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Update 23 Combat Q&A

  • Ivan04
    I hope you won't just answer the questions from this thread, because I can't really think of anything besides asking for more balance to Vigor (slightly overnerfed in last pts patch).

    And perhaps more rework to the SnB line, since no one is going to be using power slam and morphs.
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  • Vercingetorix
    Necromancer still needs work and none of these issues were even addressed yet have been mentioned through several PTS patches, both before and after Elsweyr launched. When can we see a fix to these issues?

    - Flame Skull and its morphs need their casting animation and projectile speed increased so that they don't cause weaving issues. This problem is also present on the Warden's Cliff Racer skill as well.

    - Corpse ground targeting is still not consistent. Siphon and Tether need to simply consume a nearby corpse and let the player place the effect where they want it. Corpses do NOT show up half of the time in Cyrodiil or even in dungeons. The skill is highlighted with an applicable corpse and yet the skill does not fire. Please, PLEASE change how these two skills work!

    - Bone Armor skill doesn't do much and the effect sometimes ends before the full 20 seconds are up. Summoner Armor's cost reduction isn't enough to warrant using it and Beckoning Armor interferes with tanks trying to do their job. By comparison, other classes' defense skills are strong spells: Templar's Rune, Sorcerer's Lightning Form, Warden's Ice Fortress do so much more and last longer for their cost and yet the Necromancer gets a shorter duration armor buff that literally does nothing else useful for the player. The Necromancer's armor skill needs to be brought up to the other class' buff standards - for consistency's sake at the very least. Thank you.
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  • FrancisCrawford
    If any, what's the PvE difficulty cutoff where you'd hope to:
    • Force tanks to wear "selfish" sets rather than DPS buffs such as Alkosh.
    • Have dedicated healers be required.
    • Have tanks and/or healers use defensive or healing ultimates.
    • Have DDs use defensive ultimates.

    You sometimes state or imply such things are goals, but rarely with much detail or context.

    I'm sure you can imagine many other versions of this question. Please answer whichever formultation(s) make(s) the most sense to you.
  • FrancisCrawford
    Similarly, what are your top player "personas" or use cases as balance priorities? Possibilities include but are not limited to:
    • PvE score-chasers.
    • PvE endgame completionists.
    • PvEers who can handle normal versions of most or all endgame and vet versions of the easier stuff.
    • (Various PvP options that I won't enumerate.)

    Note: If you say you prioritize all players' balance equally, many people won't believe you, and those who do won't like the answer anyway.
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  • Zer0oo
    • will bast bones get some tweaking to be more reliable? They are pets and pets have problems to work in an open world pvp setting. Die extreme easy, root, snares ....
    • Is there hope to make the tether skills of necros better for open combat? You need to first find a corpse and if you move the beam breaks. You always move, need to produce a new corpse at the new spot and you actually have to find corpse which is not so easy in heavy combat. It gets worse if the corpse is a player since if they just release, your tether breaks
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  • FrancisCrawford
    What are the most important areas where you feel "Please don't judge our work until other shoes drop?" And when are those shoes likely to arrive?
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  • FrancisCrawford
    What do you envision for group cc on tanks that don't have that in the class toolkit? Bombard? Just do without and perhaps snare instead? Don't tank with that class?
  • TBois
    With the audit yall made sure many skills used by stamina and magicka builds scaled off of the appropriate cp for those builds. Sorcerer's critical surge and dark deal being magicka costing skills their heals scale off of cp like elfborn, but these skills are primarily used by stamina sorcerer. Do yall intend to keep this as is or is there a plan to make these skills scale off of something like precise strikes?

    Do yall intend to have more skills scale off of your character's max stats (not only scaling damage but also changing damage type) in the future, similar to the new soul trap?
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  • BennyButton
    SaltySudd wrote: »

    2) Will the Master's Restoration Staff receive an adjustment to compensate for the changes made to Healing Springs?
    The Master's Resto was often used in stamina-heavy groups or fights as a means for stamina sustain, but now that Healing Springs can't be stacked/spammed it results in a loss of stamina return that the staff previously provided. The new Healing Springs change returns magicka over time to the caster rather than upfront the way that it used to function, so would it be possible to adjust the Master's Resto to function similarly and provided stamina return over time instead of only on the initial tick?

