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PTS Patch Notes v3.1.3

  • Rmmichael95
    MissBizz wrote: »
    Looks nice but there is no way to tests the WW changes since you didn't giver us character copies and still don't max our WW skills.

    Did they remove the "werewolf maxer" from templates? I didn't look for it this PTS cycle, but it was surely there previously. @Rmmichael95

    WW maxer maxes the WW to 10, it has never maxed the skills to my knowledge.
    Edited by Rmmichael95 on August 7, 2017 5:14PM
    Masters of the Imperial Harem

    CP 660+

    50 Magicka Dunmer Dragon Knight
    50 Magicka Altmer Sorceror
    50 Magicka Breton Templar
    50 Magicka Altmer Templar
    50 Stamina Orc Dragon Knight
    50 Stamina Khajiit Night Blade
    50 Stamina Redguard Sorceror
    50 Argonian Sap Tank - retired
    50 Templar Hybrid Redguard Werewolf
    50 Magicka Altmer Proxy Night Blade
    50 Argonian Balzing Shield
    50 Stamina Bosmer Bow
    50 Warden Argonian Tank Heals
    50 Warden Hybrid Orc Werewolf
  • AdicusDio
    Rikkof wrote: »
    dodge roll into cloack need to be nerfed, atm the nb are dodging way to much damage, they cloack , wait few seconds for cd's and come back bursting their target in 1 hit
    this game style needs to be addressed, imho,. is not fair for any other classes to have to deal with this cheese tactic
    dodge buff should only prevent ONE attac, and cloack cost should be like streak, more expensive the more/faster you are using it

    I'm a stam nb and actually agree with this. Shouldn't be able go invisible in the middle of getting a pounding UNLESS you've moved a decent distance away (same as just going stealth after being spotted by putting distance between you and enemy), to get a 100% crit chance from stealth with ambush right back at the person followed by an ult. Might not be so bad if Evil/Camo Hunter actually worked correctly most of the time. I've kept it active repeatedly with a hidden stealther literally in front of me after going invisible and it won't reveal them, but they stand up or are out of magika so they were right there. Other times, even though it's presently activated and I'm in stealth, I actually get alerted by the eye icon opening slightly while hunter does nothing and no reveal despite being active with time to spare on countdown. If it wasn't for the crit chance boost, it'd be completely junk. Other, very rare times, it works WAY beyond it's intended radius.
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