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LagPlar 2.0 | 300+ Ping | Ranged No-CP DD Magicka Templar | Build and 1vX Gameplay | Murkmire

~~~LagPlar ~~~
v2.0 Murkmire

Hey peeps,

Will keep this brief and cover all the main points, feel free to ask questions.

How does this build specifically cater to players with high ping?
• Full ranged offensive kit to blow opponents up before they even reach you (+ frequently out bursting even pre-Murkmire MagSorc's).
• 2x snares to physically slow your opponent down (no Dizzying Swings hitting from 10+ meters away).
• Stupid good defense; so even lag making you take damage you avoided on your screen will not kill you.

How does this build deal with MagPlar's distinct offensive and defensive stages?
• We embrace and enhance the natural MagPlar playstyle rather than trying to compensate for it.
• Instead of trying to increase mitigation on front bar (and trade off damage as a result), we increase our damage on front bar to shorten the required time to kill whilst making ourselves ridiculous levels of tanky on our defensive bar.

Build and Gameplay:
* some background clips pre-MM and some wearing Julianos instead of BTB

5x Mark of the Pariah
5x Bright-Throat's Boast
2x Valkyn Skoria
1x Master's Inferno Staff

*have not changed or even added new CP in forever, don't read too closely at that part
*only active buff is Channeled Focus

Hope this guide helps people play what is a pretty unique style of MagPlar.
- Tay
Edited by Taylor_MB on December 3, 2018 8:05PM
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  • Minno
    Bumping this to the front (since we have too many noise threads lately).

    Interesting philosophy regarding offense/defense swapping. Worth a comment and awesome alone!
    Minno - DC - Forum-plar Extraordinaire
    - Guild-lead for MV
    - Filthy Casual
  • Joy_Division

    I' tried that same build last night. It's good :smiley:
  • Vapirko
    I’ve had a few magplars hate whispering me in PvP recently, either complaining that Magplars aren’t good or to say that it’s sad to lose to one, and I keep saying idk what you’re talking about, magplar are pretty damn strong. Especially as tanky proc damage builds. By comparison, medium stamina builds are one of the most horrible setups with high ping. I remember magplar being one of the better high ping classes I played.
    Edited by Vapirko on December 5, 2018 5:07AM
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