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Zone Guide & Map Completion with Account Wide Achievements

Community Manager
Hey everyone,

We've been seeing a lot of questions about what types of things are being tracked on the Zone Guide and Map now that Account Wide Achievements have launched on PC. We wanted to provide some clarity on what is tracked on the account vs character level:
  • Zone Quests, Wayshrines, Points of Interest, Crafting Stations, Mundus Stones, Public Dungeons, Skyshards and Shalidor's Library Books are still character-specific in the Zone Guide.
  • Delves, Striking Locales, World Events and World Bosses use the Achievement to track progress in the Zone Guide but you will still need to discover these on individual characters on the Map.
Additionally, it's worth mentioning there is currently a bug affecting completed Delves, World Bosses and World Events that are making them display as incomplete. We're working on getting this fixed for a future incremental patch.
Gina Bruno
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Staff Post
  • Necrotech_Master
    I had a brand new Lv1 character sitting in tutorial this morning.
    I logged in to my main, who has been around since launch and done it all.
    Took my new alt, (without the new AwA add ons), and ran through Stonefalls, border to border. Here is my findings~

    ZONE GUIDE~ Showed Delvs, WB, and Dolmans as all done. On map they were black, but all I had to do is ride by the edge of the "cell", and it would click as done.

    PUBLIC DUNGEONS~ After enter, all bosses marked done.
    GROUP DUNGEONS~ Normal, no change
    THIEVES TROVES~ Got a Trove, even though I am in first zone. Show's I have Thieves Guild and DB active.
    CAMPFIRE~ Done
    FISHING~ All rare fish already caught and done.

    I didn't run into any NPC's with the dialog changes though. I forgot where they are.. Lol...
    Just my 2 drakes....

    thieves troves can spawn in any zone including starter zones like khenarthis roost, you can find them even on toons that have never been in thieves guild but it will unlock the skill line

    (yes im sure you were copy/pasting your other post about this where you had crossed out the note about thieves guild lol)
    plays PC/NA
    handle @Necrotech_Master
    active player since april 2014
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