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The way you obtain Welkynar motif chapters is a terrible joke!

Base Game

Welkynar Motif
The Welkynar Motif is now available from Cloudrest Trial. This Motif is proudly worn by the gryphon-riding Welkynar themselves, and now you can earn the right to wear and craft this armor too - if you can defeat Z'Maja.
  • You can earn Welkynar Style Motif Fragments by defeating Z'Maja; more are earned by defeating her on harder difficulties, and she will not drop any Fragments unless fought on Veteran mode, or on Normal mode with all of her Welkynar Shade allies. The amount of Fragments dropped is not randomized, but is based on the configuration of the final boss fight - the harder the fight, the more Motif Fragments you'll obtain.

  • You can earn a Welkynar Binding once a week by completing the quest "Woe of the Welkynars", a quest in Cloudrest. By activating the Welkynar Binding (which consumes 10 Welkynar Style Motif Fragments), you will create a single random Welkynar Motif chapter, or very rarely, the full Book.
  • The Welkynar Style Item, Gryphon Plumes, are earned in the same manner: by defeating Z'Maja. You earn more on harder difficulties, and as with the Motif Fragments, you will not earn any if you defeat her on Normal mode without all of her allies with him.

Now if i'm reading this correctly, you will have to do lots of farming for 10 Welkynar motif fragments (10 nCR +3, 5 vCR, one vCR +1 and one vCR +2, or one vCR +3 -good luck- and such) which you will have to use with Welkynar Binding for a random chapter, and Welkynar Binding can be acquired once a week!

What kind of grind is that? Who from ZOS in their bright mind came up with this idea? Not even talking about new BG outfit styles those come from different BG modes! This truly got out of hand, i'm at this point saying goodbye to all collectible hunts and such, which i very strictly continued so far.
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Pathfinders < 3
  • Koolio
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    Bet it will conveniently hit the crowns store at the same time

  • Harrdarrzarr
    don't be so difficult, there is no fun in having your motif complete is 1 week.
  • FinneganFroth
    Honestly I love this. Everything in this game is way too easy to get in the first place. This will add some new dynamics to the guild stores, something that is desperately needed. So what if you can't instantly get the motif and you actually have to spend some time earning something. Also no one is forcing anyways to buy stuff through the crown store, so yes, I like this. The game needs more of this IMO.
  • FinneganFroth
    I mean it feels like any other way would make more sense. They wanted to make it look like rewarding for endgame content but it basically rewards(!) endgame endless grind.

    First BG styles, now this... They made it so you need to be a complete lifeless who is willing to spend endless hours in the game if you want to catch up with latest collectibles/trophies and such. And to be fair you prolly would still miss a lot even doing so.

    Nuff said.

    Or just have gold. I have piles and piles of gold collecting dust because there is honestly nothing to spend gold on in this game (I don't waste my time with housing).
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