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ESO should allow for cross faction PVE/Dungeons?

  • newtinmpls
    Do you know how hard it is to help any of my friends play??? I basically have to make alt accounts lower level. Then I can't play those accounts when they're not online UNLESS they went and played while I wasn't online then I have to go and catch up. It's such a hassle, that I don't do it anymore. Most of my friends have quit because it was too hard for us to play together and they came to play in part to be able to play with me.

    It all depends on what you are willing to give up.

    I have a teenish-level altmer/sorc who has gone through fungal grotto about 5 times (the last three with NO experience) purely for the enjoyment of adventuring with friends. No, got no XP or loot drops the last three times. And that was okay.

    Not everyone can let go of the "rewards" and do that; but if you can, it can be fun. If.
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  • Morbash
    Yes please! I'm having enough trouble just keeping active players in my Trade/PVE guild. Finding players for group dungeons is more time consuming than running the actual dungeon. ESO's PC population feels like it's dwindling. :disappointed:

    Cross-faction PVE would be awesome! I also wouldn't be opposed to cross-platform PVE. :D
    "War doesn't build character; it reveals it."
  • Nuale
    Game is getting to be a lonely leveling process... Cross faction gameplay would make sense starting at Coldharbour for both story and ease of playing with friends on other factions.
    Edited by Nuale on July 17, 2015 4:17AM
  • Waralchemist
    I vote yes simply because waiting hours trying to get into a single dungeon sucks.
  • Enodoc
    Hey guys, if you haven't seen the Quakecon presentation yet - cross-faction PvE is on the cards! Starting just with dungeons as part of what appears to be a redesign of the LFG tool, but extending it to other places is being considered as well. I'm going to re-watch that part of the presentation later on and will update this again if I find any more details.
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  • Ysne58
    Cross faction content is something that would tempt me to resub.
  • Shunravi
    All I can say is; finally!
    This one has an eloquent and well thought out response to tha... Ooh sweetroll!
  • CavalierKing
    It would not break immersion. First off, there are many instances in which enemies will team up in order to fight a greater enemy such as Molag Bal - Coldharbour should obviously be cross-faction. It actually makes LESS sense for it to stick to your faction. Many of the dungeons could be seen in the same light. In fact, if immersion is so important, it should be impossible to do other faction's dungeons. How did heroes of Ebonheart get underneath the Capitol cities of the other two factions? Secondly, there would be many who care not for war, only for ridding the world of evil. This makes perfect sense and ought to be represented within the game.
  • Xender
    Console players of ESO, what you think after you play a little, ESO should allow for cross-faction PVE?
  • Artjuh90
    Cadwell's silver and gold broke immersion so yes.
  • deathrament
    This game need cross faction grouping and also a vastly improved lfg tool.
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