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4 reasons you SHOULD be bunny hopping in battle


1) Line of Sight
• Allows you to still hit your opponents as they try to hid behind a rock or crate.
• Denies opponents the ability to hide behind their zerg as you attempt to burst them down.

2) Situational Awareness
• Keep your full speed whilst jumping and doing a 360 spin with your camera to see how many opponents are chasing you.

3) Block Jumping
• Have a ~90% uptime on block with NO movement penalty.

4) Negate Self Snaring Skills (forgot to mention in video)
• Jump + cast allows you to keep full speed while using skills that would otherwise slow you down.

I made this video and post because a vast majority of the community seems to thoroughly misunderstand bunny hopping. I hope my explanation will help counter some truly crazy suggestions that it's a symptom of mental illness demonstrated in this thread, and many more like it. Outside of active combat bunny is also used so signal friendliness (combined with blocking) or to try and get the attention of some players at the edge of a zerg to come fight you.

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  • GreenhaloX
    Nahh, you guys look more like kangeroos than bunny wabbits. Ha ha. Hey, whatever works.. do your thing.
  • Betsararie
    Jumping has clear advantages in combat and thus makes perfect sense to do. I also am not triggered if I happen to see someone hopping around in Cyro or even in PVE zones.
  • Rohamad_Ali
    Thank you for proving to other that this one is not mentally ill :smiley:
  • necr0o
    Jumping in combat increases damage by 10% - fact
    Edited by necr0o on May 17, 2018 5:48AM
  • Tasear
    Asking for a patch :p
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  • Mihael
    Jumping while in combat adds 20% damage to Crystal Frags
  • Vapirko
    I always loathed hopping mag sorcs. Then I started to level one and I can’t stop jumping around. I kind of hate myself for it but there is definitely something to be said about the sluggish nature of remaining in contact with the ground all the time and casting spells. Jumping really does make battle flow more smoothly. In PvE it doesn’t matter so much but in PvP it does.
  • Armatesz
    Jumping also makes it so you take an extra longer stun from clench... let that sink in. That is quite real and it makes me chuckle.
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  • Berenhir
    As you cannot dodge roll while jumping just wait for them sorcs to be mid air before you let them eat your damage combo.
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  • Wrecking_Blow_Spam
    Phage wrote: »
    Still looks ridiculous and childish.

    Takes me back to the days of Halo where everyone was leaping around noscoping with sniper rifles or sticking you with grenades while in midair.

    The extreme on halo, was to jump and spam your crouch button mid air - during a Battle Rifle (BR) standoff.
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  • AnviOfVai
    i always bunny hop to check how many players are coming and if i can hit any while jumping up and down!
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  • Voxicity
    Feanor wrote: »
    5) It triggers the hell out of people who are easily annoyed by everything others do that doesn’t fit in their view.

    Literally this is my number 1 reason
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