller support for PC, do you guys make a new feature on the lower part of your list? I'd assume that would be something your team will do on a slow day, but in general I would think it's any bug fixes needed for both pc and consoles, then pc fixes, then consoles fixes...etc...

    Do you switch between console and pc or do you prioritize one over the other?
    Please vote in the console text chat thread so ZoS can see how many people want text chat

    ...and dueling in the dueling thread but personally I want text chat first...
  • xxMcKev
    Why can I still not set a Home or Quest campaign still. Yall messed it up. I am sick of not being able to play what I paid for. Fix it.
  • DurzoBlint13
    when will the update be to fix all of the issues the IC update has caused? The game is almost unplayable at the moment because of all the glitches that have appeared since yesterday.
    No prices in guild stores, food/drink not showing as doing anything, no animation for certain spells/skills, EXCESSIVE load times, repeatedly kicked for "excessive messaging" when I am not sending messages, getting kicked for "lost connection to server" but I am still in game chat and other internet features work well, crafting items are showing as red eventhough I have all of the requirements met to use them and can still use them to craft items, no icon to pick up or examine certain objects in the game world, friends list is not even close to being accurate- PS menu shows 14 friends playing ESO but in game menu only shows 2, and does not show any friends that are offline.....and several others
  • chongguang
    I have been playing this game on its release day. There are 3 main questions i would like to ask this time.

    1. Will you plan to introduce a class spell visual effect costume that can change the spell color for each class.
    Eg, A DK costume that allow DK change their flame from amber to indigo/cold fire blue, etc. or
    A costume that allow templars change yellow light to blue/ Sorcerer can use yellow lightening instead of white blue

    2. A life quality improved question: Do you have plan to make an account wallet for us ? This list will put all your currency ( golds, pvp points and TV stone and future new currency)together in one list that allow you use them with any of your character. Rather than switching characters under your account for so many times to purchase something.

    3. Do you also have plan to change current game achievement system from character to account (like account wallet)? It is really not convenient and boring for me to finish and collect current achievements again and again (since i have all 4 classes).
    An account achievement system can also help me to know what i havent done what i should do next.
    and Also achievements are something linked the success to players's job and history. So i think account achievement will be the one more matched point.

  • MissBizz
    ESO Mythbusters

    Is there an intended mechanic in the game that causes you to start receiving less, and/or less valuable, loot when you have been in a zone too long without logging out or teleporting to a new zone?

    Reference post:
    Lone Wolf Help
    For the solo players who know, sometimes you just need a hand.
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  • Darlgon
    @ZOS_JasonLeavey Thanks for the Ask Anything answers.

    Now, back to the bloodbath.
    Power level to CP160 in a week:
    Where is the end game? You just played it.
    Why don't I have 300+ skill points? Because you skipped content along the way.
    Where is new content? Sigh.
  • Avonna
    my question.. is there any talk or hope that zos would be bought out from another company that knows what they are doing?
  • SnakeBytes_77
    Is anything being done to address the current crown/ESO membership issue? I already submitted a trouble ticket, but there sees to be a lot of us missing the monthly crowns.
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  • irishish27
    Soul Shriven
    What is the timetable for fixing all of these issues that have arisen from the latest update? People pay a lot of money, and invest a lot of time into this game, and it's at a point where it is nearly unplayable. I mean the fact that it hasn't been fixed already is mind boggling, and the fact that questions about it in this forum thread are ignored is just a big eff you to us, the customers. When are these issues going to be resolved?
  • Jakhajay
    When will we see more character slots on the crown store. I and many altaholics have been screaming for them for well over a year. A second account does not cut it unless we can somehow bind the two (so I can have my striped senche tiger on the second account)

    Also, when will a transmog option be available for crafters? Most dropped sets are hideous or clash with other styles
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  • UltimaJoe777
    I've got quite a list of questions and hopefully at least one is addressed lol

