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Recent EU Server Issues & Anniversary Event Extension

Community Manager
Hi everyone,

We’ve recently had several different issues impacting the European megaservers that, unfortunately, happened to all hit in a relatively short time span of a few days. Some have been specific to game errors related to authentication, some have been related to hardware, while others have been related to power and large ISP outages in the region. We have resolved the issues that we can control on our end, and issues outside of our control are being remediated by those providers so we can all enjoy the remaining time from the anniversary event.

With that said, to thank everyone for sticking with us during these recent issues, we’ll be extending the anniversary event by one week on all megaservers and platforms. We hope you’ll enjoy this extra time to use the cake XP buff and gain additional Anniversary Gift Boxes until the event concludes on Monday, April 23 at 10am EDT.
Gina Bruno
Community Manager - The Elder Scrolls Online
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  • TheUndeadAmulet
    Here before everyone says thanks
    If ESO had good performance then it would easily be one of the best games on the market, maybe even the best. I'm serious ZO$, fix ya game.
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  • OutLaw_Nynx
    You gonna improve WC drops as well?

    But for real, nice of Zos to do this. I’m on PS4 so I haven’t had any major issues, but I saw how much crap other people dealt with.
  • LarsS
    Thank for info!
    GM for The Daggerfall Authority EU pc
    Holy until the 23.?

    Thats so nice of you, thank you very much!
  • Ixtyr
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  • duendology
    Thank YOU!
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  • rhapsodious
    Nice, a whole week. A good gesture. (:

    Thanks! ... now to make more supplies to run another week of lowbie writs...
  • Danikat
    Thank you!

    I have to admit I wasn't affected much by the outage (even though I play on EU) but that's because I was away for almost the entire first week of the event. This way I still get to play through basically the whole thing. :D
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  • tgrippa
    Thank you for bringing the servers back as quickly as possible on each occasion, taking the time to issue the detailed explanation, and doing the right and fair thing in extending the event. You do listen to the community and genuinely care. It was such a shame some of my guildies missed out on Rakkhat today when we all got kicked at the same time, but this does help. Thank you again.
    Likes the meta, deal with it XD
  • BlueViolet
    Awesome, thank you ! <3
    EU / NA / PC
  • Thybrinena
    This is awesome! :) Thank you sincerely @Zos_GinaBruno. :)
  • GiuEliN0
    Really, Thank You Guys! Now i have an hope to finish my worm cult motif *.*
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  • VerboseQuips
    Nice, thank you :smile:
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  • Miaura
    Happy dance, thankyou <3 !
  • Cunnedin
    Sweet indeed!
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    ZOS never lis... Oh, okay then.

    Thanks Gina, appreciate the information and event extension is awesome. More motifs!
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  • zsban
    Awesome news, thank you Gina.

    Let's just hope that EU server exhausted it's bad luck for the entire year and from now on everything will stay smooth :)
  • emilyhyoyeon
    thank you!!!!
    PC EU
    Boneman Brigade
  • mav1234
    Nice job making this right, Zos. Good decision.
  • Bevik
    Huge plus to ZOS. Faith restored.
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