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The Stonethorn DLC and Update 27 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! Read the full patch notes here:

PTS Update 27 - Feedback Thread for Combat & Classes

  • YandereGirlfriend
    Suggestion for making Crystal Weapon more attractive versus other spammable options (Flurry, Wrecking Blow): modify Blood Magic to heal AND do equivalent damage to its target.

    As it stands now, there is nothing in the Dark Magic tree that assists in (stamSorcs especially) dealing damage, whereas both DW and 2H (and other class spammables) have very strong passives that either deal damage directly or else provide useful damage-oriented self-buffs.

    In addition to filling a need it is also very thematic (e.g. you are stealing the vitality of an enemy, which is the very power fantasy of Blood Magic) to the passive's name.
    Edited by YandereGirlfriend on July 14, 2020 12:12AM
  • Ashamray
    Ability Altering Weapons
    Concentrated Force:
    This set now requires 2 Force Shock casts to activate, down from 3.
    Reduced the duration of the window between each cast to 2 seconds, down from a refreshing 5 seconds each cast.

    2 seconds are not enough. Even if you insert 1different cast inbetween, you apparently won't get a proc.
    Edited by Ashamray on July 14, 2020 12:15AM
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  • AelyinESO
    Please Stop nerfing Sorcmag classes! Necro, Templar still dealing TONS of DPS ...... What's the point to change the DAMAGE from CF and Pets? I really would like to understanding the hate Zenimax has with Sorceres in general. DO u wanna me to buy necro classe?
    Edited by AelyinESO on July 14, 2020 12:26AM
    NA PC Server - Played Since Beta 2014, but left for 4 years, coz games got unbalancing, boring and too much expensive (still?)

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    - MagWard (developing) - Healer? DPS?
    - Others toons coming when reach CP810

    "Stop nerfing Sorcerers please"
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  • MincVinyl
    5 year pvp stamsorc on the new Crystal Weapon:

    To be honest crystal weapon being a morph of a cast timed ability that hits hard, I would have thought crystal weapon would have been a remake of old dizzy with a long cast and hard hit.
    That being said, I am very pleased with Crystal weapon, it is a re-skin of crushing, but does not entirely work the same way. The fact that it works with heavy attacks as well as light attacks does not gimp you into a simple brain dead rotation. This opens up many rotations that are good for burst and can be timed well with bound armaments. Damage wise I think I would be fine to run crystal weapon instead of dizzy swing as a spammable......but I am having to give up a potential 10% damage debuff, stun, snare. Which I suppose I can deal with in the long run.

    Blood Magic proccing from Crystal weapon has an issue. This passive can crit heal. Considering the homogenous heal changes a while ago it should crit based on your highest crit. Meaning stamsorc should be using weapon crit. I believe this is the case which is good, but the issue is that the passive only uses the Magicka Elfborn cp passive to modify crit heals on this passive procced by using a stam ability and the heal uses weapon crit.
    People for some reason think it is clunky to use, but it is just that instead of the usual:

    Light/Heavy > Ability

    you have to do:

    Ability> Light/Heavy
    Being a "Re-skin" isn't a new thing or anything bad, usually we see it the otherway around though where one class in particular has/gets something and then eventually an out of class option comes out......Think of goliath and vamp ult.
    Edited by MincVinyl on July 14, 2020 1:13AM
    Still clappin cheeks on a Bosmer Stamsorc in 2020
  • ArcVelarian
    Sleep724 wrote: »
    So why hasn't Stone Giant been touched? No one outside of trials uses this.


    Stone Giant needs:
    1. That pointless cast time removed. Why on Earth did you put that there to begin with???
    2. The initial stomp needs to be the part of the ability that stuns opponents.
    3. At least a 10% dps buff.
    Do all these things and the ability will actually be useful outside of Trials.

    It doesn't proc any melee sets or passives. Ranged spammables are nonsensical with how Stam work in eso.

    Well fix that too. Or better yet they should just give us a Stamina Whip morph already. MagDKs can have poop fist instead.
    Edited by ArcVelarian on July 14, 2020 5:53AM
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  • Tommy_The_Gun
    Master Assassin:
    • This passive’s Weapon and Spell Damage is now granted to your damaging attacks against enemies you are flanking, rather than granting a universal amount while sneaking or invisible.
    • The Weapon and Spell Damage is now a flat 129/258, rather than granting 5/10% of your current amount.

    This should be changed to "258 are applied for [X]seconds after hitting someone from flank".
    Theres no way to flank someone all the time while fighting them. Right now this only buffs ganking and seems not that great have a high uptime.
    This ^

    Game has no indicator, so you don't really know if you are hitting from flank or not (especially with server lag taken into account).
    You can not check it on your character stats window either, since it only applies to one attack.
    With stealth / invisibility it is pretty obvious.

    New version of this passive will only get players confused. Since it is now a flat bonus, it should give you bonus for X seconds or at least for the next X attacks (like 3 or something). Also, it should have a clear INDICATOR when it procs, so you could see it active on your buffs during combat (Just like Hemorrhage passive. When it procs you see it as an active effect).

    If not, then at least there should be some visual feedback for the players for them to know that they are attacking from the flank and Master Assasin passive procs (example small red flashes on your hands / weapon each time you attack from flank & trigger the passive).
  • Lughlongarm
    Still looking for the Warden changes, have you found it? :(
  • troomar
    Apox wrote: »
    troomar wrote: »
    First impression about Sorcerer's Crystal Shard ability after about 1 hour of testing:

    1) magSorc and Crystal Fragments - FANTASTIC. The old frags were a bit hard to weave properly when hard casting (though possible), now it's a blaze. I love it. The ability to proc it of itself (from non-proc version) makes it a viable choice for a spammable. As a long time stamSorc, I have zero issues with cast time spammables, so if it stays, I'm gonna go this way.

    your problem is you were hardcasting cfrags. which is probably one of the literal worst thing you can do in the game.