    1. Every Crafting Skill can make items of varying quality except Alchemy. Will Alchemy ever take that step as well?
    2. Will Jewelry ever be craftable?
    3. How come we never got the ability to summon Flame and Frost Atronachs? For example I think Frost Atronach could be a more physically capable morph option for Summon Storm Atronach and Flame Atronach could be a morph option for Summon Winged Twilight instead of Summon Restoring Twilight.
    4. The Undaunted Skill Line seems to gain a little experience sometimes just from grinding in just about any dungeon, even Delves. Could you please tell us all the ways to gain Undaunted experience?
    5. I've always wanted to smack around more Daedric Princes than just Molag Bal. Any chance we will ever get this opportunity?
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  • tiger32ii
    Ever since the patch my animations have been very glitchy also action buttons have not been working so well I have to switch weapons a lot to use shines and doors also getting on my house after battle is taking a really long time (mostly in pvp)
  • Areso1
    Will we ever see any new class besides the 4 dk,nb,sorc,and temp?
  • rackemupg
    Soul Shriven
    I'm vet 1, why are all the daedra lvl 16 in The Imperial City?
  • UrQuan
    What is the rationale for forcing Ebonheart Pact characters to get a group together to farm endgame content hundreds of times (Dragonstar Arena) in order to get an achievement that characters of other alliances can easily obtain solo in the veteran versions of the EP zones? Specifically this is in regard to the nix hound collectible, which is currently impossible for any veteran rank EP character to obtain outside of 2 mobs in DSA, while it is very easily obtainable by characters of other alliances. Was the change to collectibles which prevented them from being bankable specifically to ensure that EP characters could not get certain achievements?
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  • bareheiny
    Are there any plans for a style lock or similar for gear?

    Something that would allow me to equip the best gear I have, but have the appearance of lower level gear.

    For example my character looks good in the l16 Light Bosmer like to keep the style....but wearing a l16 chest won't do me very well the further along I get to end game content.
  • Greath
    PLEASE fix the DC issue. I've gotten kicked 5 times in 30mins!
  • Balthyzar
    What's going on with eso+ crowns on xbox? Can we please get an idea of what's happening before we all cancel?
    Heir to House Dagoth & last of the Aundae
  • UltimaJoe777
    Got a few more questions I hope get answered.

    1. Can we expect new Skill Lines in the future?
    2. Could you perhaps provide a list of bugs you are addressing and fixing in the next incremental patch so we know what ya'll know?
    3. Any chance we can get an Option to hide the Compass entirely, as well as the cursor in the middle of the screen? This would allow us to take pictures in-game via screenshot without the interface getting in the way.
    4. It is quite obvious that Level 50 and Veteran Rank 1 are the same, but what about the higher Veteran Ranks? Is Veteran Rank 2 Level 51 or higher than Level 51?
    5. Lore Question: Where is Red Mountain in the 2nd Era? Is it Ash Mountain or what? I've always wanted to visit it but unfortunately that was not an option in TESV: Skyrim and I never played any of the first 4 TES games.
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  • Gidorick
    Greetings! Below are the "Ask Us Anything" questions and answers from our latest episode of ESO Live. Enjoy!
    @GruntMasher117 - How long does it take to create a new zone in the studio?
    For a zone the size of say Glenumbra or Auridon, it took roughly 30 to 33 weeks, including QA time. But for a zone like Orsinium (the upcoming new DLC game pack), it has taken us a bit longer though as its huge!

    @Mix - Will there be a costume that is just Cadwell's hat (his cooking pot)? So we could be seen wearing a cooking pot for a helm but the rest of our gear would be whatever we have equipped? I love his helm, but the soul shriven rags get a bit boring
    That has actually been discussed as something we might want to do. We’ll take a second look at this.
    While answering this question, we would also like to take the opportunity to let you all know that while we do not respond to all requested features and products for the Crown Store on the forums, we read them. We see all of your requests and we take them seriously. We want to let you all know that we can’t always act on the requests and when we can we can’t always react quickly. Please though, keep the conversations going; we do hear you and appreciate the feedback.

    @Gidorick - Will we see the "rare shaggy giant centipede herdbeast that can live only at high altitudes" in Orsinium that is spoken of in the Pocket Guide to the Empire, 1st Edition/The Wild Region?
    Lady Honnorah af-Lahreq says, “No such beast is mentioned in either De Brazy’s ‘Steeds of Tamriel’ or Luponio’s ‘Mounts of the World,’ so it’s probably safe to regard them as mythical. (I’ve always found the Orcs to be more fanciful than most people think!)"

    @silky_soft - When is CP catch up and cap starting?
    We are still working hard on the Champion Point catch up and point cap systems. We don’t have a time frame to share yet, but we’re looking forward to getting these new improvements into your hands.

