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Update 22 Combat Direction

  • Rex-Umbra
    All Active abilities in skill lines other than Class lines will be addressed with the same standardization/audit in future updates.

    Weapon lines probably the least balanced atm. Thinking bleeds
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  • cpuScientist
    Lord_Zele wrote: »
    Lord_Zele wrote: »
    The Cleave Buff?!

    This is sounding very promising so far.

    Who knows if it’s going be good with zergs increased to 50% is big. It might out damage wrecking blow @ZOS_BrianWheeler I hope you guys look at wrecking blow/dizzying swing if not cleave will be the new spamable which shouldn’t be as intended like flurry and throwing dagger. Since the buff to light attacks a lot of channeled spamable are being mostly out parred by instant cast. Sure those channel times are good but they need an update since it’s been a year or two since it’s been updated.

    Just imagine it with Master's 2h as well. It could be a zerg KILLER.
    I'm curious to see what they would do with other abilities as 'flurry' and 'throwing dagger'.
    Very interested and will patiently wait it out while I destroy people in Cyrodiil.
    Can't wait to YEET people with Cleave though.

    I'd say that this cleave this AOE if it works as we expect and they don't Nerf the heck out of master 2h, will be strong vs ZERGy ball groups but NOT vs small man or solo. It's the perfect small man tool. Further the range is not as big as steel tornado and does not go behind. I think this is a good change and if it needs Nerfing then so be it. But I'm excited about it. Has me excited because this is what I have been wanting for stamSorc not to be forced into dual wield. Hopefully they also add some stamSorc specific changes. Melee frag Air Overload. Crit surge costing Stam...
  • John_Falstaff
    Illuvatarr wrote: »
    The wings change is the biggest buff to any class I have seen in this game. If you slot meditate, you can just stand there and laugh while you endlessly sustain in 1vx. I am not sure some DK’s fully grasp just how powerful this buff is. DK’s will also without a doubt be ensured the title of best pve tank.

    Projectiles only, and meditate can be interrupted by any sneeze. I'm not sure how that idea of endless sustain makes sense. As for PvE tanking - thanks, but it's not always the projectiles the heaviest damage comes from; thanks for taking away something that could reflect defiles in vet Blackrose.
  • Ragnarock41
    Anyone here thinking brawler would be a zerg destroyer are in for a suprise. Brawler has very limited range and is hard to connect especially when its laggy. (It suffers from the same issues jabs has)

    That being said its still better than having to use dizzying swing since cast times are even worse to work with. And well, 2h really needed an instant cast spammable, so again, great move. I love it, and finally I have a reason to dust off my master 2h.
  • Strider__Roshin
    Any plans to adjust racial balance for the Stam races? The magicka ones are fairly strong, but Orcs are BiS for every class, and Nords still aren't considered a viable option for DPS; five years later!
  • IwakuraLain42
    Turelus wrote: »
    Thanks for the insight Brian, excited to see what the balance pass brings.

    Seems you have a solid idea of what gameplay you want to have in the game now and where you want to go with it.

    I don't suppose there has been any looking into alternative methods of weaving or making non-weaving a litter better for people? It's become a big barrier of entry into higher tier content for those with disabilities or getting slow in their old age.

    I would love to see that addressed in some form but honestly I don't see that happening. From all that I see here or hear from our class reps all they think that is necessary is some kind of better communication about how this insane, illogical and twitchy combat input system work. All they ever did to address that was add a line in one of the tutorials and some text in the one of the loading screens.

    One of the reason's why I'm probably not continuing after my current ESO+ subscription run out ...
  • Ragnarock41
    Daus wrote: »
    Any plans to adjust racial balance for the Stam races? The magicka ones are fairly strong, but Orcs are BiS for every class, and Nords still aren't considered a viable option for DPS; five years later!

    Why are Nords not a valid option? Do we really need 7/10 races to be proficient as stam DD in the way your looking for? There's only so many stats useful to the DD role and a stat budget thats already filled. They are unique enough already and better as stam DD then the remaining 3/10 races.

