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"You will not be able to outfit your character in class styles other than your current class."

Inari Telvanni
Inari Telvanni
"Style Pages for Class Sets are now available in the Infinite Archive to collect. Style Pages are curated and will drop for your class first. Other Style Pages will drop after a set is complete. All pages are usable, but you will not be able to outfit your character in class styles other than your current class."

So. What exactly is the point of the style page, then? With every other page, be that style page or motif page, you can wear whatever you please regardless of class, race or equipment.
Why is this the exception? What is there to gain from this? The main reason most people have been looking forward to the class sets as style pages is, primarily, the nightblade mask. And most people can't access that because they need to be a nightblade to equip it, exactly like the armor piece?

This goes against the idea of style/motif pages to begin with.
  • Araneae6537
    Yeah, really disappointed to read this. I always liked that in ESO we could mix and match styles regardless of race, class, or armor weight and I don’t see any logic in making styles only useable by specific classes. :disappointed: Please reconsider this, ZOS, and let us mix and match the styles regardless of a character’s class.

    On a related note, please allow mythic styles to be unlocked. I love the look of Mora’s Whispers on my arcanist but need to use the Velothi Amulet so can’t use them for fashion as I’d like.
  • emilyhyoyeon
    Yeah I'm not happy about this
    Zirasia Firemaker, imperial fire mage & sunbather _ Deebaba Soul-Weaver, argonian spirit minder & soul gem collector
    Tullanisse Starborne, altmer battlemage noble & ayleid researcher _ Qa'Rirra, khajiit assassin & dancer
  • CoolBlast3
    Please change this. This is horrible for roleplayers (and in general to be honest) No motif should be class, race, gender or whatever locked!
  • Froil
    Yeah I'm kind of upset at this because some of the class set styles look good, but for my characters that are of a different class.
    "Best" healer PC/NA
  • LunaFlora
    Please change it!

    copied from my own post:
    we can preview all of them on any characters so it doesn't make much sense.

    i was really looking forward to using the Soul cleaver mask style on my main character, a warden, as it's the only head style that can show off hair.
    miaow! i'm Luna ( she/her ).

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    LunaLolaBlossom on psn.
    LunaFloraBlossom on pc.
  • flizomica
    I would really like for them to rethink this specific functionality. Fashion hunting can be one of the biggest time sinks in the game, and I absolutely will not spend extra time in IA hunting styles if they are limited like this. I'm already pretty much done with IA as I got the mount and have collected the sets I want to use, and the other collectibles aren't worth the grind.

    Like many others, I've been patiently waiting for the Soulcleaver hat to become available as it's such a simple style piece that will look amazing on so many outfits. I kinda understand not wanting chest pieces with obvious class icons on them to be available on other classes, but a simple face mask is in no way explicitly Nightblade-y. Heck, I was planning on using it on my undead-looking Necro (kinda like the Breton hero when he was all rotted and grungy) as my NB has a druid-y outfit. This would be a massively disappointing implementation of class styles if it goes live.


    Please let me live out my fantasy fashion dreams.. :'(
  • Vinovin15
    This has to be changed. I understand the items themselves being class-locked, but style pages? The entire point of unlocking outfit styles is to be able to use them anywhere, on any char...
  • Tyrvarion
    I agree, the Infinite Archive's styles shouldn't be different than other outfits in that regard. So many great pieces shouldn't be limited like that, if it's only about the appearance.
  • Ashevajak
    Consider me another one unhappy to hear this. Please reconsider this, no other style page or motif has worked this way in the past and all it does is unnecessary restrict people. ESO's tagline is meant to be "play it your own way", but apparently that no longer applies to fashion?
  • Arthtur
    I rly dislike this. No fashion items should have limitations on them. There is no worse feeling than being unable to use a style just because its from a diffrent class...
    PC/EU @Arthtur

    Toxic Tank for the win :x
  • Kendaric
    Wow... while I'm not really interested in class-set styles, this is a really baffling decision by ZOS. What's next? Can we no longer use specific styles for a specific race when we don't play that race?
      PAWS (Positively Against Wrip-off Stuff) - Say No to Crown Crates!. Outfit slots not being accountwide is ridiculous given their price. PC EU/PC NA roleplayer and solo PvE quester
    • ESO_player123
      Add me to the chorus of the disappointed players.
    • spartan62893_ESO
      I agree with all the voices saying that there should be no class-based restrictions on the styles. It goes against the cosmetic freedoms offered by the outfit system
    • Marto
      I don't have too many problems with the pages dropping with your current class first. It's a nice way to encourage players to try out different classes and characters, without necessarily locking them.

      But the outfit style absolutely needs to be available to all characters.
      "According to the calculations of the sages of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, the batam guar is the cutest creature in all Tamriel"
    • tomofhyrule
      PLEASE rethink this one.

      While it's understandable that we can't equip sets from the other classes (even though some may have useful 2-4 piece bonuses), it makes absolutely no sense that we wouldn't be able to wear the armor at all.