    @Acrolas - Why does killing a non-combat animal lock you into combat far longer than a combat mob does?
    What you described sounds like a bug. We’ll look into it. Thank you, Acrolas!

    @Rhass - What's going on with the politics in western Skyrim? We have heard there is another king claiming to be the true king of all Skyrim and this has caused a political split between the east and west because the Skald-King also makes this claim. Who is this west king?
    Phrastus of Elinhir says, “Shortly after the Second Empire dissolved into chaos, High King Logrolf of Skyrim was assassinated. The succession was disputed, and the kingdom of the Nords split into East and West Skyrim, with the west being ruled by the Jarls of Solitude. King Svargrim has ruled West Skyrim since 561, and though aging, is still hale, and shows no desire to give up the throne.”

    @Mix - Will Argonian horns ever be allowed to clip through helms? I used a mod "horns are forever" in Skyrim to allow them to do this.
    In all likelihood, we will never allow the Argonian horns and adornments to clip through the helms. In our opinion, geometry clipping looks bad. We provide players with a choice of hiding their helm so that can see the head customization options on their characters, or wear a helm. There are too many chances for bad clipping with all of the horn/adornment/helm permutations.

    @DRXHarbinger - Does leveling up a skill grant any XP at all? Such as my Medium armor is like level 11, so if I sweat it up to max level will that have yielded any XP gains at all? I know it's easy to boost by jumping in and out of lava etc but just wanted to know if skill leveling / inspiration gains give XP.
    Skills level up in a variety of ways. Class abilities rank up as long as the ability is slotted when you gain experience. Armor skills require you to be wearing that type of armor when you gain experience, the more pieces of an armor type slotted the faster it will progress.

    @Rhass - Is Daggerfall invading the west part of the Rift (presumably through the pass from Helglen aka Lion's Den)? We also see in Craglorn, near the city of Elinhir at the border to Falkreath, there are Daggerfall with siege weapons and the conversation with them implies invasion beyond the sealed Skyrim gates at that location. Does Falkreath belong to DC at this time?
    Phrastus of Elinhir says, “Dear me, no—Falkreath is part of West Skyrim, and its jarl owes allegiance to King Svargrim in Solitude. As I can tell you from personal experience, the Covenant soldiers you see near Elinhir are part of that alliance’s expeditionary force to Cyrodiil, and are holding open the supply lines from Cyrodiil to High Rock.”

    @GruntMasher117 - Are there plans to add in new types of weapons or equipment available in the game? (Example: spears)
    New weapon types specifically? Not going to rule that out, but we don’t have any plans short term to add spears or something like unarmed combat. Longer term it’s a possibility!

    @Hyade - First, can we get the fog pushed back? The fog is constant and thick, and takes away a lot of immersion for me.
    In certain situations, the fog is intended to be heavy and thick to contribute to the mood and atmosphere of the region. Aldcroft in Glenumbra, for example, is a spooky and moody place – as are many areas of Tamriel. The fog distances do change based on weather and time of day, and yes, we are able to change them. But, we have set maximum fog distances in each environment to hide other immersion-breaking issues such as LOD (line of distance) transitions, and very low-detail terrain, the worst culprits being the mountains and large rock features in the geography. This is an old issue and something we have been slowly working on addressing.
    Additional LODs for all of the environment assets is somewhat prohibitive, but we are working through the problem. We have improved our tree LOD system and our skybox system so that we can have trees draw further in the distance and create the illusion of extended background mountain ranges, so the fog distance in Orsinium (the zone for our next upcoming DLC game pack), is set somewhat farther back than other zones. We would like to go back through the older zones and update them accordingly, but that work is currently lower priority than creating new DLC zones.

    @Hyade - Is a DX12 upgrade a possibility in the future? ESO runs pretty darn well, except when there are many things requiring animation on screen at once. My slight understanding of this is that there are too many "draw calls" going out in such situations, and that DX12 handles them drastically better. Right now I run my game on lower settings specifically because of the lower framerate I get in cities, and it sounds like DX12 could improve the situation.
    Yes, we are planning on a DX12 upgrade and expect that this will give us a number of graphics performance improvements. We cannot provide an ETA at this time, but it is something we’re working towards.