    Orc's a bit too strong though. I'd take a healthy balance of 1500 sta and 750 hp.

    As a die hard Orc fan, I admit Orc could lose like 500-750 stam and would still be great. I wouldn't touch the HP though.
  • Undefwun
    Brian says "looking at class actives only this time round"... but gives weapon active as an example... hmmm

    I like the approach of changes with a method though, looking to standardise things. So I'm looking forward the actual patch notes..

    Also enjoying ppl already threatening to quit.... before any concrete information... the rest of us will adapt.. as usual...

    PS I second @aetherial_heavenn that Akamai routing is horrible for us Aussies. I use mudfish to remove most of that issue, but I still bounce between 240-300 at the very best of times.... but I shouldn't have to.
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  • Bitmun
    Turelus wrote: »
    I don't suppose there has been any looking into alternative methods of weaving or making non-weaving a litter better for people?
    For the record -- it's OK to have class skills that are individually "overpowered". Overall power of great active skills plus any passives just has to be considered in combination when judging a class or spec.


    I will reserve any judgements until the patch notes go up the the changes hit the PTS rather than trying to read anything into the post. It's too easy to get worked up over maybes and what-ifs.

    We shouldn't expect the dev team to place any particular weight on what any one player or their friends have to say, yet on some level we feel they should cater to our own play styles. I hope they simultaneously develop of a vision and maintain some flexibility going forward. That is, try something long enough to see how it works but be ready to change direction or make exceptions when results (a.k.a. fun factor) call for it.

    I thank Mr. Wheeler for sharing with us today and for his and the combat team's hard work. Some payers will always gripe and some will always cheer, so in the end I respect the team's ability to work under pressure and maintain the courage of their convictions.

    OK, the rest of this is just "blah blah blah" about my opinions on class design and changes.These are all from my perspective, so I don't expect everyone else to see thing the same way or agree. Of course I'm a forum brick layers with years of building walls of texts, so even my brief reaction might get longish.

    My own vanity list:

    1. As per above on some skills seeming over-powered in a head to head comparison with a similar skill from another class, I'm in favor of imperfect symmetry. You can have that and still strive for better balance. This gets into class identity as well and concerns over things like homogenization. In my own preference, while a DK should be able to heal, it shouldn't be a clone of a Templar. The mechanics and animations should be distinct, with each bringing different strengths that reflect differing class fantasy. And some classes having an edge for some roles or approaches to roles can be OK. It makes the choice of class more meaningful.

    2. Consider identifying/retaining or creating multiple categories and sub-types of of ability functions and delivery systems. This allows for enhanced class uniqueness (see #1) and game play choices, as there can be unique combinations: healing category 1, sub-type A, delivery method ii versus healing category 1 sub-type B, delivery method i versus healing category 1, subtype B, delivery method iii. Or go way out and change all three for something truly distinct (category 3, sub-type C, deliver method ii). This allows for some standardization but also uniqueness in the combinations themselves, plus whatever special sauce from passives are layered on top.

    To stick with the above example, a DK might be better at certain types of heal types or delivery approaches than Templars, and vice versa. Templar might be a strong overall all-around healer, while other classes are more specialized (but still viable for all content at a basic level). Plus, not everything of course has to be baked into class skill lines to help classes with particular roles. For example, imagine a set that offers a buff to healing done when you do elemental damage. This would be great for Sorcs and DKs.

    3. Please don't strip things down too far in removing functions from abilities. Having an ability offer more than one thing is fun for theorycrafting/more build options as well as gameplay feel.

    4. Please don't reduce it "one source for X per class". Having *some* redundancy within a class is a good thing so people don't feel forced to slot certain things. Passives can help some here as well by offers "X" for some or all of a skill line rather than just a single skill.

