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Update 23 Combat Q&A

  • Mojomonkeyman
    Necromancer class in PvP
    The general consensus amongst PvP players that necromancer is not an attractive choice to play remains unchanged almost 3 months after the release of the class for multiple reasons that have been pointed out in other threads. The proposed changes on the current PTS contain some nice QoL improvements, but are not exactly targeting the most pressing issues being pointed out by the community (i.e.: current tether implementation not suiting the fast paced PvP playstyle, class sustain being tied to those tethers, unreliable targeting and ability activation in general, etc.)

    My questions:
    • Is the class/combat ability team aware of the mainly negative user feedback in regards to necromancer PvP performance?
    • What is the team's position on necromancer performance in PvP?
    • Are there any, and if yes - what abilities have been identified that are holding the classs back in PvP and how is the team planning to adress them?
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  • Katinas
    Necromancer and Templar are the two only classes in the game without access to a class skill (or passive) that would grant Major Brutality and Major Sorcery (Increase Weapon/Spell Damage). Would it be possible to give Necromancers and Templars these passives to make it more balanced with other classes? Now Necromancers and Templars have to rely on potions, sets and weapon skills to get these buffs.
  • KageNin
    Why cant we revert Caltrops change to have old morph useful in PvE as it was for years and other one for pvp?
    Unstable core is still OP as it can be recast on oponent after it expires, theres co counterplay.
    Why put Cast times on ultimates ? EsO shines because its combat is fast paced, in U22 you said yourself you wanted to keep combat fluid what happend?
    Pillar of Nirn, Widowmaker,Nerineth sets are still underperforming, issue with them is the not their damage output but how easy it is to avoid the proc animation. (For guidance see how Red Mountain set proc operates) Can we change those sets?
  • 6lackzeu5
    Why can't new skills be added per class instead of always destroying staple skills. People wouldn't mind if a class had a couple new skills as long as they knew more were being added to their favorite class as well. Have you guys ever heard the phrase don't break what isn't broken because that's all I see from the combat team.
  • Zer0oo
    • any plans to revisit stealth gameplay? currently it is way to easy to get into stealth and have 100% chance to hit the first attack. If you are stamina based you even CC the target. What makes it even worse is the cloak mechanic of nb that allow players to just reset the gank and wait till the player is at a bad position e.g. getting focused by other players and cc + high burst+unpredictable. For players on the receiving end there is little to no effective counter play and the stealth player can be endless in invisible mode and even buff and heal up. (Playing around with cloak is way harder if there are more players on you)
    • Will sorc tanks get anything for the pet nerf? If they decided to run the tank pet they already gave up on 2 skill-slot and now the heal is only mediocre at best while the pet is still useless. Other classes do not have the hassle to slot a stupid pet to get a even stronger heal on their tanks. (Sorc do not have any tank nor healing passives)
    • With the buffed aoe heals is there a chance to limit cross-healing in cyro? (maybe grp only if you are grped) I just fear that stacking more players at a tight spot will be even more effective when everyone of them just slots one of the new aoe grd heals. (And by more i mean many more)
    • Were some of the changes done to improve the performance? e.g. healing spring no longer stacking, limited duration on some hots, ...

    I actually like that there is an Q&A and i really would love to see something like that more often. Especial a PvP Q&A about cyro and bg would be nice.
    Ice Furnace: This item set now grants Spell Damage, rather than Weapon Damage for the 4 piece bonus
    - Update 23
  • Pednick
    Like mentioned by others, make Burning Embers, Engulfing Flames and Molten Whip 28 meters.
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  • BohnT2
    Will Jabs ever be adapted in how they perform?
    Due to numerous things like major evasion, defensive CP mitigating them more than other skills and the issues with landing them they are outclassed by other options on both mag and stamplar

  • BohnT2
    With the standardisation ongoing this patch are skills like igneous weapons (and morphs) and power surge seen as decent when compared to other abilities in their category?

    The current implementation of healing available for stamina specs is highly lacking for all specs who don't have the opportunity to use cloak so much that they aren't able to perform in duels at all without even mentioning combat situations that feature more than one enemy. Even stamnb took a huge hit heading in the wrong direction as it forces cloak to be even more polarizing.
    Is there an intention to bring healing on stamina specs more in line with the current damage values and is the current implementation of cloak something you want to keep?
  • usmguy1234
    usmguy1234 wrote: »
    Zos: If the aim of Update 23 was to equalize skills, then why does Rapid Regen heal for twice the amount Vigor does in a mirrored gear setup, and why does it last 20% longer?

    i could answer this for you - rapid regen requires you to sacrifice a weapon slot (i.e resto staff) vigor doesn't. hope this helps :)

    This is a moot point when you consider all the other healing skills that magicka has through class skills vs stamina. You are not forced to use restro because most magicka classes already have decent healing skills, restro is just supplementary, whereas stamina is basically shoehorned into using vigor and rally (or some combination of those skills/ morphs.)
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  • jypcy
    I think the changes to the elemental succession set looked great, making it a very potent set for high elemental damage builds but also a fair trade-off with the now high-damage magic dots like entropy and soul trap that won’t benefit from it. However, I hear it has a 5 second cooldown on PTS as opposed to the 4 second cooldown mentioned in the patch notes. Which value is correct? And would it be possible to give it the 5 second proc time, 4 second cooldown of spell strategist, another “kiss/curse” set that makes you trade one type of damage for another (in its case, increased single target for lessened aoe)?
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