Area-of-Effect Abilities - Maximum Target Cap Clarification

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One of the 1.1 patch notes described some AoE (area-of-effect) abilities having their maximum number of targets reduced. This led to some consternation among the community – our apologies for the confusion; we should have been more explicit in the patch notes. Here’s the information:

All AoE effect abilities in ESO have a max target limit of six, and always have. The exceptions to this are Alliance War-specific abilities, and several others, which are specifically noted (in tooltips) as having a higher or lower limit. So, if an AoE’s ability tooltip does not list it as having a special number (greater than or less than 6) of targets, it was designed to affect 6 targets, maximum.

Abilities that apply a buff to an ally (health regeneration) have a max target limit on cast, but can be applied to an infinite number of targets. For example, Regeneration has a max target limit of two, but it will always first try to hit allies that don't already have the buff. Two successive casts of Regeneration allow quick buffing of a four-person group. Please be aware that this is not the case for AoE debuffs, which apply to the nearest enemy targets or the center of the spell for ground-target AoE abilities.

Alliance War abilities generally hit a larger number of targets. We’ve designed them this way to better support their intended use in large-scale PvP. Each Alliance War ability’s max target cap, if they have one, is per ability (the morphs are the same as the base spells.) Siege Weapons have no max target – they will affect anyone who is in their target radius.
  • Assault
    • Caltrops: Max target limit of 12
    • Rapid Maneuvers: No max target limit
    • War Horn: Max target limit of 24
  • Support
    • Barrier: Max target limit of 20
    • Purge: No max target limit
    • Siege Shield: Max target limit of 20

Changes/Pending Changes
With that explanation, here are the changes that are being made in version 1.1 (subject to testing).
  • The following abilities had a higher max limit than six, and have been fixed to be in-line with all other area-of-effect abilities:
    • Consuming Darkness (Nightblade)
    • Dragonknight Standard (Dragonknight)
    • Negate Magic (Sorcerer)
    • Scalding Rune (Fire Rune Morph - Mages Guild)
    • Soul Shatter (Soul Magic)

Also, we are currently investigating Dark Talons, Blood Altar, and Rite of Passage, which may not be obeying the max target limit.
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Staff Post
  • valkaneer2b14_ESO
    Well I guess PvP in this game is going to become the same as every other Zerg .. but here you have a sub to pay.
  • Xsorus
    Marovec wrote: »
    If you are relying on a removal of AoE cap to

    Way to try and work skill and coordination into the game. Nah, lets just run in and spam AoE....much better...

    Freaking PvP whiners...never happy...

    I keep seeing this skill and coordination argument by some of the yes to aoe caps people

    please tell me what skill and coordination you're going to use with say.. 8 people to wipe out a zerg the size of say, 40 people

    By all means, explain how you would accomplish this task without AoE

    Edited by Xsorus on April 28, 2014 9:46PM
  • prana33b14_ESO
    Lava_Croft wrote: »
    Thanks for the informative post and thanks for bringing the last few remaining AoE abilities in line with the rest.

    To the very small but very vocal minority acting like they speak on behalf of the ESO community: Please don't.

    I suggest you see the poll in the AvA forum section. Over 90% say no caps. Minority lolz.

  • prana33b14_ESO
    LOL. statistics and polling how do they work. Anyway, I'm not going to bicker with your statements about the minority being concerned. Go read the GW2 forums at about the time it started dying. This was the main reason for it. So, again, we are trying to better this game.
    Edited by prana33b14_ESO on April 28, 2014 9:51PM
  • prana33b14_ESO
    No, what is sad is you trolling this thread without any actual responses on how GW2 style zerg balls won't become an issue. People concerned about this were concerned about it before launch. You are right I didn't notice the caps. I'm level 17 and haven't gotten to pvp at all yet because I'm so busy. What a gotcha.
    Edited by prana33b14_ESO on April 28, 2014 9:56PM
  • prana33b14_ESO
    So state your argument why you disagree then instead of trolling.
  • prana33b14_ESO
    Sharee wrote: »
    You might want the check the total number of votes for that poll.

    Over 3000. Real-life election polls where i live usually go with 1000-1200 to get a 95% accuracy(in a country with about 5 million voters).

    So while it's a minority compared to the total game population, the results are certainly statistically significant.

    math is tough

  • Mephane
    I want my skill points from Arrow Barrage refunded. I selected the morph under the direct assumption that there is no target cap and thus a larger AoE radius automatically leads to more targets hit. If I can only hit 6 targets anyway, I'd rather take the increased fire damage.

    Seriously, Zenimax. The least, the absolute very least you could do to restore some of the goodwill that you lost with this debacle, is to reimburse every single skill point spent on any ability and morph that is AoE and therefore subject to a cap no one was ever told of before.
    Yshaar wrote: »
    Is Siege capped in Gw2?

    And to all that want no cap: Didn't we all play quite nicely in PVP without huge zergs, mainly because of the wider terrain and some other features.

    Yeah we did, because everyone assumed AoE was uncapped and therefore, globbing up was a bad tactic. Now that we know otherwise, we can expect more and more zergballs rolling across the hills of Cyrodiil.
    Edited by Mephane on April 28, 2014 10:05PM
    - Bosmer Nightblade Archer -
  • Arahmis1970
    Hi ESO team,

    My name is Arahmis and I have been with ESO since the BETA my invitation. I have four ideas that I would like see and share with your Developing team.
    The guild store is an okay idea, but not all players join a guilds and some of us players like to solo and would like to have ways to sell our goods in a more effect way, so I am proposing and idea where your developing team can implement way for players like us to either earn the right thru a quest or simply buy with game currency a store to display our goods for "everyone" not just guild members. For example in Skyrim player are allowed to purchase their own homes, but since this is online the potential for a player to exhibit their good and reap rewards are far more better than a guilds. This would also eliminate real money trading online and spamming of in game currency trade for real cash.
    Secondly, the horses as mounts are a neat idea, how about adding emotes for them? Like a horse gallop walk dancing while a player is mounted? Third, the job classes are good, but as a soloist a beast master with one or two pets would rule as a solo player and I am not talking about a mage able to summon weak pets that require magic, not everything should be magic you know! Finally the dungeons, ESO ideas are okay, but when a player like myself waits 1 to 2 hours just to join a party and need to wait again because a player drops and their are no healers or tanks sucks! Major reason for this is players do not reap enough rewards like XP's and worth while waiting for goods. Any chance of improvement to dungeons soon?
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