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Gold Road: are you buying it?

  • BetweenMidgets
    Discounted Price (33%, 50%, 67%, 80% off)
    After High Isle's joke of a story (legitimately only ONE person it could be, ZERO mystery) and Necrom's completely forgettable story, I just don't see the point in paying full price for the content.

    The psuedo-spellcrafting could become PVP mandatory, but that remains to be seen. Even then, as a consumer I can only tell them what I think with my wallet. Staying closed for now.
  • Tandor
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    Pre-purchased today.
  • peacenote
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    Definitely, I'm incredibly hyped for Gold Road. But I pre-purchase the deluxe expansion of whatever comes out as a yearly present to myself anyway. It's been a tradition I've kept up for the last 5 years. I don't often buy myself things, but ESO expansions are one thing I truly enjoy, and I like all the bells and whistles that come with the pre-order versions.

    Exactly this. If I'm not pre-ordering, I've probably quit the game. :lol:
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  • majulook
    Waiting on PTS/Release
    I will probably buy it a week or so before release. Not going to purchase to early as I am currently diverting all of my discretionary funds, and most of my income to other things.
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  • BenTSG
    Discounted Price (33%, 50%, 67%, 80% off)
    I'll be sticking to grabbing mine through my go to key site
  • Hapexamendios
    Obligatory Other Option
    Probably at some point. Undecided as when.
  • Zenirith
    Soul Shriven
    Discounted Price (33%, 50%, 67%, 80% off)
    I started my adventure exploring Tamriel. Increasing my experience, I dedicated myself to dungeons. After that, I increased my pvp rank. Now I'm burned out and I'm back to doing quests and nothing else, it's's boring. While these are great quests, they are too easy. Gold Road doesn't add what I'm looking for: the VET overland. Even scribing doesn't make me happy because if I think about overland content, I don't find any use in it since the enemies die easily. I think I'll take a break from ESO. I will buy the expansion later.
  • OsUfi
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    I will not be buying it.

    Because I already did. :o
  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    I‘m old and forgetful so I don‘t remember if I already replied, but… I always preorder, and I did so this time as well. The more Imperial areas are covered, the better.
    PC EU.

    =primarily PvH (Player vs. House)=
  • dan958
    Waiting on PTS/Release
    I am a returning playing, so I have a few other chapters to get caught up on. Once I complete the main story in those, I'll buy this chapter. I am waiting for release to see.
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  • ForMalacath
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    Preordered last night on Xbox
    In Malacath we trust

    XB1 EU
  • tohopka_eso
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    Will be pre-ordering this week like I do with all expansions. I like all the goodies to bad no more physical copies.
  • TybaltKaine
    Obligatory Other Option

    I'm tired of the rat race. Gonna finish up what I purchased and walk away. I'm too old to keep chasing a meta and the combat is hard on my hands. Going back to slower paced games for my health.
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  • SpacemanSpiff1
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    i saw the spellcrafting confirmed and preordered super collector edition.
  • Tenthirty2
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    It looks intriguing with a few neat new things to play around with, what's not to like?

    TBH I had zero expectations going into the stream, so I wasn't let down when "my version" of the DLC wasn't announced.
    More and more I try to avoid setting any expectations. Plus it's completely unrealistic to expect that a creator's vision is going to match my own perfect\ideal of whatever content they create when I have had ZERO input into it's concept and creation.

    But yeah, will pre-purchase :)
    Edited by Tenthirty2 on January 22, 2024 2:54PM
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  • GooGa592
    Obligatory Other Option
    Not unless they do something to improve Cyrodiil PvP.
  • Necrotech_Master
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    got it day it was announced lol
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
    active player since april 2014
  • shadyjane62
    Discounted Price (33%, 50%, 67%, 80% off)
    Won't know for sure until I've played the PTS. I played the PTS for High Isle and did not buy and I played the PTS for Necrom and did not buy until late this year when I got both and all the deluxe edition from Morrowind to now. I had already owned up to Blackwood but for a very low price I now have and the extras from the deluxe editions.

    I do not feel that the last 4 chapters were up to the quality of Elsweyr and Summerset. Greymoor was ok and Blackwood really was awful.
    Edited by shadyjane62 on January 24, 2024 2:09AM
  • Reginald_leBlem
    Waiting on PTS/Release
    I always wait until it hits PTS. I'll buy it. I know I'll buy it. But I pretend I'll decide when I see it
  • ADarklore
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    I always pre-order the Chapters. I believe in supporting a game that brings me hundreds of hours of entertainment.
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  • Uvi_AUT
    Obligatory Other Option
    Not sure yet. Need to know more about the new Systems.
    Registered since 2014, Customer Service lost my Forum-Account and can't find it.....
  • Elvenheart
    soelslaev wrote: »
    I want to, but my mind has this weird curse where if I do pre-purchase something like this, then I switch games or something outside of gaming captures my interest for a long while. So I'm afraid that if I do buy Gold Road then I'll disappear from ESO to go hiking the Appalachian Trail or something, and when I get back all my guilds will have kicked me out, and it'll still be 90 days away from release.

    So my usual tactic is to pre-purchase but only 1 or 2 weeks before release.

    Have fun on the Appalachian Trail, we’ll wave at you from the Gold Road! 😊
  • Finedaible
    Waiting on PTS/Release
    I am very excited for Scribing, but as usual I want to see what I am purchasing before buying (except for the story of course). I want to know every single minute detail on how scribing will be implemented along with any of its possible caveats before buying. From the reveal Scribing looks very promising, but past additions to the game have had some drawbacks and exceptions attached to them so they still need to earn that trust back first.
  • Lumsdenml
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
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  • Skullstachio
    Obligatory Other Option
    No holding beck:
    My best guess would be that it is Undoubtedly going to be:
    1. Overhyped (as evidenced in a fair amount of the comments)
    2. Mostly Underdelivered (primarily due to "balance changes" that ultimately make other classes and all passives/abilities elsweyr more underwhelming in some previous PC/Console patch iterations due to "hybridisation" which has more holes than swiss eidar cheesewheels.)
    My point: kindly point me in the direction of a time where "Everyone" was happy all round with a particular chapter that peaked above all others in the past and think...

    P.S. having a chapter span over 2 years rather than one just seems kinda off, Feels like the thieves guild are scheming up a new racketeering method...
    I know what you di-Iddly did... (you would be wise not to do that again during a time when Suspicion in the gaming space is at an all time high.)
    by not actually revealing real drop tables in the game for all items, you only prove what has been proven with proof of concept that you can/will manipulate item drop chances based on certain elements performed by the player.
  • spartaxoxo
    Waiting on PTS/Release
    I voted too soon....
  • kip_silverwolf
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    ADarklore wrote: »
    I always pre-order the Chapters. I believe in supporting a game that brings me hundreds of hours of entertainment.

    Same here. :smiley:
    Plus I like to have the pre-purchase extras, no matter what they are - I enjoy them all
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  • Indigo_Shade
    Obligatory Other Option
    Want to pre-order if I can afford it. Last pre-order was Summerset, no regrets.
  • Elsonso
    Obligatory Other Option
    PC NA/EU: @Elsonso
    XBox EU/NA: @ElsonsoJannus
    X/Twitter: ElsonsoJannus
  • katanagirl1
    Pre-Purchasing (before June 2024)
    I will get it but there is no reason to pre-order this early. Lots of things can happen before then and I probably won’t change my mind, but at least I won’t be locked in.

    So far I have pre-ordered all chapters since Elsweyr and have not regretted it, though some chapters were better than others.
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