      I get that the weapons all have a class-specific icon and are otherwise identical, but that is not the case for the armor pieces. Particularly in regards to the Nightblade set, which is the only example in game of a mask which covers only the bottom of the face, and would be useful for so many people.
    • PrincessOfThieves
      I've been waiting for the nightblade class style for months and now I am super disappointed. No ninja mask for my arcanist. :(
      Please reconsider this.
    • Trejgon
      I will add another voice to the pile of feedback asking for reconsideration of that restriction.
    • AScarlato
      Guess I'm the only person here who likes some class-unique motifs in MMOs. One won't kill anyone.

      That said people can already look like other classes, themactically, with the motifs we have so the sanctity of these sets is a bit strange.
    • Alphawolf01A
      I'm curious if the style page give the class specific glow colors or is it just the sets themselves. If the style page gives the glow, then I can see the possible reason for keeping the style page class locked. Although, I would rather that the glows weren't class specific. I'd understand if you were wearing the set then you get that specific glow, But the style pages should be open to all classes to allow any color glow on any class as we see fit.
    • FluffyBird
      I don't event play the game at the moment, but what the actual flock.
      Did ZOS decide that there's too many players with only one character and they must be "enticed" to play all the classes?
    • tomofhyrule
      What's really strange is that this seems to have been a deliberate choice.

      On Live, you can already preview these, and there are no restrictions whatsoever:
      The restriction was added with U41:

      If the team really doesn't like the idea of having one class cosplaying as another, I'll give you the weapons - they're all the same save the emblem on them anyway. But the armor pieces should not have any restrictions on them at all, and that is doubly important for the parts that have no iconography, which is most of the armor slots save the chest pieces.

      Again, PLEASE REMOVE THIS RESTRICTION. At the very least, for the armor pieces.

      EDIT: I'd also like to highlight that other part of the tooltip as well - why not for Companions either? At this point, we've got 6/7 of the classes, so they can't even represent?
      Edited by tomofhyrule on January 29, 2024 9:37PM
    • Anyammis
      Having cosmetics locked behind a class really goes against the spirit of the game. We do not want this and are very much against it. Players have frequently asked for more access to fashion choices, not less. Everybody is fine with your class styles dropping first, but please make the styles equippable for all classes. Other games lock styles behind class, race, or gender and it's a thing of the past most people hate. Nothing feels worse than seeing a unique look you'd love on your character only to have it locked behind something silly. Several of the IA styles have unique looks not offered elsewhere for players who want them.

      Also not to derail too much as someone else also mentioned please release the longterm unreleased styles (asylum weapons, mythics, cyrodiil and ic monster sets, etc). The fashion and customization aspect of the game is some of the most universally loved content in game.
      PC NA
      GM of Eyes of the Queen
    • nwilliams2107b16_ESO
      I’m going against the grain here, it’s called a class style for a reason, pleased each class can show off its own identity, there’s bucket loads of other motifs to pick from, class style for a class is fine by me. Other games have it, I’m just surprised it’s taken 10 years to do it here.
      Let the hate commence!
    • J18696
      The most unique part of the class sets that told you a person was using them was the effect not the style and since the effect isn't apart of the motif I dont see a reason to lock the styles to a class really disappointing
      PC NA Server
      Pridē - Dragonknight
      Vanıty - Arcanist
    • notyuu
      Would you be kind enough to tell us why the other devs decided to do the equivlant of shooting themselves in the foot by REMOVING incentive to play IA by limiting the ability to use style pages to the class that you are playing as?

      cuz no matter how we, the players are looking at this, it's a lose-lose
      We lose due to not being able to style however we wish
      you lose due to reduce incentive to run IA past having mastered it

      and lets be perfectly honest here, we both know almost half the reason people were going nuts over IA on launch was to try and get the style pages to drop so they could use that smexy nigthblade mask on whatever class they wanted.....course, this was before they figured out that the pages didn't drop at sure, if you're a NB then it's all fine and dandy, but anything else, tough luck get [censored], is that it?
    • MashmalloMan
      Agreed, what are thinking? Play as you want should include a simple outfit you worked hard to unlock. The actual set effects are fine being locked to the classes, the style. No.
      PC Beta - 1900+ CP

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      Mag Sorc High Elf || Mag Templar High Elf || Mag Warden Breton || Mag Necro Khajiit || Mag Blade Khajiit
    • OtarTheMad
      This was such a bad move.
    • ZigoSid
      Same here, wanted the WrathSun pants for my DK's outfit ...

      Sometimes they really make grotesque decisions.
      You can dress as a Dominion soldier when playing Pact or Covenant, as an Altmer when Argonian, have tons of stupid glowing skins, eyes and mounts, transmog your heavy armor into a light one, etc etc. But then suddenly for classes sets that's a no no and "RP/Logic matters" ? :D
      Edited by ZigoSid on January 29, 2024 10:29PM
    • lillybit
      There's already alliance styles which any character can wear so this addition is nonsensical. So people who only play one character can unlock them but never wear them?
      PS4 EU
    • OtarTheMad
      I wanted the soulclever helmet for my Magden so I can finish up her outfit and make her look like Frost from MK.
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