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More cheaters/exploiters?

sadly i didnt have shadow play going so i couldnt save the clip but i ran into a templar that was fighting 8 EP tonight, this templar wouldnt die, but the odd thing was when he got to 0hp he wouldnt die, even when he was stunned, 8 people spamming execute and he wouldnt die at 0hp? thoughts? is there some set that helps with this or is it straight out exploiting
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  • TheMystid
    Could be Phoenix set, which also happen to be bugged in Cyro.
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  • InvitationNotFound
    Could be a live desync bug as well. I regularly have this on my templar when using the templar heal ultimate.

    I guess more information will be needed...
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  • Qbiken
    TheMystid wrote: »
    Could be Phoenix set, which also happen to be bugged in Cyro.

    Let me guess, something where it puts you at a constant 0HP??
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  • Sanctum74
    I've had that happen to me a few times, but not sure what triggers it. I'm not wearing any cheese sets, cheating, and do not have major/minor protection. My guess would be either a health desync, vampire undeath passive bugging out, or just lag. I've seen some pretty crazy things happen when things get laggy.
  • TheMystid
    Qbiken wrote: »
    TheMystid wrote: »
    Could be Phoenix set, which also happen to be bugged in Cyro.

    Let me guess, something where it puts you at a constant 0HP??

    Exactly. I saw a video if this some time ago...
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  • Thogard
    Sure there wasn’t a dmg shield?
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  • Meetre
    Think it may be health desync/lag. Had this happen to my Templar more and more lately. I'm getting hit and heal at low health, screen goes "blue" like I died and then I'm healed and keep fighting.

    Are you seeing them at 0hp for an extended time period?
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