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Update 22 Combat Direction

  • Suddwrath
    Passives will be addressed in a future update. We wanted to hit the Actives this patch and are looking at applying these standards/audit to more Actives in the future. It's a lot to go through but we'll get there =)

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  • ESO_Nightingale
    will any of this effect arctic blast's abysmal performance in pvp?
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  • Minno
    chris211 wrote: »
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler can we expect some tlc for templar?

    Most likely I think. Here's what I think might happen:
    - snare off jabs/ritual/vamps bane looked into. My guess, vamps bane keeps its snare, jabs/ritual both loose snares.
    - hasty prayer/bol looked into as they are basically the same burst heal. BOL/honor the dead become self buff heal, hasty prayer becomes burst heal aoe.
    - jav/toppling/total dark are conflicting cc effects. javelin could become main cc now that wings is nerfed. toppling could get a dmg boost/off balance buff. and total dark could be a self buff mechanic like wings.

    that's what comes to mind with templar abilities that have conflicting effects. Cant wait to see what the team came up with!
  • Ajax_22
    Bfish22090 wrote: »
    ***. where are the snare nerfs

    In the PTS notes.
  • code65536
    In terms of quality of life changes, we’ve heard your feedback about cast times being difficult to incorporate into fluid combat/rotation, and have made adjustments to many abilities with cast times to make them easier to weave and be more reliable. In most of these cases, we have adjusted the damage as well in coordination with cast time adjustments to retain the DPS you’re used to in U21.

    That's great to hear. Could I ask that the cast time for sorc frags be removed? Instead of having an unproced frag be a cast-time ability that locks your character into an awkward and potentially dangerous casting animation, why not just further reduce the damage of an unproced frag? Unintentionally getting caught in that animation and having to cancel it is a particularly annoying QoL pain point for sorcs, as it's currently the only ability in the game (at least, that I can think of off the top of my head) that switches back and forth between cast time and instant cast.

    (No changes have to be made for proced frags. Just unproced ones.)

    And it would finally give new sorcs who are starting out a non-cast-time class spammable--something that all the other classes have.
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  • FrancisCrawford
    chris211 wrote: »
    @ZOS_BrianWheeler can we expect some tlc for templar?

    If Blazing Spear is nerfed I will be very, very sad. It's a huge part of what makes templar dungeon healing fun.
    Edited by FrancisCrawford on April 4, 2019 7:44PM
  • FrancisCrawford
    For the record -- it's OK to have class skills that are individually "overpowered". Overall power of great active skills plus any passives just has to be considered in combination when judging a class or spec.
  • Tasear
    In terms of quality of life changes, we’ve heard your feedback about cast times being difficult to incorporate into fluid combat/rotation

    Will overload feel better to use?

    Will dark dark exchange be worthwhile channel like mediate with major protection and free costed tied to it?

    Will negate finnally have functionally in PvE to make me feel uniqueness of my class and role?

    Side note: please consider fixing pet issue on final boss in vhof.
  • JadonSky
    forumsmurf wrote: »
    Why can't skills be dynamically balanced like Negate Magic? Negate Magic stuns ads but only silences players. It has a form of dual functionality depending on who it hits. Why can't other skills have this dual functionality? Instead of blanket nerfing DK wings because of pvp, why can't make it so wings can only reflect ad projectiles? There's more stuff that should seriously be balanced this way but obviously this comes to mind because it's an upcoming change.

    Also can there be QoL changes to how certain non-resource dependent healing sources scale with your highest source of crit, rather than just defaulting to spell crit? An example would be Animal Companions' Bond With Nature that specifically scales with spell crit even though it's a class passive that should scale similarly to that of an ulti (highest source of crit), and Repentance that has no cost, but also defaults to scaling with spell crit.

    Some things to me just don't make sense either, why does Critical Surge cost magicka rather than stamina when it gives Major Brutality? Why does Green Lotus cost magicka rather than stamina when it gives Major Savagery? Can these be changed so the healing from these skils actually scale with weapon crit, instead of the measley 10-20% spell crit that most Stamsorcs/Stamdens have?

    Iv said this for many years now and always here "We don't want skills to work differently vs player". But yet I always provide the same example as you with negate. Like its been done already why can't we just keep that trend or if your not going to do it that way then allow negate to stun players too and not be biased.
  • Galarthor
    Thank you for the insights.

    Though I am affraid they made me want to see the patch notes only more!
    I hope this will revitalize combat!
  • Varana
    Rehdaun wrote: »
    Somehow I'm not feeling overly excited about these so-called balance changes. I'm envisioning a lot of nerfs with little not no buffs.

    Quick poll. Who doesn't think that major fracture is going to be ripped from surprise attack, a very useful skill for pve dps and kept in mark target, a niche skill that is in nearly no one's rotation?

    Anyone? Anyone?

    That doesn't mean that mark target will become any more useful and people will magically start using it. It means that the rotation will remain the same and the class will become weaker.

    I sure hope I'm wrong :(

    I mean, I don't even understand the reasoning behind that change. It's bad to have the same effect twice on a class' skills? Why?
    One is a stamina skill for DDs and PvP. The other is a magicka debuff/healing skill. How is it a bad thing if you can apply the same thing via two vastly different skills?

    And yes, of course it's Surprise Attack that will lose Major Fracture. I mean, Mark Target has stealth detection, and we all know how much ZOS loves stealth detection. ;)
    Edited by Varana on April 4, 2019 8:11PM
  • sneakymitchell
    Lord_Zele wrote: »
    The Cleave Buff?!

    This is sounding very promising so far.

    Who knows if it’s going be good with zergs increased to 50% is big. It might out damage wrecking blow @ZOS_BrianWheeler I hope you guys look at wrecking blow/dizzying swing if not cleave will be the new spamable which shouldn’t be as intended like flurry and throwing dagger. Since the buff to light attacks a lot of channeled spamable are being mostly out parred by instant cast. Sure those channel times are good but they need an update since it’s been a year or two since it’s been updated.
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  • Sandman929
    Love the big changes, looking forward to next week!
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  • Marteene
    For nightblade last I’d love to see Minor Berserk based off of Assassin’s Will procs and not on activation of Grim Focus. If each Assassin’s Will were to proc say 8.5 seconds of Minor Berserk, the skill would keep its identity but would not reward players who don’t play the class efficiently and leave the good NBs unharmed.
  • BaylorCorvette
    We also took a high level pass at Class abilities, specifically looking for similar/redundant functions within each class's entire tool kit (like Mark Target granting Fracture and Surprise Attack granting Fracture). While we want there to be different abilities that operate similarly in functionality between your class, weapon, guild, and other skill lines, we want to avoid abilities within the same class to provide multiple sources of the same effect(s). This is an on-going effort for future skill lines, and we are not opposed to revisiting the structure of abilities that have already received this audit. Also note these passes were done in conjunction with the changes noted above regarding coefficient/cost/Rank progression, etc.


    Thanks for the update Brian, things are sounding really nice! Fingers crossed for more useful StamSorc abilities!
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  • md3788
    Any thoughts on passive affects of active abilities? Is the combat team content with people barring a skill solely for it's passive affect. The obvious example being inner light
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  • templesus
    @ZOS_GinaBruno any updates on the selection of more class reps?
    Edited by templesus on April 4, 2019 8:32PM
  • usmcjdking
    I'm going to take a leap of faith here and hope that both Stamplar and Stamsorc get some meaningful class skills. Stamplar gets some awesome stam-oriented utility morphs while Stamsorc just gets some meaningful source of damage lol.
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