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Update 23 Combat Q&A

  • technohic
    What's with the DOT boost?

    We see you balancing abilities like healing springs and vigor. Where do you see the overall balance behind these as it relates to group size and classes?
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  • Haink
    Kilcosu wrote: »
    Qbiken wrote: »
    Why has all feedback regarding werewolf been ignored through the entire PTS cycle for Update 23? A lot of feedback has been made on why these changes (especially the self-heal and pack-leader) are too much. And why aren't any adjustments being made? (speaking from a PvP and PvE perspective)

    I would like to second these specific questions regarding werewolf and update 23. some clarifications are needed with as much silence we have been given

    Yes, need answers. thank you.
  • PhoenixGrey
    When are you planning to fix ?
    - shield bug
    - streak bug
    - undo bug
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  • FrankonPC
    What was the reasoning behind the substantial nerf to resolving vigor in the last week of the PTS? With the increase to overall dot damage, as well as adding new damage over time effects available to all classes in the game(soul splitting trap), reducing the effectiveness and duration of resolving is a huge nerf in pvp.

    I was looking at my medium armor stamcro build and if I hit myself with my own tooltip soul splitting trap, I wouldn't be able to recover if there were 3 of them on me. I basically would have to keep 100% uptime on vigor, which isn't realistic in order to somewhat maintain it.

    These new dots are undodgeable and in an outnumbered situation you are going to take a lot of them from multiple players. The first few weeks of changes brought a lot of promise for medium armor viability, and it was then completely scrapped by the last week with no explanation as to the reasoning.

    With the overall buff to dots, the change to harness etc the increased healing was welcome across the board for all classes. If this stays as is the tank meta will live on in stam builds, because they will have to.
  • Gilvoth
    do you have plans to look into the undo ultimate?
    it is not working properly.
    best in slot: is the armor, weapon, clothing look, pet, or no pet, jewelry, race, class, skill choices, amount of DPS, and skin color best fit to you and the way you wish to play and makes you feel good and performs what YOU think it should be.

    worst in slot: what you read in zone chat, and forum comment, and forum thread, and you tube video, and live streamer advice, and class rep advice, and guild chat advice, and whisper told you to wear, and use for skill, and dress like, and use for weapon and armor.
    Is your long term goal to end animation canceling?

    With regards to combat in cyrodil, are you revamping the cheat identify engine to work better?

    With all the data you are able to pull on players in game on their characters why have you not addressed those players who take almost no damage yet continue to be almost unkillable and yet they do massive damage?

    Is anyone looking at fixing the bugged sets where you stack the bonus?

  • ESO_Nightingale
    I could go on with several problems. But the most important question i can ask, is why is arctic blast (the arctic wind morph) not specifically being looked at as soon as possible? It is our biggest pain point and it is of the upmost urgency that it should be fixed to be unblockable and to deal damage. this skill does not need a heal. And especially a health scaling one at that. We have green balance dedicated to healing. We lack damage. Now, Shock Clench is no longer a stun. We are in a severe crisis.

    While budding seeds having a HoT is really nice, it was never a pain point. We feel severely neglected. You guys should be fixing problems.
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  • MehrunesFlagon
    [*] Have DDs use defensive ultimates.

    What exactly is the goal with this?I imagine alot of dps are going to be very sour, as they don't exactly sign up for dps for with this in mind.
  • lassitershawn
    TBois wrote: »
    With the audit yall made sure many skills used by stamina and magicka builds scaled off of the appropriate cp for those builds. Sorcerer's critical surge and dark deal being magicka costing skills their heals scale off of cp like elfborn, but these skills are primarily used by stamina sorcerer. Do yall intend to keep this as is or is there a plan to make these skills scale off of something like precise strikes?

    Do yall intend to have more skills scale off of your character's max stats (not only scaling damage but also changing damage type) in the future, similar to the new soul trap?

    Critical surge is used just as much by magsorcs because the heal is stronger, and it will now be used even moreso because of the power surge changes.
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  • WuffyCerulei
    Will some trial and dungeon mechanics to make up for the changes in healing? I mean a few hard modes in various trials, and places that had healing reduction, like Cloudrest? I ask this due the possibility that healers will be forced to wear extremely niche builds for these places, narrowing their role down more.
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  • MrGarlic
    400ms ping.

    Is this the new normal for those of us in the Oceanic region?