    Come on, I'm not hardcasting cfrags on live now. I just said that weaving hard casting cfrags is possible (1000 ms), but the new version (800 ms) is much easier. Especially when it's gonna be a new spammable.

  • troomar
    Apox wrote: »
    please do something to make non-pet sorc competitive. people should have access to a low skill cap pet build to do alright dps, but it shouldnt reign supreme.

    Why do you call pet builds low skill cap? Pet sorcerers (2 pets) have actually harder rotation than non-pet sorcs. Of course I'm talking about proper dynamic rotation.

    But I agree that non-pet sorcs were left behind.
  • Czekoludek
    Nerfhammering Blood for Blood the way you intend with the patch notes will KILL off Magicka Dragonknight off so hard...

    There is no spammable in that DK arsenal that allows us to be relevant without MAJOR sustain issues. not whip... not force pulse...

    Other than being really rediculous of a suggested change... that you cant receive healing for 5 seconds is honestly... dumb being comprehension. What is even the vision or intended niche for Vampirism itself?

    Blood for BLood was overperforming. It was. So nerf the damage and dont touch it untill next patch... then see if it still needs a nerf. Don't completely kill off a skill like this. Its insane the swings you guys make

    You know that vAS staff is back, right?
  • zDan
    Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled that stamsorc is now getting a true class spammable, it's been a long time coming. But I am not a fan of the light attack based skills like this and crushing/ele weapon. They feel very clunky to play with especially in lag. They also tend to cause desyncs A LOT, which is a huge problem. Overall this is great but it needs to be its own skill and not a light attack based one.
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  • Elwendryll
    Stamsorc feedback:
    With the change to pet damage calculation, my clannfear got a very noticeable damage buff, Charlie will be happy (that's my Clannfear).

    Crystal Weapon:
    As expected, it's a Crushing Weapon reskin, with a debuff to armor. Though I didn't expect the cost reduction on the next ability. The ability itself is nice, and brings some utility, it definitely helps sustain, although we already have a very good sustain on stamsorc. The issue I have with that ability is that I can't really use it as a main spammable, it hits for ~84% of a Wrecking Blow and ~74% of a Focused Aim, just looking quickly at tooltips. Wrecking blow also gives a charge of empower, putting Crushing Weapon absolutely out of the picture for a main spammable choice.

    However, the armor debuff is nice. And the ability could be used only to keep the debuff up. The issue with this solution is that I end up juggling with Wrecking Blow as a main spammable, Bound Armaments every 4s, and Crystal Weapon every ~4-5s, it's an interesting rotation, and maybe it's just the high PTS ping that causes that, but it makes my character animations absolutely weird. I can't rely on visual cues anymore for my timings.

    I'll keep practicing with that, maybe I'll use that ability as a tank. Maybe the ability could get a little increase on the armor removal duration.

    Whatever happens, this ability is not going to be used as a main spammable for the same reasons crushing weapons isn't, but I can see myself putting that in my rotation for the debuff only, on Tank or DD.

    On the other hand, it can be used with crushing weapons, for interesting burst combos, I'm probably not going to use that in PvE, but for PvP, definitely.
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  • paganslyer
    please revert the healing nerf and just nerf cross healing in PVP
    and maybe do some balance work on specific healing and survive abilitys if needed
    the must of pvp community agree on that i think.
    the healing now in Most cases Does not get to the point that can allow heal off the damage that players can do in this patch
  • Zippy81
    Crystal Blast (morph): This ability has been reworked into a Stamina morph, and renamed to Crystal Weapon. It is now an instant-cast ability that causes your next Light or Heavy Attack made within 4 seconds to deal additional damage, equal to the standard spammable amount such as Lava Whip or Veiled Strike. Enemies hit by this ability will their armor reduced by up to 1000.

    I don't understand why so many ESO players get simply ignored. Stamina DKs ask for a poison whip, they get a totally different skill. Stamina sorcerers asked for a spammable, they get it as some sort of a copy/paste of a skill that's a morph of a totally different magicka ability. Strange.

    The very idea of allowing crystal fragments proc off itself is great. Now let's make the crystal weapon ability work precisely the same way as crystal fragments BUT make it a stamina morph. Similar cast time as the uppercut ability yet a special effect: lower cost, faster cast, more damage. That would make a very unique version of a spammable.

    Other classes have similar skills working like that: NBs have veiled strike, necromancers have the skull, wardens have the bird. Let's just add a poison whip for dragonknights and that part is covered fine.
    On the other hand, I'm a bit worried about the inconsistency of all the major/minor buffs/debuffs system when there are so many unique effects introduced to make skills more appealing. More numbers to calculate during fights.
    Kind regards,
  • Wolf81
    I'm more concerned right now that the change to pets on sorcs from pure magicka to hybrid of spelldamage/magicka is bigger nerf for this build than expected. I would imagine the idea was make more set diversity choices but earlier posts are showing it as a net loss either way. I hope more build changes in upcoming ptr will look at that.
  • ItsNotLiving
    If you want crystal fragments to be a cast time spammable akin to dizzy swing then it needs to be uninterruptible and deal slightly more damage.
  • mav1234

    The new stamina morph Crystal Weapon feels far too similar to the Psjiic line spammable. Please consider revising its functionality, as although it is better than the psijiic skill, it feels simply like an upgraded version of it. It does open up a ton of burst options in PvP, but I would prefer that the class receive such burst options in other ways than their spammable
    Edited by mav1234 on July 14, 2020 3:42PM
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