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Create a Cake housing contest for PC NA/EU! Enter by April 20th -- 2m gold in prizes!

To celebrate ESO's 5 great years, the Spicy guilds are holding a CREATE A CAKE housing contest! Open to ALL on the PC/NA and PC/EU servers!!!

When crafting your cake, get creative with furnishings--make it look delicious, exquisite, or just downright fun! Continue to celebrate the Anniversary Jubilee and whip something together! All the entries will be toured on stream, and big prizes will be had!



Two ways to enter:

1) Send an in-game mail to @JHartEllis with the type of home your entry is in (e.g. "Snugpod"), and you may include a BRIEF description if necessary to explain the build.

2) If you want your home to be more publicly accessible, reply to this thread with the type of home your entry is in (e.g. "Snugpod"), and you may include a longer build description and screenshots.

Make sure JHartEllis has Visitor access for judging. It is not necessary to set the home to your primary, and you do not need to be present during judging. Get your entry submitted before before 3pm EDT on April 20. Enter early (earlier the better), and finish your build before judging begins. If you have EHT FX, please mail those in-game to @JHartEllis


10 overall best winners will each receive 200,000 gold on the PC/NA or PC/EU server! Judging will primarily focus on creativity, build polish, and theme. The theme is simply "cake". Please make your cake readily accessible from the housing entrance.

Judging will be streamed Saturday, April 20th starting at 7pm EDT at We'll have 10 sweet furnishing baskets available as prizes for Twitch chat participants. Tune in, get some decoration inspiration, and enter for prizes!


Good luck, and happy baking!
Guild leader of Spicy Economics and Spicy Life on PC/Mac NA
ESO Stream Team member on Twitch:
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