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Update 26 Combat Preview

  • SirMewser
    I simply can not wait for when they release their overhauled champion point system and decide to not automatically upgrade all of the people with over 1000 CP who will have to start back at zero hahaha.

    Oh god, that mirrors the behaviour/decision of what's happening now to players.
    Forget that, I think my wallet will take a break from ESO... Forever, should that be how things go are going, on a continuum.
    Edited by SirMewser on April 29, 2020 8:10PM
  • colossalvoids
    I would PAY to go back to Wrathstone at this point (sure nerf magsorc too, I'm okay w/ it). I had complaints, but man it was nothing like it is today. It was the best the game ever felt to me. The events of the past year have just been one crap storm after another to game performance and play. We've SEVERELY changed metas 4 times now in one year.

    Sadly enough it's pretty much the same for me also, to be fair it's more or less the same for most people i know ingame and ones that left after elsweyr/harrowstorm. Wrathstone was too promising and they screwed up a lot after.
    Edited by colossalvoids on April 30, 2020 1:09PM
  • wlkanos
    So still no reply huh? @ZOS_BrianWheeler
  • Satanas
    Look at me Zenimax : No way !

    That is crazy to see all these MMOs wich die the last years and to see Zenimax doing exactly all the same mistakes.

    Wait... and if they were not mistakes ?

    Edited by Satanas on May 1, 2020 1:17AM
  • BennyButton
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler where do you draw the line? How about changing the title we get for trinity achievements but we’ll have to do the trinities again to get the new titles that require the same content to be completed? Is that the line?

    @ZOS_RichLambert Where’s the line?

    @ZOS_Gilliam Where’s the line?

    @ZOS_Finn Where’s the line?

    Just wondering!
  • zyk
    The line is called "target audience" and we're far from it. it relates to another line called "performance bonus."
  • aetherial_heavenn
    I have probably never posted on these forums in my life until now, and I have played this game since beta. The amount of damage you have done with changes in this game in regards to healers has been downright abysmal. They have become obsolete in most of the aging dungeon content after nerfs to orbs/springs, and most definitely in PvP after this. You guys slid in the BG solo queue change deep in your patch notes, which has already destroyed a "TEAM" based feature and also made BGs as a healer impossible to play. Why even have healing trees if you can't utilize them? I thought PvP was your initial end-game ideology, yet you are excluding a very specific type of class that has been in MMOs since the beginning.

    And then to make huge changes to bis weapons in content that has been out for years, and force us to refarm them? Is this your idea on how to keep the game "alive"? That is dirty and disrespectful to your player base.

    I have invested literally thousands of dollars into your crownstore between PS4 and PC with hope that my money would help fund this game into progressive changes, but these are not progressive changes. I personally have been downright disappointed in the majority of your content for the last year.

    I recommend that you put more focus on fixing the bigger issues occurring, like the desynching issues /dungeon queue/disconnects visiting houses that we're experiencing that is making the game nearly unplayable, instead of just making us more mad and forcing us to farm content we have completed quite some time ago.

    ^^^^(my emphasis)
    Pretty much sums up for me how I feel about the general direction a.t.m. I am furious about the vMA vDSA weapon changes. The abysmal performance has stopped me PvPing for months. This last week was better in PvE and I actually PvP'd but it went futz again 14 hours ago. Hence me being on forums playing the other ESO game.

    I typed a rant about Cyrodil healing and healers' roles also being threatened by current game design of infinite burst self heals on any role, so that the screams to nerf healing and make that role redundant in PvP are getting louder but it was too off topic for here. Maybe later, ;)
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  • jecks33
    it's mondayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! time for a @ZOS_BrianWheeler replyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! :p
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  • WeerW3ir
    his lack of answer means only one thing. they already decided x_x
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  • jecks33
    WeerW3ir wrote: »
    his lack of answer means only one thing. they already decided x_x

    i really don't care about their decisions, i'll adapt, i just want to know why all my vma weapons are ****ed up and i have to re-farm all of them. Just WHY?
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  • silvereyes
    The one and only thing that I'm selfishly looking forward to with the arena weapon changes is that I'll maybe be able to more easily find a group to do vDSA with. I didn't make it a priority back after the CP160 gear cap increase, and now nobody who has their gear wants to organize vDSA runs.

    That said, I'd still rather have everybody get free upgrades for their vDSA and vMA weapons instead. It's much easier to just organize vDSA farming groups myself than it would be to farm vMA hundreds of times again.
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  • WrathOfInnos
    Maybe we’ll get a response when we hit 1000 comments. 11 more to go people!
  • dwig
    Doubt it, but I guess its worth a shot.
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