    It used to be 220ms. It's gradually getting worse every few months. At this rate it will probably be 500ms by the end of the year.
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  • Juhasow
    What's up with stamsorc especially in PvE ? It's kinda sad that stamsorc's identity is a lack of it. There were some notes from class rep meetings about adding more stamsorc oriented ultimate to the class. What happened to those ideas ?
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  • lassitershawn
    1. Nerf to ground AoEs is somewhat ridiculous imo, they take more skill with positioning compared to ST dots.
    2. Making MULTIPLE extremely powerful universal skills is going to cause less class skills to be slotted and reduce class identity across the board.
    3. MAJOR VULNERABILITY is broken af and no mention has been made of this. There needs to be a cooldown before this can be reapplied, 7-8 stamina necromancers is a ridiculous meta.
    4. As a magicka sorcerer main, I'm disappointed in the direction they're taking the class, which is essentially into oblivion for PvE. I'm fine with pets being nerfed, I prefer a caster sorcerer playstyle (even though matriarch alone is basically the same gameplay as caster sorc), but sorc needs something to compensate. LL/Flood was nerfed and arguably one of the more important reasons to bring sorc DD is for the extra synergies, but now it isn't even good DPS to have on bar. Atronach has nowhere near the group utility of flesh atro, the synergy should be able to be obtained by 2 people and apply berserk to the sorc. LL should be unnerfed and the synergy should be obtainable by 3 people. Sorc has always had somewhat of an identity as an important synergy provider and this helps keep it in a good place without even substantial DPS buffs.
    5. Side note, stamina sorc is actually in a good place for PvE for once, if stamina necromancer was so *** broken it would definitely be used. Still needs a bit more identity.
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  • kylermacdb16_ESO
    Are Necromancers considered 'completed' for the most part? I was expecting to see more robust changes in the recent updates on PTS but the notes for the class were fairly unexciting. As is, I'd say 1/3 of their class skills will remain unused by the playerbase as those skills (Ie, Grave Grasp, Bitter Harvest, most of the tethers...) either do too little, too weak or too cumbersome to use. Also, summoned creature AI still needs help; Spirit Healer should not be trying to target an ally 500 ft away, resulting in it just floating doing nothing, when I am damaged, nor should Blastbones become a pet for an enemy player, in that it just follows them around not doing its job (exploding).
  • The_Saint
    I want to know if theres a bigger picture and where you want to go with your combat? What is you target for combat in 1 year for example? which playstyle you want to see in pve?

    a 10 dot rota is realy hard to play...

    Buffing single target dots over ground aoe for single target dps was right but yes the 10 dot rota is not really casual friendly
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  • colossalvoids
    When can we see some positive updates for stamplar and stamsorc specs?
    Most buffs (if any) was through universal things like la weaving boost or changes in meta (vma dual wield) but community actually expect some direct changes and improvements made toward their usefulness in endgame play, for example Power of the Light is easily can be keeped up by a magplar healer and the damage component is bugged so stamplar getting shafted, still quite clunky use of jabs etc. it's all well known issues.

    Cast times on ultimates. Lots of people are drawn to the game and staying here because it's combat system being fast and responsive. this change rings a bell if the direction is changed and rises some problems of use on some of them especially that was already nerfed before like incapacitating strike.
    What should we expect in the future or you can admit it's not being the best decision?

    What about medium armor pvp?
    At first pts we saw buffs to shuffle, vigor compensating for momentum etc. but now it's all gone yet again plus buffs to st dots making survivability even more complicated forcing heavy armor still to have any enjoyment.
    Why decision to make medium more appealing was scrapped?
  • keto3000
    There was a very similar discussion & debate regarding the overall direction of character building of the game.

    Update 23 reminds me of the philosophical discussion/debate re the need for archetypes & class skills in early/mid 2014 when the game still had Vet ranks (pre CP system).

    Class/archetype skill-based VS. "No class" character defined solely by the player's choice of Weapon, Armor, Guild & World skills allowing players to build any character & define it by chosen skill lines and further refinement through a constellation based class refinement (I.e. a CP tree for "sorcerer"mage" specialization, etc)
    (There was also mention of this by Nick Konckle in the first Reddit AMA as well.)

    FYI----Throwback threads:
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  • Markdechene1
    Any plans to fix the stam necro? Siphon is bugged in a number of way, blastbones blacks out and cannot be cast to name just a couple of things. All quick cast abilities are a nightmare to get off

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