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PTS Update 27 - Feedback Thread for Existing Item Sets

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This is the official feedback thread for existing item sets. For feedback on the new item sets, please visit this thread. After you have a chance to try out different combat scenarios, let us know what you think of the current balance and changes.
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  • newtinmpls
    job_man wrote: »
    Medusa should be a Light Armor set for it to be viable.

    I was just looking at and deconning that set yesterday... and thinking that exact same thing.
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  • Ventru7
    can anyone on pts check powerful assault set change? patch notes were kinda vague about how many people it effects.
  • QuinnTheWolf
    this update seems divine to be honest but 2 tips here for better set changes

    ill test these some time soon but for now ill give my direct opinion and what i already experienced whit them before this update

    keep the non perfected falsegods devotion 5th piece bonus spell damage BUT for the perfected version, instead of having that grant the spell damage and no bonus magicka, keep it like its now but make it so that the magicka it adds is only 536 or something instead of 1082 (i think it was 1082) this way falsegods devotion is what it was ment to be, a magicka equivilant to the vicious ophidian set
    infact cut up the 5th piece perfected bonuses of all the sets, this way its a reward to those who push but it still meets the balancing
    also id be a good idea to add perfected versions of all the trial armors from craglorn too
    this way you dont have to bring this ridicilous changes to sets like the perfected falsegods devotion and its normal mode equivilant, yes i also say this becouse vicious ophidian is obtainable in normal mode, so why let mages suffer like this hmmm :joy: i mean, not alot of players have access to the perfected content since those trials are already hard, the current plans for those sets seem to punish one for playing normal mode and vet mode, its just not worth the time :/

    second opinion, thrassian stranglers: dont change it., keep the weapon dmg bonus but make it so it only affects your highest stat, INCREASE the penalties by 1% so that it realy is a power tradeoff, this way people who enjoy 1hitting enemies in the overland can still do so but dungeon runners will have to be very carefull lest they wana be 1 hitted by enemies, this adds the sklls needed to handle such accursed threasures yet still keeps the fun in it and the worth in grinding these stranglers

    for now ill leave it at this
    but seriously, drop the falsegods devotion nerfs that are currently announced, they will only serve to chase away those who ground them for hours, they will only feel horrible, all those hours gone in 1 download

    but hey the update is fresh, much more changes will come soon :), i think/hope theyll be reversed at the end of the month or watever haha

    hmm that reminds me to ask, is it possible for players to pay a lot of money and have a personalized armor set w 4 effects added? id save up every last cent i have to make such a dream come true hahahaha XD, meh its just a sily idea hihi but ohh im allowed to dream hihihihi ^w^

    time to look at the future whit hope and lots of optimism!
    keep up the good work
    Window Maker: That's a 4k dot. Ouch. It does have more counterplay than plague slinger or venomous smite, but still, almost twice the DPS of most dot proc sets.

    I used to run Viper/Widow back in the day, but it still doesn't proc at range and it's pretty easy to avoid. I'm glad they are finally doing something with it, though.

    PLEASE buff Flanking Strategist to be higher than your new standard for War Maiden, Automaton, Sword-Singer, etc.
  • Tommy_The_Gun
    I don't understand way of thinking when it comes to Shacklebreaker / Draugr Hulk / Crafty Alfiq changes.

    Increased the Stamina and Magicka this set grants to 2065, up from 2000.

    Draugr Hulk:
    Reduced the Stamina of this set to 2550, down from 2560.

    Crafty Alfiq:
    Reduced the Magicka granted by this set to 2550, down from 2560

    Shacklebreaker got buffed, but 2 other sets that are focused on only one stat got nerfed.

    I know it is a "tiny bit", but those sets are mathematically significantly weaker already (on live server), as they don't provide buff to both stat. Also, other parts of bonuses (2 pcs, 3 pcs, 4 pcs) focus on one type stat.

    Shacklebreaker however gives both (weapon & spell damage ; stamina & magicka recovery). I don't understand why you are widening the gap... Shouldn't it be the other way around ?

    I will skip the fact that those sets each come from different source (crafted / overland / dungeon), but mathematically... something is way off...
  • Celestro
    Why was Storm Master changed to not work with Overload while Undaunted Unweaver/Infiltrator (potentially) still do? I trust not because they need to be activated since they already have additional damage attached to them over SM's as most conditional sets tend to work.
  • Sleep724
    Is the damage on Varens Legacy still magic damage and is the damage still not buffed by any other modifier?

    Also, those buffs to Black Rose and Torugs doe. Wonder what a weapon damage enchant by Torugs now is going to be.
  • Mayrael
    1. I don't know is it the case on live but Plague Slinger "sees" enemies through cloak, I'm not sure should it or not but with this cooldown it has around 90% of uptime making fighting someone using this set totally unbalanced. This set deals 1,5k each second against someone with 30k resistances...
    2. Pilar of nirn - this set same as the one above deals 1,5k damage per second to someone with 30k resistances

    For maximum chees backbar Pilar of nirn, frontbar Unleashed/Plague Slinger, Use Malacath Band Of Brutality and e.g. Velidreth. Now all you need to to do is to attack your enemy once per 10s, and you can kite around.
    I am doing my best, but I am not a native speaker, sorry.