    Just spam springs for master resto, it'll be OP


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  • No_Division
    Would it be possible to know a long term goal for what classes are supposed to look like (according to ZOS). As players, we only know what we see on live and what info we have from the upcoming update. ZOS has much more info available and makes decisions based on future things we as players know nothing about.

    Up until this most recent pts cycle, I didn't know that ground based dots were overperforming. I didn't know that single target dots were underperforming. I didn't know that restoration staff healing was overperforming. I didn't know that stamina healing needed more sources like circle of protection.

    These changes seemingly come out of nowhere as players don't really know what class/role identity is other than what we can see and experience. If class/role identity is seen differently internally, perhaps this can be relayed to players in advance so that when we see a shift over time that is different than what we know, we have some reasoning for it and can perhaps understand changes from that point of view.

    Also, please do something about flappy flaps all over towns blocking interactions. Make them an illegal act in cities or alternatively make them disappear visually to all but the caster while in cities or make them auto unsummon near crafting areas, bankers, etc. Even something as simple as making them a bit smaller and forcing them to land (stop flapping) when not moving would be a welcome change.

    I agree. A nice list of the classes/roles would be amazing. Us templars are still using the old wrobel "house" design intent with our feedback, because that's all they gave us, and the small snippet on class creation screen lol.

    With that additional information on hand, we can provide more meaningful discussions and feedback.
  • Beardimus
    Tyrion87 wrote: »
    With the upcoming changes to power surge, do you plan to make the skill relevant to magicka sorcerers again, by e.g. adding major sorcery to critical surge morph?

    Fab thread thanks @ZOS_GinaBruno

    +1 on Power surge - an update on the logic behind removing a go to skill for DD PvE & PvP would be good

    And bar space issues this change creates for sorcs , in particular pet sorcs (single bar pet time?)
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  • rothtwinsdad
    I play PVP and PVE, my main PVE is pet sorc and main PVP is Magden. I understand that pets in PVP are overpowered but gutting an entire class identity is not the to fix it. I am sure there are ways to adjust battle spirit for pet damage and healing without rendering it completely useless in PVE. Or even make pets un-summonable in PVP all together. The changes to power surge are completely out of nowhere. The change to reach really hits magden hard in PVP as the class has no viable stun now as well as no execute. Warden in general was in no way overpowered in PVE or PVP yet nerfs to class skills. Please explain the direction combat is headed for these two classes in particular.
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  • SteamKitten01
    My questions:

    What are the plans for the future of the PVE magblade because it seems like pretty much everything that made them useful and unique has been nerfed?

    -While not technically a combat question, are there any plans to add significantly more guild traders to the game? Because multi-bidding doesn't help guilds secure guild traders if there's still far more guilds that want traders each week than traders available for hire.
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  • SodanTok
    With the changes to abilities this patch and probably some other big remakes in future, is there some plan (I would ask when but that can be too specific) to adjust certain playstyles that are hurt more than others with these revisits. In particularly ranged stamina (so bow/bow) in PVE and PVP that always creeps to visibility because of certain overperforming mechanics (like spider synergy in PVE or even Snipe bugs in PVP) but when all is fixed and standardized, fall noticeably behind?
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  • Derra
    Well well well - that´s very fortunate timing.
    Ehm UN fortunate of course ;)
    Every comment is from a pvp pov unless stated otherwise.

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  • Rake
    Will hammer get deleted from Cyrodiil
    Will we see more stamina morphs for classes
    Will we get new pvp large scale map
  • Chrlynsch
    Qbiken wrote: »
    Why has all feedback regarding werewolf been ignored through the entire PTS cycle for Update 23? A lot of feedback has been made on why these changes (especially the self-heal and pack-leader) are too much. And why aren't any adjustments being made? (speaking from a PvP and PvE perspective)

    I second this exact question.

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  • Ajax_22
    Adding cast times to ultimates appears to be a change most people here have reacted negatively to. Yet the combat team seems intent on going through with the change.

    Why are these cast times being added?
    What issue is the team attempting to solve with this change?
    Could those issues have been addressed in some way that does not effect the current flow of combat?
  • Bfish22090
    when will you remove faction lock?

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