    That said, if there is a consistent vision for combat and for class identity (class fantasy and its execution in mechanics/animations) please favor the latter over the former when push comes to shove. And if an ability needs to be changed so much it loses it's iconic function/identity, my own preference would be to retire it and hype us with the new ability name/function/etc.

    Here's hoping for a great start to the new era in combat development for ESO!

    Agree. ^
  • Dojohoda
    Much appreciated and the work sounds very analytical. Please try your best to keep the classes fun-to-play.

    I'd like to put a word in for PVP Magblade ... halp! :#

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    Fan of playing magblade since 2015. (PC NA)
    Might be joking in comments.
  • ZarkingFrued
    This game changes entirely once a year lol. If I want to play a different game I'd just go buy one. Still I'm going to be cautiously optimistic. Sounds like it COULD be great, but I get the feeling it's just gonna be another across the board nerf to solo players. Please tell me theres a rework on snares coming? They are unbearable
  • Edziu
    xynode wrote: »
    Dots being dots, direct damage being direct rather than over spamming cheap dots to gain damage from initial hits and having infinate sustain WITH high damage out put from something that was not designed to be used as such.

    are we thinking about same skill?
    if you could see as venom claw cheap "spammable" dot skill it have also very low tolltip at all in compare to every other normal good spammable

    it is cheap like every other single target dot and pretty low initinal damage as mainly it is supposed to be dot but mainy because of cost-initinal damage in this skill i good people choose to use it as spammabel because every other possibilities for spammables are lame af, thats also reason why most players didnt like play class without class good spamamble because rapid strikes? please this skill is so bad, lame, just not nice to spam at all and crushing weapon? mwell nty, its even worse spammable in just design how it look

    if they take away venom claw possibility to use as spammable on stamdk and redning slashes foir stamsorc and give nothing in this place for spammable skill..I will jsut stop playing my not so long ago leveld stamdk and go back to only templar with jabs (would also choose stamnb but Im still sick of playing stamnb and I just dont have hype to play warden which I woudl also choose to play which have very good class spammable in compare to stamsorc and stamdk without rend slashes and venom claw)
  • dazee
    Brawler nerf ruins my main's build completely. 2h/DW just got even worse. Thanks ZOS!
    Playing your character the way your character should play is all that matters. Play as well as you can but never betray the character. Doing so would make playing an mmoRPG pointless.
  • gliant
    whats LOT skill? increase dmg taken?
  • katorga
    So Nightblade is getting wrecked this patch is that I take away from this.
  • Lightspeedflashb14_ESO
    gliant wrote: »
    whats LOT skill? increase dmg taken?
    .Some abilities contained a LOT of functionality

    This phrase just means a skill with multiple effects on it, more then the average skill, which only has 1 to 2 different effects. The OP just capitalized it do give "a lot" emphasis.
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  • ccfeeling
    Next NB nerf coming .
  • gliant
    gliant wrote: »
    whats LOT skill? increase dmg taken?
    .Some abilities contained a LOT of functionality

    This phrase just means a skill with multiple effects on it, more then the average skill, which only has 1 to 2 different effects. The OP just capitalized it do give "a lot" emphasis.

    oh, lol ,ty.
  • Nicalas
    dazee wrote: »
    Brawler nerf ruins my main's build completely. 2h/DW just got even worse. Thanks ZOS!

    They are buffing a nearly useless damage skill.
  • mateosalvaje
    Is there any plan to continue the Soul skill line? It seems truncated at level 6 😕
    I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.
  • jerrodbuffington
    Can someone help me understand what he meant about the changes to single target dots please? Is he sayi g we will get the initial hit damage after the dot ticks?

    I hate when they make big changes.
  • Destyran
    So does this mean that classes are basically gonna be homogenised and will all be the same and do the same damage? Effectively removing the uniqueness of a class or making all classes bar one redundant for endgame?
  • citats
    I think carve will need more than a 25% bleed damage increase to be anywhere close to the dw bleed ability....
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