    Mael Nightshadow - that's all you need to know.
  • xBananaFish
    i killed some mobs on random maps with stranglers. but there isnt any effect. no stacks, no more mag dmg
  • Sordidfairytale
    If you're experiencing an issue with not seeing a speed bonus from the Ring of the Wild Hunt unequip it and re-equip it.
    The Vegemite Knight

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  • Rianai
    Automaton got omitted unlike its magicka counterpart War Maiden which got adjusted.

    Ysgramor's Birthright, Silks of the Sun and Netch's Touch got omitted unlike their stamina counterpart Swamp Raider which got buffed.

    Such an excelent example of standardization (sarcasm).

    Problem with those sets is that dmg types aren't standardised either. For example a magdk can go full flame dmg, but there is no full lighting or frost or poison build with similar power so with equal stats Sun will always be the most powerful one of those "elemental dmg" sets. There are builds that can be only physical dmg but not magic dmg only because there is no weapon that deals magic dmg aside from resto staff, which is utterly useless as offensive weapon. And so on ...

    Their choice which sets to buff and which don't still does not make much sense, but this is something to keep in mind.
  • ungama
    when I saw some changes, I thought well that it will be very interesting, then I saw the changes to the sets and thought what the hell is going on here again. Hircine and worm cult get reg. It was partially made so unusable, Olorime is so extremely nerfed that the healer has no freedom left.
    Siroria with its 10 stacks and the 540 max magic power, Siroria is simply a worse set than other sets that increase the magic power, it is still a trial set and there is hardly any reason to farm it.
    Relequen is and was one of the best sets so far.
    With a calculation of 10 seconds in which 20 stacks do 54,000 damage, it now only makes 36,900, so 17.1k damage is simply taken down wtf.
    Lokkestiiz only has a duration of 10 seconds, which sometimes makes it impossible to play, because there are many synergies in the raid, but you have to be able to absorb them first, unless someone else snaps them away beforehand.
    What is better for it, in which relation do Stamina DD's benefit from this patch? Many Magicka are made stronger by this chapter, but the changes are again a huge step back.
    New gear farms every 3 months, because the gear that has just been farmed is being regenerated, great action.
    Please rethink the set changes. It feels more and more uncomfortable from patch to patch. You see the changes and think, omg not again.
    Rianai wrote: »
    There are builds that can be only physical dmg but not magic dmg only because there is no weapon that deals magic dmg...

    Almost all magblade skills are 'magic' damage. It doesn't matter if it doesn't buff your LA/HA. War Maiden will be BiS for magblades hands down. People were doing War Maiden & Caluurion already. Those both got buffs, and now works with Malacath, so get ready for that ***.
  • Rianai
    Rianai wrote: »
    There are builds that can be only physical dmg but not magic dmg only because there is no weapon that deals magic dmg...

    Almost all magblade skills are 'magic' damage. It doesn't matter if it doesn't buff your LA/HA. War Maiden will be BiS for magblades hands down. People were doing War Maiden & Caluurion already. Those both got buffs, and now works with Malacath, so get ready for that ***.

    Don't underestimate the impact of light attacks. Ofc if you just slap on some carry procs, it won't really matter, but still.
  • Celestro
    Seeing Assassin's Guile and Innate Axiom gave me some degree of hope that more crafted sets with 2-4 bonuses geared toward stam and mag specs would be changed to mirror New Moon Acolyte but apparently that came up short with the likes Shacklebearer, Mechanical Acuity, Daring Corsair, Sload's Semblance, possibly Twice Born Star and especially Pelinal's Aptitude.

    In fact, I still believe making the latter's 5 piece bonus equalize both Weapon Damage and Spell Damage, as well as Magicka and Stamina makes sense, just because most damaging abilities (especially now after pets were changed accordingly) scale from all of these stats. That could simply allow the 4 piece bonus, after it and the 3 piece are merged, to offer something like Penetration (and preferably not Critical).
  • karekiz
    Medusa - Please make this into a Tzo Magica set.
  • Ventru7
    Please reconsider the Roaring Opportunist set change. I understand that it should be more in line with War Machine/Master Architect sets and such but Roaring Opportunist actually needs a very specific setup to make it work, we can't just throw the set into any character and expect a good uptime unlike other sets that give Major Slayer with minimal effort. Also it is a set from the latest trial so it should have an edge over other older sets. There are not many people doing kyne's aegis and since no buffs to the healer and tank set and a big nerf to roaring set it will be even less people running and farming sets there.
    Edited by Ventru7 on July 13, 2020 10:35PM
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