All mail items deleted along with character

  • Myrdreth
    joetrouble wrote: »
    So this is pretty messed up. I made a character and due to a GAME BUG the camera would not zoom in so i did not like the way my face looked once i saw it up close. I decided I should remake him now befor i wasted any more time and now my items are gone and all my friends are outleveling me with their Mara buffs... =(

    That's exactly what happened to me :(

    In all the other games I played so far all the special items were made per character. Like in LOTRO. If you create a new character you get all the special items for this character too. It's silly to sent items from one character to another just because you want to play more than one character but only got one special item.

    I only bought the imperial edition because of those items.

    I already sent a request to support too. Hopefully they will help us reclaim those items.
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  • Loxy37
    This isnt going to end well. People said all beta that this method was a really bad idea. They will be forced to change it and redeem to you guys so be patient.
  • eudougub17_ESO
    I have this same isse. I deleted my first character and now I dont have none of my pack itens
  • Spike914
    Well I guess I am in the right place! I made a character and could not zoom in when creating it , I did not like the character i made and deleted it after looking at the bonuses. And now I have nothing left. They got to fix this! Real Bad Customer support as well.
  • Willow
    My one message did say they were unique. You can store them in the bank but cannot mail them. I ran to the bank and am able to share them. Doubt this helps anyone here though.
  • jonklinkhamerb16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    I did the same thing. Entirely my fault, but I still really hope there's a way to get them back.
  • Korereactor
    Same problem. I created a character and couldn't zoom in on the face in character creation, so it wasn't exactly what I wanted. I accepted all the preorder items at the time because I didn't know how to work around the bug so I was going to settle. I then read about the bug, deleted my old character (because it had the name I wanted), and created the character I wanted. Now, no preorder items at all. Every MMO I've played to date sends the items to every character you create. What gives? Am I screwed? All because of a bug? I lost everything unfortunately.
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  • scruffycavetroll
    10 minutes in and how many people have screwed up the account?
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  • ESO_Maya
    please add my name to the list of ppl who deleted their first char and items. how about some love here zos!
  • TirielsWhisper
    Edit: ACTUALLY...the items were in my shared mailbox when I checked a second time.
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  • Valn
    The only thing that said it would be deleted is on the pledge of mara message. The vanity pets and the explorers pack messages don't tell you they will be permanently deleted if you delete y our character.

  • xxslam48xxb14_ESO
    Same issue happened to me as well. I didnt like my first characters appearance on account of the lack of zoom, so I eventually just deleted him and re made another one. Now I have no beta monkey or ring of mara. I honestly didnt even notice it said not to delete the character that was holding the item. I just looted my items and went about my game. I honestly dont feel like this is my fault and its driving me crazy knowing my perks are now ruined. Please help us!
  • Rootz
    I lost all my items due to deletion of a char, that is ridicules. I want my CE items and you should have been prepared for that.
  • ESO_Maya
    any official word from the powers to be as to how long we are going to be waiting for them to fix this issue?
  • Cardan011
    I am so glad I came across this thread before playing
  • ESO_Maya
    Cardan011 wrote: »
    I am so glad I came across this thread before playing

    We're glad that you're glad.

  • Datamadness
    I called in and the CSR said someone will restore the items "soon". I killed my first after getting a good look at him. Wow, really needed the zoom at character creation.
  • Mystik
    Honestly, this is a really sad situation. Same as all of you I lost all my in game content. Problem is, I want my in game content, that is why I pre ordered and purchased this game, to obtain the perks that comes with this game. Now I feel as I will not be getting those perks, and ESO just got a crap load of money from all of us, and we lost our perks. :\ If I had known that, I would of never purchased this game or at least the imperial addition and wasted my money on a game that has my money, but I can't use items I was promised. I hope they can fix this very soon...really annoyed. :(
  • joetrouble
    I just recieved a response from customer support and it took less than an hour. Everyone bashing their support should be ashamed Ive had games that took DAYS to respond on opening week.

    Greetings Fellow Gamer,

    I apologize your for your problem, I am going to escalate your ticket to the appropriate team that way all your items can be restored to you. If you are still experiencing any other problems please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support Team. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

    Thank you for your continued interest and support!

    Warm Regards,

    The Elder Scrolls Online Team

  • ESO_Maya
    I'd like to see someone from ZOS comment here on a fix and when we can expect it.
  • price520211_ESO
    i created 4 toons ... all 4 got the emails BUT only 1 got the attachments ...
  • Darios
    I have the same problem, i deleted my first char... all pre order items gone.

    And yes its my own stupid fould but i hope there is a way to get the items back.
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  • Dominoid
    For the love of God, did anyone read the freakin' email with the items? It clearly said do not delete a character with the items in inventory. If you want them elsewhere, use the bank.

    Do you think maybe they have larger problems than, "I didn't read properly can I have have my vanity monkey NOW!!!"

    Wait for them to get back to you.
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  • ZOS_LenaicR
    Hi there,

    As a friendly reminder, we would like to remind you that flaming is not allowed on the forums. Please stay respectful of each other.

    If you've deleted your preorder items, please contact our Support Team. They should be able to help you get your items back. You can email them directly, here:
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  • ESO_Maya
    Dominoid wrote: »
    For the love of God, did anyone read the freakin' email with the items. It clearly said do not delete a character with the items in inventory. If you want them elsewhere, use the bank.

    Do you think maybe they have larger problems than, "I didn't read properly can I have have my vanity monkey NOW!!!"

    You f'd it up, now wait for them to get back to you.

    Maybe you need to just play the game, since it's working for you. Instead of giving a hard time to people who's day isn't so rosey.
  • MysteryOne
    I did try put them in bank; both unopened and opened and it said: You can't do that.
  • SMW1980b14a_ESO
    Ugh.. No idea how long we're going to be in this queue sucks. And If I move, it closes out the ticket and I don't see it anywhere. Can't even play while waiting for CS chat???
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  • thejadefalcon
    Thanks for your patience, guys. We're working on a solution :) In the meantime, please create and submit a ticket to Support so you can get yourself in their queue.

    The solution is simple. Don't make these things for one character only. Give *all* characters the items and you would NEVER have that these problems. This was brought to your attention countless times over the beta period.

  • joetrouble
    i created 4 toons ... all 4 got the emails BUT only 1 got the attachments ...

    The mailbox is Account wide

  • MysteryOne
    The zooming problem should have not been there either.
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