    @CirithValaria - What are your thoughts on making Craglorn dungeons public instead of instanced, but keeping the difficulty as it is. This would make the zone more "solo" friendly and still keep it group based.
    We’re focused right now on getting new DLC zones and content ready, so there are no plans right now to go back and make those types of adjustments to Craglorn. Ideally, we would love to revisit Craglorn and make it a bit more solo friendly, where solo players can go. But no promises on if or when that might happen.

    @Arato - Will veteran ranks be increased for Orsinium or will it remain VR16 so that PVE players who don't want to buy a PVP dlc can catch up?
    Nope – we are not raising the level cap for Orsinium. Orsinium is going to be focused much more on PVE, story, and widening the number of gear options. But that’s all we’ll say for now. Let us catch our breath from Imperial City launch first! Rest assured, we’ll have more news on Orsinium soon.

    @dudenamedchris - When will guards be killable?
    We don’t have any immediate plans to add this into the game, largely due to the potential for exploitation with the Justice System.

    @aneova_ESO - Why did you make it so complex for the newer Motif's? Also, why is so much material needed to upgrade our armor and weapons? 100 is extreme, you'll never be able to update the writs to the new tier if this remains.
    There are a few reasons we’ve been splitting up the crafting Motif’s lately. Most importantly, to diversify crafters across the community, at least initially, as players learn individual chapters over time. This provides more niches for more crafters to participate in, and encourages wider overall economic participation. Additionally, we launched with a large number of easy to obtain crafting motifs and we want our crafting community to have aspirational content akin to combat-centric players.
    Lastly, for particularly iconic appearances such as Dwemer and Glass, it should feel like a significant accomplishment to unlock the entire motif, given how recognizable and special they are to all of us. That being said, we understand it can feel a bit overwhelming to have to hunt these down across the game and over long periods of time, so we’re looking very carefully at the time investment required to obtain motifs in future DLC content.

    In regards to the amount of materials needed for VR16 equipment, the goal was to provide some parity between the challenge of obtaining maximum level gear through non-crafted means (PvP, Dungeons, Quest Rewards, etc) with their crafted equivalents. Any writs we add for this tier will accept VR15 item deliveries which require the much lower amount of raw material.

    I found this round of AUA awesome. A lot of responses to a lot of long-asked questions. While, sure it's disappointing to hear about things like horn clipping pretty much never being added, it's really great to get an answer. Thanks ZOS for these!
    What ESO really needs is an Auction Horse.
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  • AlphaCrucis
    When will the guild bank be fixed, i have Nelly 400 items in there and either nothing shows up or only a few items. It's pretty frustrating
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  • Solace of Shadows
    Lore Question
    I grew up a city Bosmer and while I have no trouble with the day to day necessities of life (fighting, hunting, stealing, listening to Altmer talk, ect.) I have little experience with history and lore.

    Once, while out hunting I found a skeleton and a pack in the middle of the forest. After examining the skeleton and promising that all their various belongings would find a good home, or liquidated into gold, then drink, I found a book lying on the ground not far away.

    For a good size book there had been maddening little written with in it. However, what I had read contained this:
    Y'ffre is believed to have first blessed them (the Bosmer) with their form, thus their appearance is sacred, so although Bosmer may take the shape of beasts, the Pact normally bans this practice.

    My question is this: If I happen to be, through no fault of my own! In a strictly hypothetical sense... a werewolf. Not that I am but if I were a were, that changed into a huge half wolf, half Bosmer with claws for slashing and teeth for ripping delicious delicious prey. Ummm...

    Would I unintentionally be breaking the Green Pact?

    Very curious. Please answer.

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  • Akrasjel
    Will you be removing basic racial motifes from the NPC stores(assuming anyone buys them from there) and leaving only what you get as loot ?
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  • Forestd16b14_ESO
    You guys gonna do anything about wrecking blow. It is clearly shown that it is a very popular skill so popular that it shows on most players death recap as 2 or 3 of the killing blows. IDK whats up with it but something is going on for it to be a crutch skill and one of the most abused and spammed skills in the game.

    P.S. Don't just make it cost a few more points cause that won't help at all. The skill it self needs changed not how much it cost.
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  • Ourorboros
    Are you aware that the change that made monster collectibles unbankable has essentially made it impossible to complete the Trophy achievements? If you are aware, will there be other changes that will allow these achievements to be completed without the need to form a group or mindlessly kill the same monsters for days on end?
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